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5 Things to Know Before You Invest in New Siding
The blistering heat of the Southwest. The bitter cold of the Northeast. Every region faces a set of unique climate ch...
How To: Maintain Stucco
Over the course of millennia, builders have used everything from animal horns to whiskey in the making of stucco—an a...
How Long Does Exterior Siding Last?
There's a paradox inherent to exterior siding. On the one hand, siding serves as your home's first line of defense ag...
How To: Clean Exterior Siding
Day after day, year after year, exterior siding protects your home from the elements. It's the first line of defense ...
How To: Remove Vinyl Siding
Buckles, splinters, and cracks, oh my! These are all clear-cut signs that your vinyl siding needs to be replaced. Des...
Exterior Motive: 3 Ways to Put a New Face on Your Home
As a well-known quip notes, "You never get a second chance to make a first impression. " The saying applies first and...
7 Signs Your House Needs New Siding
It's a cruel fact: Those factors that make home exterior siding so crucial are the same ones that undermine its performance over the long term. In other words, in...
Bob Vila Radio: Be a Pro at Patching Stucco
Stucco is a wonderfully versatile wall treatment—durable, weather-resistant, and attractive. It's been used in countl...
How To: Clean Wood Siding
Think your wood siding needs a fresh coat of paint? Maybe. Or it could be that your wood clapboard, lap, or shingle s...
Bob Vila Radio: Replace Rot-Damaged Trim ASAP
Exterior trim performs a couple of roles. Besides adding a decorative touch, it seals up corners and edges to keep ou...
How To: Paint Vinyl Siding
A sensible siding solution, vinyl remains a popular, budget-friendly choice for home exteriors. People have always lo...
Bob Vila Radio: Maintaining Brick
Stately and strong, brick has been a popular building material for centuries. Though it seems impervious, brick needs...
Vinyl Siding vs. Fiber Cement: Which Is Right for Your Home?
Choosing the cladding material for the exterior of your home involves the careful evaluation of several factors. Of c...
What Would Bob Do? Repairing Cracked Stucco
My house is 55 years old and still has the original stucco. On one exterior wall, there's a fine crack with paint pee...
How To: Make a Clapboard Sunburst
Here's an ornamental way to use clapboard. Create a sunburst on a gable end. Draw out your design on a template. Cut ...
Quick Tip: Priming Clapboards
When applying clapboards as exterior siding to your home, it's a good idea to prime both sides of the clapboards befo...
Quick Tips: Installing Wood Shingle Siding
Wood shingle siding installation is a breeze, but keeping courses straight is tough. If you want to shingle the side ...
How To: Install Vinyl Siding
Here are some things to remember when you install vinyl siding on your home.  First of all, you hang vinyl siding, so...
How To: Remove Exterior Paint with a Pressure Washer
Before you repaint your house, you have to remove all loose and peeling paint. A pressure washer makes the job go fas...
How To: Stain Wood Shingle Siding
Here is a helpful tip if you are thinking of staining some cedar shingles.  To protect new shingles, apply a penetrat...
Quick Tips: Engineered Wood Siding
For exterior trim work and siding, pre-engineered lumber has several key features that make it a practical option. It...
Don't Can Your Aluminum Siding!
Aluminum siding first became popular in the wake of World War II, when this metal, which had been so crucial to the w...
How To: Apply Stucco
Here are the steps professionals follow to apply a stucco finish. After installing a 15-pound felt moisture barrier o...
Quick Tip: Installing Clapboard Siding
When installing clapboard siding, it's important to overlap all joints. Here's a way to get started that will ensure ...
Stone Veneer 101
The pharaohs capitalized on the beauty and strength of stone, overseeing the construction of architectural gems whose...
Bob Vila Radio: Siding Alternatives
If you’re old enough to remember the aluminum siding that was all the rage in the 1960s, you may have an understandab...
Siding Roundup: 8 Options to Beautify Your Home
Learn more about the pros and cons of today’s most popular siding materials to make an informed choice on the best option for your home.
Bob Vila's Guide to Exterior Siding
The exterior of your home faces a ceaseless barrage of threats from the hot sun, strong winds, precipitation in all i...
How To: Repoint Brick Walls
Brick houses are hard to damage. Anyone familiar with The Three Little Pigs knows that. Inevitably, however, there co...
Fiber Cement Siding
Fiber-cement siding is an alternative to real wood, engineered wood, and vinyl siding options. Although fiber cement ...
Everything You Need to Know About Engineered Wood Siding
Whether it's called SmartSide, Catawba, or TruWood, engineered wood siding products all claim to have a technological...
Wood Siding Options
Wood is a perennial favorite choice for siding options throughout the United States and Canada. Whether it is vertica...
Stucco 101
Animal hooves and horns. Wheat paste. Urine. Beeswax. Rye whiskey.  No, these aren't the makings of a potent witches'...
Vinyl Siding 101
Sometimes you’ve got to hand it to prehistoric man. Not because he discovered fire, and not because he invented the w...
10 Reasons to Reconsider Vinyl Siding
Today's vinyl siding products can mimic wood, insulate your home, and even stand up to tornado-force winds, making them a highly desirable exterior cladding optio...
Fiber Cement Siding 101
While it's been around for years, fiber cement siding currently enjoys popularity with homeowners for a number of rea...
How To: Clean Vinyl Siding
Vinyl siding is a durable, versatile, and resilient building material, but it does require some routine care and clea...
Top Tips for Weaving a Veneer Brick Wall
Brick has a timeless appearance and requires little maintenance, making it a popular material for a variety of applic...
Bob Vila Radio: Siding Options
If it's time to replace your home's siding and you're looking for an alternative to wood or vinyl, it's worth looking...
Bob Vila Radio: Brick Repairs
Despite what the three little pigs might say, even the hardiest of brick buildings will require repair and restoratio...
Bob Vila Radio: Removing Old Shingles
Of all the siding materials you could use on your home, cedar shingles are one of the most attractive and long lastin...
Brick Basics: Maintenance, Care, and Cleaning
From stately colonials to simple ranches, brick has remained as a popular building material for centuries. Its energy...
Climate-Right Exterior Siding
Home exteriors take a beating—from humidity, dry heat, rain and snow, salty air, freezing temperatures, and other unf...
Planning for Soil Conditions and Setting the Footings
Bob introduces homeowner Howard Brickman. Steve Ivas, an environmental engineer, describes the area wetlands, which must be accommodated. Innovative building tech...
Installing Fiber-Cement Siding and Cellular PVC Trim
While the house is being dried out, fiber-cement siding is put in place, as well as a cellular PVC trim that has the look of wood boards without any of the hassles.
Reviewing the Modular Home's Exterior
Bob surveys the modular home project in the Berkshire Hills of Western Massachusetts, paying special attention to the products used on the exterior of the house.
Steel Bulkhead, Cedar Siding and Metal Flashing, and Standing Seam Steel Roof Installation
In a progress report, Ted Riley shows Bob the pre-primed red cedar siding , the heavy-duty metal Bilco bulkhead installation, and the Quechee home's standing seam...
Drywall Installation
Bob walks through the farmhouse interior and points out some of the challenges the home's design posed for the drywall contractors.
Exterior Painting With an Airless Sprayer
Latex paint is being applied on the exterior of the Vermont farmhouse by workers using airless sprayers.
Installing Smartside Engineered Wood Siding
Bob meets Lance Olson of Louisana Pacific as LP's Smartside lap siding is installed on a Mashpee house.
Relocating the Front Door
Bob works with the general contractor Charlie Tomaszewski to move the Medford project home's original front door, so they will be able to frame up a new foyer.
Laying Precast Foundation System and Discussing Engineered Wood
Carpenter Bob Ryley meets with Jim Whiteside, construction manager with Habitat for Humanity, and Dennis Hodgrin of APA.
Touring the LP Engineered Wood Siding Plant
Bob visits Two Harbors, MN and tours the plant where Louisiana Pacific manufactures a line of exterior trim products.
Plastering the Walls
Tim Smyth, the plastering contractor, provides a drywall update and offers a few tips on quality, speedy installation.
Installing the Siding
Volunteers are on-site at the Habitat for Humanity Blitz Build in Yonkers, NY, working hard on the siding.
Painting With Low-VOC Paint
Bob learns about exterior paint that can be applied at temperatures near freezing, and also about low-odor low-VOC paints.
Installing Cedar Trim and Clapboard Siding
Work has begun on the exterior finish. Contractors are installing the cedar trim, casing, and grounds, and continue on to begin installing the clapboard siding.
Cement Fiber Siding Installation
Bob confers with contractor Arnold Johnson (from Crosswinds Enterprises), as he adds siding to the accessible home.
Installing Clapboard Siding on the Front Porch
Bob and carpenter Cortney Lofton install clapboard siding on the front porch of the bungalow. In addition, they reinforce the gable to correct an existing sag, th...
Prepping the Home's Exterior
Alongside restoration specialist Richard Marks at the Federal-style home in Charleston, Bob watches painter David Snyder scrape and sand old wood siding.
Working With Exterior Trim
Bob and contractor Bob Ryley create an overhang detail with eyebrow returns and cedar plywood siding.
Finishing the Interior and Exterior
Bob and contractor Bob Ryley install southern yellow pine plywood on the interior of the garage. On the exterior, Bob talks with Greg Binford about adding a stain...
Adding Clapboard Siding
Contractor Bob Ryley explains the process of installing the new clapboards. Using galvanized nails, the boards are added in a staggered pattern for better visual ...
Constructing a Clapboard Sunburst Fan
Bob joins siding contractor Brian Quinn, who is constructing a beautiful gable-end sunburst fan from clapboard siding. Quinn explains how to lay out the center mo...
Reviewing the Electrical Wiring
Bob goes over the electrical wiring with John Hickey. Also, cedar clapboards are put up on the exterior.
Vinyl Siding
Contractor Carleton Bergere explains the advantages of vinyl siding and demonstrates how to install it.
Painting the Exterior
Bob joins Ron Boyajian to talk over painting the exterior clapboards. The surface is power-washed, sanded, and primed. Then, acrylic paint is applied. The painter...
Exterior Cladding
Bob looks on as general contractor Tim Berky clads the Queen Anne Victorian project house with clapboards, taking cues from the home's original 1890s exterior.
Winterizing Wooden Furniture More_clips
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