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How Much Does a Brick Mailbox Cost?
Highlights It typically costs between $600 and $1,500 to build a brick mailbox, though the national average cost is ...
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Every Factor Influencing Chimney Repair Cost
Highlights The typical range for chimney repair costs is $160 to $750, with a national average of $455. Cost factor...
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The Best Masonry Contractors of 2023
Looking for local masonry contractors to repair a home’s brickwork, build a fireplace, or install an outdoor pathway ...
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Solved! What is Mortar?
Q: We moved into a new home and recently found multiple holes in the brick wall’s mortar joints that look to be cause...
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Tour a Salvaged Home with the Latest Green Technologies
Architect Mary Kennedy and Bob tour her Georgian Colonial family home in Westchester County, NY. After a flood ruined the house, the challenge was to salvage and ...
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Brick Chimney Repair
Bob meets with Ed and Lisa Zywusko, a husband-and-wife masonry team, and sees how they are going to refurbish the old brick chimney.
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Interior Demolition for Warehouse Conversion
Bob meets with the construction foreman to discuss the demolition work that's underway. Having removed the elevator shaft, the crew plans to move ahead by taking ...
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Tour of Luxury Loft Space and Brick Facade History and Restoration
Bob tours the multi-story luxury loft space of developer and artist Jane Walentas. Next, Bob and his son, Chris, consult with Cas Stachelberg about the history, a...
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Restoration of the Brooklyn Academy of Music
Karen Brooks Hopkins, president of the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), gives Bob a peek at the restoration of the main building.
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Brick Façade Restoration
Bob gets an update on the status of the brick façade restoration. Replacement bricks have been aged and roughed up with a grinder, lending them an antique appeara...
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Antique-Look Bathroom Sink, Soaking Tub, and Quartz Tile Installation
Bob watches over the installation of a few bathroom fixtures, including a custom vanity countertop and undermount sinks from Toto USA, as well as an acrylic soaki...
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Planning the Decor
Bob meets with Darren Brown and Jonathan Adler to discuss the interior design of the penthouse apartment, which Adler envisions being a casual space, enhanced by ...
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Finishing the Façade & Touring the Completed Apartments
Bob gets a final status update on the restoration of the façade, as the ground-floor commercial storefront undergoes construction and the bluestone steps are laid...
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Cultured Stone and Façade
Bob talks with Mark Murphy (Owens-Corning) about a new man-made stone product for the exterior of the modular home.
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Building the Fireplace
Bob talks with general contractor Ted Riley about the fireplace construction.
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Retaining Wall Construction
Bob meets up with landscape mason Hector Santos, who is building a dried-laid stone retaining wall.
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Splitting Granite for the Retaining Wall
The mason on-site installing a retaining wall, Hector, shows Bob how to split a piece of granite that is too large and heavy to use as is.
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Antique Brick Work at the Burtch-Udall House and Sumner Mansion
Bob and Professor Tom Visser (UVM) visit the Burtch-Udall house in Quechee, VT, and the nearby Sumner Mansion-- suitable locales for a running discussion on prope...
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Building a Rumford Fireplace
Masons are building the Rumford fireplace, as Bob talks over the herringbone construction process being used.
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Preparing a Shower Pan for Tumbled Stone Tile Installation
Bob observes the tile setter Tim Galvin build a shower pan.
Tag icon video
Limestone Tile Installation
Bob talks with contractor Tim Galvin, who is installing limestone tile over a heavy bed of mortar.
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Aluminum Replacement Window Installation
Carpenter Bob Ryley and Bob George (from New England Window) install a bronze aluminum replacement window in an arched-top masonry wall.
Tag icon video
Tiling the Shower
Bob touches base with Eddie Zywusko, the mason and tilesetter, working in the loft apartment's L-shaped shower.
Tag icon video
House Five: Queen Anne Victorian Porch Restoration
Bob meets with Judy Lee, the owner of the fifth Elmwood project house. The front porch, built in 1892, must be replaced.
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Installing a Brick Walkway and Porch Lighting, and Milling the Railings and Balusters
Contractors put in the brick walkway. Forester Moulding and Lumber replicates the porch railings and balusters. Also, new security and sprinkler systems are insta...
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Installing Indian Slate Tiles on Back Porch and Pool Deck
Bob and contractor Cortney Lofton discuss the Indian slate tile being installed on the pool deck and back porch.
Tag icon video
Installing Porcelain Mosaic Tile in the Bathroom
Bob meets with contractor Cortney Lofton, who is installing porcelain mosaic tiles with acrylic mastic over an existing bathroom mortar bed.
Tag icon video
Front Porch Work
Bob reviews the progress being made on the front of the house and, with restoration contractor Richard Marks, discusses the original brick and masonry work.
Tag icon video
Salvaged Brick Hearth
Bob watches as the mason lays a new hearth in the old fireplace using salvaged Charleston brick.
Tag icon video
Brick Plant Tour
Bob takes a field trip to East Windsor Hill, CT, where the bricks for the cabin project were made. Along the way, he learns about the manufacturing process bricks...
Tag icon video
Count Rumford Fireplace Construction
As the mason builds a Count Rumford fireplace, he describes the foundation built to support the hearth and the variety of bricks used throughout the fireplace.
Tag icon video
Exterior Shingles and Brick Walkway
Bob talks with contractor Bob Ryley about shingle exposure, brick surrounds for basement windows, and the design of a brick walkway.
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Applying Mortar Scratch Coat for Shower Wall Tiles
Bob visits with plaster sub-contractor Mike Bennet, who is floating mortar bed walls in the shower space of the beach house bathroom.
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Repairing the Outdoor Barbecue
Bob demonstrates some masonry techniques for repairing a crumbling outdoor barbecue.
Tag icon video
Bricking In a Window
General contractor Ron Gan talks through the process of bricking in a window in the new kitchen. Ron also addresses the installation of a smaller bathroom window.
Tag icon video
Installing the Parallam Beam
The crew installs a Parallam beam in the living room along with iron beams on the back masonry wall.
Tag icon video
Removing Old Paint
Brick worker Dan Webb explains how the brick façade is power-washed to remove several layers of ugly paint.
Tag icon video
Garage Entry
Bob helps general contractor Ron Gan and his crew take down a section of brick wall in order to make way for a garage door leading into the basement.
Tag icon video
Garage Construction
The concrete floor has been poured in the basement, and general contractor Ron Gan explains how a ledger board is attached to the masonry wall to support ceiling ...
Tag icon video
Installation of Window
Bob reviews progress on the renovation, both upstairs and down. Carpenter John Sheehan installs a new vinyl window, which is a challenge in a brick house where no...
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Facing the Retaining Walls with Cultured Stone
Retaining walls, foundation work, and curving stairways are faced with Cultured Stone from Owens Corning. These cast cement, pumice, and iron oxide products are m...
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