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The Best Toilet Seats for Bathroom Upgrades
An updated bathroom adds value to your home while matching your design preferences and family's needs. Toilets can pl...
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The Best Bidets for the Bathroom
Use less toilet paper and change up your hygiene routine by adding a bidet to your bathroom. This simple fixture atta...
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The Best Toilet Plungers for the Bathroom
Stuff happens—and alas, so do stuffed-up toilets. Excessive amounts of toilet paper, waste, hygiene products, and eve...
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The Dos and Don’ts of Caulking the Bathroom
If you live in an older home or plan to stay in your house for longer than five years, it’s likely that you will end ...
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10 Things Never to Flush Down the Toilet
Save your plumbing and the sewer system by correctly disposing of these items in the trash—not your toilet.
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The Best Drain Snakes for Unclogging Pipes
Potato peels down the kitchen sink. Loose hair swirling through the tub drain. The little plastic soldier your toddle...
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Buyer’s Guide: Plungers
It happens to all of us at one point or another. A shower drain backs up and refuses to empty out the tub, a sink fil...
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5 Things to Know About Low-Flow Faucets and Fixtures
If you’ve checked out the faucet and fixture aisle at your home improvement center recently, you’ve undoubtedly seen ...
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Buyer's Guide: Drain Cleaners
Nothing slows you down like a clogged, slow-draining sink, shower, tub, or toilet. Your first step should always be p...
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Solved! What It Means When Your Toilet Hisses
Q: How’s this for a peculiar plumbing problem: After every flush, our toilet hisses, just like a loud snake. It start...
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The Best Toilet Bowl Cleaners for the Bathroom
Upholding basic sanitary practices to ensure the health of your home calls for regular toilet bowl cleaning. While th...
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How To: Paint Behind a Toilet
The cramped space behind the toilet is a difficult portion of the bathroom to maintain, posing a challenge when it co...
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The Best Tools for Tackling Every Clog
Whether it's water rising dangerously high in a toilet bowl or a child’s pronouncement that the bathtub water just wo...
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How To: Drain a Toilet
Whether fixing a toilet that’s running or leaking from the base, cleaning the tank, or replacing a unit that’s beyond...
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5 Plumbing Repairs Every Homeowner Should Know
While the pleasures of homeownership are great, there will invariably be repairs along the way, especially when it co...
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How To: Tighten a Toilet Seat
From the pressure of people sitting to the constant opening and closing of the lid and/or seat, your toilets probably...
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The Dos and Don’ts of Replacing a Toilet
Thanks to their solid construction and simple design, toilets often outlast other bathroom fixtures, but they don’t l...
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Solved! What to Do When Your Toilet Gurgles
Q: Recently, my toilet started gurgling for no apparent reason. Not during a flush; just at random times. While nothi...
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5 Most Common Toilet Troubles and How to Fix Them
If there’s one household fixture we really rely on—and hate to have to fix—it’s the toilet. But while these fixtures ...
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Bob Vila Radio: Top Tips for a Leaking Toilet
Got a leaky toilet? Believe it or not, it's a common problem. Continue reading to find out the likeliest causes and t...
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How To: Clean a Toilet Tank
If the last time you got the bathroom sparkling did not fully mask a foul odor or required a concentrated effort to r...
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How To: Replace A Toilet Flange
The bathroom may well be the wet spot in any home, but water pooling around the base of the commode doesn't fall in t...
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Solved! What to Do When Your Toilet Starts Overflowing
Q: Help! Just as I was leaving the bathroom, I heard the unmistakable, undesirable sound of water hitting the floor. ...
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How To: Snake a Toilet
Let’s face it: Dealing with a clogged toilet is about as much fun—but, unfortunately, just as necessary—as a root can...
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How To: Make Your Own Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Everyone loves a clean home, but our obsession with sanitation may come at a cost to our health. Some people, especia...
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Solved! What to Do About a Sewage Smell in the Bathroom
Q: I’ve noticed a rotten smell coming from my bathroom lately and can’t figure out the source. Do you have any idea w...
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Solved! What to Do When the Toilet Won’t Flush
Q: Help! My toilet won’t flush. The handle moves freely, but nothing happens when I press down. Can I fix it without ...
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Solved! What to Do About a Leaking Toilet Tank
Q: Help! My toilet is leaking all over the bathroom floor, and I haven’t yet located the source. How can I find and f...
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How To: Install a Toilet Seat
Sure, there are plenty of intimidatingly complex bathroom repairs for which you would be wise to hire a plumber. This...
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The Right Way to Use a Plunger
If your toilet’s overflowing or your sink’s stopped up, it’s time to take the plunge! About 90 percent of the time, a...
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Are You Still Cleaning Toilets the Old-Fashioned Way?
Of all the housekeeping chores that people tend to dread, there may be none more widely reviled than cleaning the toi...
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Bob Vila Radio: The Lowdown on Upflushing Toilets
Adding a toilet to your basement not only adds convenience, but it can also boost the value of your home. But before ...
Tag icon article
The Right Way to Clean a Toilet
A dreaded household chore, cleaning the toilet is the definition of dirty work. Mostly it's a matter of hygiene, but ...
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The Toilets of Tomorrow
High-tech appliances, gadgets, and gizmos are steadily marching into all corners of our lives. So it only makes sense that advanced technology would insinuate its...
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The Right Way to Plunge a Toilet
People go weeks, months, and even years without giving the toilet a second thought. The instant it clogs, however, th...
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Bob Vila Radio: Dual-Flush Toilets
Back in the 1980s, a bright Australian fellow came up with the idea for dual-flush toilets. They've been around for a...
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New & Notable: 12 Bathroom Products That Raise the Bar on Style and Innovation
Current trends in bathroom design reflect homeowners' propensities toward spa-like luxuries and smart innovation. Here are 12 new and notable products that stand ...
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How To: Install a Toilet
 If you're updating the bathroom, you'll need to know how to install a toilet. Apply a new wax seal over the waste fl...
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Talking Toilets with Chip Wade (or, How to Choose a Toilet)
"With subtle style differences and various makes and models available, a toilet is a pretty simple machine designed t...
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How To: Replace a Toilet Seat
Though certainly not cutting edge, toilet seat design has witnessed a tide of innovation in recent years. So if you a...
Tag icon article
How To: Replace a Toilet
Does your toilet waste water with every flush? Perhaps it is aesthetically outdated (hello, pastel pink bathroom)? Ma...
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Low-Flow Toilets 101
The Environmental Protection Agency says that an estimated 4. 8 billion gallons of water are flushed down the toilet ...
Tag icon article
How To: Fix a Running Toilet
Nowadays, we don’t give much thought to our toilets, but there was a time when answering nature's call involved such ...
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Bob Vila Radio: Toilet Flappers
Are you tired of jiggling the handle to stop your toilet from running? The noise and inconvenience drives you crazy, ...
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Bob Vila Radio: Unclogging a Toilet
You’re in the middle of a party, enteraining a houseful of guests, and the toilet acts up. Are you ready to spring in...
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It's All in the Flush! Low-Flow Toilets' High Impact
Average Americans are flushing money down the drain.  Oh, maybe not literally money—but most US homes still have one ...
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Bob Vila Radio: Low-Flush Toilets
Did you know that you could save 20% on your water bill just by replacing your toilet? Most conventional toilets hog ...
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Bob Vila Radio: Replacing a Toilet
If you’ve got an older toilet, you’re probably paying for twice the water you need for each flush. But never fear: to...
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Quick Tip: Replace a Toilet
The Case for New Toilets Because it’s one of the things we use the most, there are lots of reasons to replace an olde...
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Quick Tip: Unclog a Toilet
We all know that life would be very different without that wonder of modern science: the toilet. But when it acts up,...
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Master Bathroom Tub, Tile, and Low-Flow Toilet Installation
In the master bath, Bob reviews the appropriate design choices made by homeowner and contractor Nick Beasley for this period home. A new low-flush toilet is insta...
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Touring the Kohler Showroom and Factory in Kohler, WI
Bob tours the showroom with the founder’s great-granddaughter, and then visits the factory to see how the vitreous china is manufactured.
Tag icon video
Ultra Low-Flow Toilet Installed
Lenora Campos shows Bob a Toto energy-efficient toilet.
Tag icon video
Installing Bathroom Fixtures
Bob meets with Lenora Campos of Toto USA, the largest toilet manufacturer in the world. Campos introduces Toto's Mercer line of residential fixtures, giving speci...
Tag icon video
Toto Low-Flow Toilet
Bob meets with Lenora Campos from Toto USA, a leader in water technology and the largest toilet manufacturer in the world. Campos introduces Bob to the dual-flush...
Tag icon video
Installing a Toto One-Piece Toilet
Bob watches the installation of a low-flow Toto toilet with a sleek design. The installation is simple, thanks to a special flange that reconfigures the tradition...
Tag icon video
Bathroom Fixtures Installed
Dave Kohler installs a Kohler lavatory in the Habitat for Humanity Blitz Build project house.
Tag icon video
Marble Countertop Installation
Bob checks in with Greg Rockland, the plumber installing a marble countertop in the loft conversion unit.
Tag icon video
Wheelchair-Accessible Toilet Installation
Bob talks with Gerry Folan, the plumber who is installing a specially designed wheelchair-accessible toilet. Phil Boggs (from Kohler) discusses the unique feature...
Tag icon video
Bathroom Remodel
Pat and Roger Simons, the owners of the second house in the Elmwood project, review the goals of their bathroom remodel.
Tag icon video
Plumbing in the Bathroom and Wiring in the Kitchen
Plumber Kevin Hanley reviews the installation process for a pedestal sink and antique toilet in the new half-bath. And electrical wiring is pulled through the wal...
Tag icon video
Installing New Bathroom Fixtures
Since the bathroom has been gutted, plumbers begin to install new fixtures.
Tag icon video
Replacing the Toilet
Plumber Dan Macias replaces the old toilet with a new, high-efficiency model.
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