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6 Bathroom Trends Set to Dominate 2017
Slowly but surely, with each passing year, Americans increasingly view the bathroom not merely as a functional space, but as a restful, restorative sanctuary. Whi...
The 6 Kitchen Design Trends Set to Dominate 2017
No longer a solely utilitarian space, today's kitchen plays host to a range of activities beyond meal prep and casual family dining. For Joe Maykut, Product Manag...
7 Kitchen Design Trends Set to Dominate 2016
Every year, renovating the kitchen reigns as one of the most popular home upgrades, largely because the cooking and entertaining space plays such a central role i...
14 Retro Home Trends It’s Time to Revisit
Trends and styles are forever changing and evolving. Home trends that were once the height of popularity eventually seem mundane and drab, only to experience a re...
7 Irresistible Outdoor Living Trends for 2015
<p>It seems that each year, summer takes its good old time to get here, and when it finally arrives there's a to-do list of home improvement projects and recreati...
7 Life-Changing New Home Technologies for 2015
With each passing year, our houses are getting smarter and smarter. It's no fantasy; appliances that mix drinks or cook dinner at your command—a simple touch on y...
Watch These 10 Home Trends Take Off in 2015
"Out with the old, in with the new" is a motto often adopted at the start of a new year—whether you're contemplating lives, relationships, even spaces. Now think ...
These 8 Vanished Home Trends Have Returned
When we said goodbye to old trends of the 1970s, like crunchy orange shag carpeting, or to the dark, omnipresent wood veneer paneling of the 1980s, many of us wou...
HGTV Opens the Door to a Beloved 90s Star
Color us impressed: Best known for her role in the long-running series 90210, Jennie Garth has opened her large-scale...
Beds, Baths and Fortune-Telling at IKEA
Meet Jeff and Beth, the latest participants in the "time travel experiment" IKEA has been running to promote its fall...
6 Fall Flooring Trends to Look Forward To
Most interior designers agree that in any space, flooring sets the tone. This means that decorating decisions about such things as furniture and lighting should b...
Hypnotized, One Couple Lives Its Future at IKEA
Here's what we've been waiting for: It's the first official video in a mind-bending new promotional series from IKEA....
Now at IKEA, Time Travel
Who doesn't love IKEA? Whereas other furniture purveyors mainly appeal to one or another niche market, IKEA appeals a...
Creating Affordable Housing
Since World War II, the federal government has had its hand in promoting and supporting affordable housing through GI...
Designers Tell All: Top 12 Kitchen Trends Revealed
Get the lowdown on today's most popular kitchen design trends from top designers Steven La Fonte and Kate Singer.
Would You Live in a Tiny House Village?
When is a trailer park not a trailer park? When it’s being designed and developed by nationally recognized small-spac...
Has the Recovery Hit Your Block?
The residential housing market is finally experiencing an upswing across most markets. Even relatively stable regions...
Designers Tell All: Today's Top 10 Bathroom Trends
Get the lowdown on today's most popular bathroom design trends from top designers Jill Goldberg and Kate Singer.
How Stuck Is Your Market? Two Key Metrics to Track
All real estate is local, but it’s national real estate statistics that dominate headlines. If you wish to identify e...
Remodeling for Resale: 3 Tarnished Trends to Avoid
At times it's necessary to walk a fine line when remodeling. On the one hand, you want to give your house distinct ap...
Suddenly, a Seller’s Market?
That choking sound you hear is the echo of real estate deals not getting done, because suddenly, buyers can’t find ho...
Taylor Swift Sells Her Cape Cod Abode
What do Bob Vila and Taylor Swift have in common, you ask? Apparently, a love for Cape Cod-style architecture! Taylor...
Cost and Competition: Remodeling Heats Up
If you are thinking that this is the year to tackle a bigger renovation project that you’ve been postponing, you’re n...
Is Housing Really Back?
Hyperventilation over the housing market recovery is reaching gale force. National news outlets are quoting some expe...
5 Market Trends to Cash In On This Year
The unexpected has become the norm for the US real estate market. As evidenced by the annual Profile of Home Buyers a...
New Year, New Color
Pantone, the global authority on color for the design industries, has announced the Color of the Year for 2013: Emera...
Will 2013 Values Support Improvements?
2013 is likely to see home values stabilizing—but not because of sale prices. A strengthening labor market is the ris...
3 Top Ways to Capture Value in 2013
While analysts argue whether 2012 was in fact the turnaround year for home sales, it’s clear that home remodeling is ...
Two Regulatory Trends That Could Trim Your Cash Flow
That sacred cow, the home mortgage deduction, is likely headed for the slaughterhouse. As Congress explores ways to r...
Bob Vila Radio: Pocket Neighborhoods
Savvy homebuyers these days know that a home is worth more based on its location than on its square footage. Listen t...
Home Buyers Seek Low Carrying Costs
Price is the number one factor for home buyers, according to the annual Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers recently r...
Remodeling Heats Up
Brace for a remodeling revival in 2013.  The Harvard Joint Center on Housing is predicting double-digit growth for ho...
Kitchen Trends to Bank On
Baked-in obsolescence is the last thing you want in your kitchen remodel. Classic  layouts, finishes, and styles are ...
Gen 'Why' Ponders Homeownership
Though they've seen their parents lose equity, today's 20-somethings have home-buying on their minds. A just-released...
No Vacation: Tax Rules Tighten on Getaway Homes
Ah, a secluded, peaceful vacation home, far from the madding crowd. . . But not far enough to be away from the IRS. T...
Checklist: A Safe and Insurable House
Following some simple guidelines can safeguard your property, keep your family protected, and lower your insurance pr...
Kitchen & Bath Show: Day 3 Top Picks
Today, my last day at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in Chicago, continued to reveal more innovative products, de...
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Today was another day of discovery at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show, and while I covered a lot of ground and saw...
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Today was opening day at the annual Kitchen &amp; Bath Industry Show (KBIS) in Chicago's McCormick Place. The show is...
Why Is The Home Depot So Crowded?
If you're tackling a home improvement project this spring, you're not the only one reinvesting sweat equity in your h...
2012 International Builders' Show Highlights
A sampling of some of the innovative new products showcased at this year's International Builders' Show.
Home Building Trends 2012
Every year, builders, contractors, manufacturers, and industry professionals attend the NAHB International Builders’ ...