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4 Reasons Why Homeowners Choose Fiberglass Doors
While a front door's primary job is to provide security and protection from the elements, a great entry is one that b...
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DIY Lite: Store Winter Footwear on an Indoor Boot Rack
Keeping an organized home is no small task. Entryway clutter alone can be particularly overwhelming, as the space by ...
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14 Entryway Ideas to Steal for Your Home
First impressions are the most lasting. Ensure that your home makes a memorable one by designing an entryway that fea...
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The Best 10 Doormats Under $50
It’s a necessity for every household: a doormat. It not only serves as a welcome accent, but it stops dirt, water, and other messes from being tracked into your h...
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So, You Want to... Install a Doorbell
Ever since we’ve had doors, we’ve been re-inventing ways to be alerted to a visitor’s arrival. Hefty iron knockers ga...
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12 Doable Designs for a DIY Bench
An entryway bench can go a long way toward making your home more welcoming. Even better, a bench provides a designated place to remove shoes and put down bags, pr...
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18 Inviting Entryways We Love
An effective entryway design combines comfort, utility, and style to create an inviting atmosphere. These 18 entryways do just that, extending a warm welcome to a...
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So, You Want to... Build a Ramp
Opening your heart and home to a mobility-challenged loved one is a beautiful thing. And one way to make it easier on...
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DIY Lite: Declutter Your Entry with an Easy Shoe Storage Bench
Streamlining the home's entryway or mudroom poses a real challenge for bustling households. Add up all of the jackets...
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8 Budget Buys for Your Best-Ever Fall Porch
Half the fun of welcoming fall is decorating your home in rich, seasonal colors—and there's no better place to showcase your creativity than on your own front por...
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DIY Lite: The Easy One-Piece Coat Rack Anyone Can Build
In with the chill, out with the coats—and hats, scarves, mittens. . . you name it. With so much winter gear and so li...
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12 Ways to Check Slush and Snow at the Door
While a snowy winter can be a beautiful thing to witness, the slush, salt, and mud it leaves behind are not quite as appealing. Keep grime contained and protect y...
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Start Fresh: 10 Essentials for an Organized Entryway
As the gateway to your home, the entryway is the natural drop zone, a place to stow everything from outerwear, keys, mail, and more. Your design choices can make ...
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Curb Appeal to Steal from 12 Hollywood Homes
Your home may not be as large or valuable as these celebrity pads, but don’t let that deter you from borrowing a few of these star-caliber ideas for enhancing you...
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8 Clutter-Cutting Strategies for Managing Mail
Paper clutter is real—a real pain, that is. One of the main sources for a constant influx of paper products from 8"-by-11" sheets to pamphlets and envelopes is an...
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7 Things Every Entryway Needs
<p>Whether spacious or cozy, the home entryway holds great importance in our everyday lives. It's both where we prepare to greet the day and where we are welcomed...
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What Type of Door Is Best for Your Entryway?
You put a great deal of trust in your front door, counting on it to form a good first impression of your home for any...
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How To: Paint Your Front Door
Front doors undergo wear and tear on a daily basis, not least from the elements—precipitation and wind and the glarin...
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7 Ways To Transform Your Mudroom in 48 Hours
Mudrooms: They're the gateway between the great outdoors and the rest of your house. That means they're susceptible to mess, moisture, and a whole host of organiz...
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Bob Vila Radio: Doormats
Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, it can feel like the whole world is beating a path to your door, bearing gifts, ...
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Make an Entrance: 10 Inspirational Foyer Ideas
The foyer is your first opportunity to make an impression on visitors and the first thing to welcome you home each day. Here are ten ideas certain to add impact.
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12 Daring Doormats
A new welcome mat may be the easiest way to spruce up your front door area and add instant curb appeal. With so many ...
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17 Design Inspirations for Mudrooms and Entryways
Located just inside the back or side door lies one of the most overlooked parts of the house. This secondary entryway serves as a drop zone for shoes, bags, and o...
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15 Eye-Catching Options for Your Front Door
With all the emphasis on paint color and siding, a front door could easily get lost in the shuffle of exterior updates. But as the first and last part of your hou...
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Putting Your Best Foot Forward: Updating an Entry Hall
Retro styling is all the rage today, but sometimes “retro” is synonymous with “regrettable. ”The entry hallway to our...
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Touring the Completed Home Interior, Entryway, and Dining Room
Bob tours the front vestibule, highlighting the beautiful stencil work done by artist Kim Sweet. He explains how small touches can bring back the feel of an 1890s...
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Installing Wall Paneling in the Entranceway and Visiting the Completed Tiled Shower
Inspired by designs found in the Isaac Bell historic house, paneling is installed on Bob’s entrance door to the living room. Bob looks at the completed tiled show...
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Looking Behind the Walls and Installing a Pocket Door
Before putting on the blue board, Bob looks at what goes behind the walls: wiring, light fixtures, heat ducts, water lines, and a pocket door frame.
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Replacing an Exterior Door and Windows
A new, lower-maintenance front door is installed, as well as new bay windows.
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Cutting an Exterior Door to Fit
An energy-efficient door is cut down in size to replace the small exterior door leading to the new basement mud room.
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Laying Porcelain Oxidized-Look Tiles
Bob and Anthony Lopez install porcelain tiles for a decorative look.
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Building Wooden Stairs in the Front Hall
Interior carpenter John Kiley is building the staircase in the front hall.
Tag icon video
Door Lock Installation
Bob Ryley is installing the new lockset from Baldwin Brass on the front door.
Tag icon video
Building the Foyer Staircase
Bob visits with carpenter Mark Fortunati, who is building a traditional-looking staircase in the foyer.
Tag icon video
Progress Report on the Loft Common Areas
Developer Neal Gold gives Bob a progress report on the work underway in the common areas of the building.
Tag icon video
Tour of the Building in Boston's Leather District
Bob tours the restored façade, and the updated common areas, of the building.
Tag icon video
Wall Demolition to Create a Doorway
Bob and carpenter Bob Ryley demolish a wall on the second floor in order to connect the framed-in addition to the existing house.
Tag icon video
Building a Deck and Stairs
Bob meets with contractor Bill Wilcox to help build a landing and steps up to the French doors. Bob reviews the footings that support the deck, as well as the met...
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Front Porch Work
Bob reviews the progress being made on the front of the house and, with restoration contractor Richard Marks, discusses the original brick and masonry work.
Tag icon video
Installing the Cantera Stone Columns
The Malibu beach house gets a pair of Cantera stone columns in the entry foyer. The pieces are fit together and Bob learns what to odo when they don't come togeth...
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Building a Covered Porch
Bob helps contractor Bob Ryley begin work on constructing the covered porch. Once the joists are in place, and the decking has been laid down, Bob and Bob turn to...
Tag icon video
Creating the Porch Railings and Balusters
After reviewing the final stages of the septic system installation, Bob helps contractor Bob Ryley install the decorative porch railings and balusters that Ryley ...
Tag icon video
Framing the First Floor
Bob reviews the construction layout of the first floor. The old kitchen has been ripped out to make way for a foyer, coat closet, and staircase. In the garage, a ...
Tag icon video
Reviewing the Unfinished Kitchen
Bob reviews the new staircase in the entry hall before he and contractor Larry Landers tour the kitchen, pointing out where furniture, appliances, and fixtures wi...
Tag icon video
Touring the Exterior and Entry
Bob tours the exterior of the project home, focusing on the architectural detail and final landscape design. He then moves inside to review the custom stair raili...
Tag icon video
Framing the New Entryway
Bob helps carpenter Bob Ryley start building the frame for the new entryway.
Tag icon video
Building and Hanging the Country-Style Door
A country-style door, built by carpenter Bob Ryley in the workshop, is hung in the new entry of the Plymouth project house.
Tag icon video
Reviewing the Home Exterior
Bob and carpenter-contractor Bob Ryley review the exterior of the home, pointing out the new trellis and the new entryway. Next, they move inside to have a look ...
Tag icon video
Continuing Work on the Bulkhead Entrance
Bob and carpentry contractor Bob Ryley continue working on the bulkhead entrance into the basement.
Tag icon video
Installing a Pre-Hung Front Door
Bob helps carpentry contractor Bob Ryley install the pre-hung front door, then visits Shepley Wood Products to see how the door was made.
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Installing an Iron Staircase
Ironmonger Frank Szablewski constructs an iron staircase and balcony entryway outside the front door.
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