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How To: Clean a Hot Tub

Nothing says relaxation quite like a bubbly soak in a hot tub. While the prospect of cleaning a hot tub may seem stressful, you can get the job done well, with minimum hassle, by following these simple steps.

How to Clean a Hot Tub

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Owning your own hot tub is an affordable luxury. But while the bubbles may be relaxing, maintaining the unit takes work. For yours to operate correctly, last a long time, and remain sanitary for the duration, it’s critical that you clean the hot tub as needed. Follow the steps outlined below in order to do a thorough job.

- Line flush product
- Hot tub cleaner
- Towels

To clean a hot tub with any modicum of success, it needs to be empty. However, there’s one step which requires there to be water in the tub. Since over time the unit’s plumbing conduits can accumulate buildup, it’s necessary to administer a product that flushes the lines. Not so creatively known as line flushes, these products are readily available for purchase online or at your local pool supply store. Different products work somewhat differently, but generally speaking, line flushes are added, in a specified amount, to a hot tub in operation. Then, after the recommended period of time has elapsed, drain the hot tub according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Be prepared for a surprising amount of gunk to come out! In the future, add line flush consistently to minimize accumulation.

How to Clean a Hot Tub - Bubbly Water

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With the hot tub empty, proceed to spray down its interior surfaces with a hot tub cleaning product (these, too, are sold online and at pool supply stores). Note that many household cleaners, including Windex and Soft Scrub, often may be used as an alternative. But to be on the safe side, double-check with your hot tub manufacturer that it’s OK to use an all-purpose cleaner. After spraying, wipe down the tub with a towel, thereby eliminating the cleaner residue that, left in place, would later cause the water to foam. Clean the hot tub cover the same way, wiping it down with a towel once finished.

Next, remove the hot tub filters. Being designed to remove grime and grit from the water, these filters quickly accrue debris. If yours are relatively new, simply spray them down with a garden hose, go over them with hot tub cleaner, and rinse. If you haven’t changed the filters in a year, replace them.

It’s time to refill the hot tub. Your manufacturer’s instructions may say otherwise, but with most models, it’s a matter of placing a garden hose into the filter well. Once filled, turn on the hot tub and add the chemicals (e.g., shock) that comprise your regular water treatment program. Finally, cover your clean hot tub and allow time for the water to balance over the course of the next 12 hours or so.

Having allowed a sufficient amount of time to elapse, return to the hot tub and test its chlorine level. Ideally, there would be between 1ppm and 3ppm of free chlorine (or bromine, depending on your choice). Meanwhile, the pH should be in the range of 7.2 to 7.8. Add chemicals as needed to adjust.

How To: Get Rid of Fleas in Your Home

If you own a pet, itchy bites may be a sign of a flea infestation. Clear the house of these pests in five quick steps and then rest at ease again with your furry friend.

How to Get Rid of Fleas in the House

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Fleas are irritating—not only for pets but also for people. If you have fleas in the house, you can usually expect some itching, as well as unwelcome red bumps on the skin. But since pests carry disease, the problem can be more than merely annoying. To get rid of fleas in the house, address the issue from a number of angles by cleaning your pets, your pets’ bedding, and the most flea-vulnerable surfaces around your home. Follow the steps outlined below in order to be successful.

How to Get Rid of Fleas in the House

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Though they may be present in your carpeting, fleas prefer to live on a host—namely, your pet. So to completely get rid of fleas in the house, start with treating your dog or cat. Whether it’s a dip or tablet, there are many readily available products designed for the purpose. Timing is key: Administer the treatment on the same day that you de-flea your house. In addition, dispose of the bedding your flea-ridden pet has been using. Place the bed in a trash bag, seal it, and take it outside immediately.

If your pet frequently sleeps on your bed, toss your own bedding directly into the washing machine. Next, get out your vacuum and throughly go over the entire house, paying special attention to areas under and behind the furniture. Also be sure to vacuum the furniture itself, as fleas often hide in upholstered sofas and chairs. In corners, use the vacuum nozzle attachment. Be aware that in the process of vacuuming, disturbed by the vibrating machine, fleas may actually emerge.

Very important: Once you’ve finished vacuuming, take the machine outside and empty it there. Seal the vacuum cleaner bag or its contents in a trash bag, seal it, and leave the bag safely outside your home.

Choose an insecticide that contains an insect growth regulator (ICR). These are chemicals (e.g., methoprene and pyriproxyfen) that prevent fleas from reproducing. Treat all soft surfaces, including carpeting, with the insecticide. Then keep pets and family members away from the treated areas for at least a few hours, until the insecticide has dried. Ventilate by opening doors and/or windows.

Some fleas may survive the insecticide. A week or two after treatment, you may find that fleas have returned. If so, vacuum the entire house once more, again taking care to empty the machine outside. You may also consider using flea traps to vanquish the remaining pests. Try mixing a bit of dish soap into a bowl of water; the mixture kills any fleas that fall in. Place bowls near the light sources that attract fleas. Likely targets are the lamps in the same room as your pet’s preferred sleeping area.

Preventing Future Infestations
It’s equally important to prevent fleas from returning. Here are a few tips to help you make your house—and your pets—inhospitable to a flea renaissance.

• If your pet seems itchy, put on a flea collar or administer a gel treatment. You must act fast, before the fleas migrate from your pet to the carpeting and furniture in your home. Watch Fluffy and Fido closely!

• Fleas dislike sun, so consider restricting your pets to those areas that receive a lot of light during the day. If impossible, keep in mind that there are flea-targeting insecticides formulated for use outdoors.

• Tiny and able to fit through the smallest cracks, fleas are an enemy of homes with many air leaks. Caulk as many holes and gaps in your house as you can.

A Forgotten Forest Lies at the Bottom of a Lake in Maine

While other companies succeed by salvaging lumber from old barns and similarly disused buildings, Maine Heritage Timber reclaims wood from a forest underwater.

Maine Heritage Timber - Heavy Machinery

Photo: maineheritagetimber.com

In remote Millinocket, ME, there are as many as 1 million cords of wood resting at the bottom of Quakish Lake. Since 2009, Maine Heritage Timber has been pulling those logs out of the water, then milling them into flooring, tabletops, furniture—a diverse range of wood products, all sharing a remarkable backstory.

Back in the early 1900s, logging was big business in eastern Maine. Since interstates and railroads had not yet criss-crossed the country, rivers were the primary means of transporting felled trees. At the time, Quakish Lake, part of Penobscot River system, served as a holding area for logs en route to the Great Northern Paper Company. And while much of the old-growth wood successfully made its destination, some of it sank and sat, silently and untouched, for a hundred years.

Maine Heritage Timber - Lake

Photo: maineheritagetimber.com

You might think that, after so long in the depths, those sunken timbers would emerge degraded and useless. But if anything, those logs were benefited by all that time spent underwater. The deep, cold lake water—and the absence of sunlight, oxygen, and pests—worked to preserve the wood, leaving it strong and in virtually pristine condition. And as a result of the wood’s prolonged exposure to water, many logs developed truly unique, seldom-seen, non-duplicable hues and patinas.

Maine Heritage Timber - Flooring

Photo: maineheritagetimber.com

Maine Heritage Timber employs heavy machinery to excavate, then sends the wood to shore on a barge, where it’s kiln-dried. Only then does the company know what can be made of the haul. But everything pulled from the lake is somehow put to use. The best and most suitable wood becomes board lumber for the company’s consumer products, including flooring and wainscoting. Meanwhile, the unusable wood gets ground into pulp (sold to mills) or biomass (sold to the energy industry). The shavings are sold for animal bedding, and even the rocks that are uncovered are washed clean and sold to local landscaping outfits.

Maine Heritage Timber - Accessories

Photo: maineheritagetimber.com

Though Maine Heritage Timber expects to continue work here for at least another 20 years, no one knows exactly how much wood lies at the bottom of Quakish Lake. Amid the uncertainty, one thing is abundantly clear: The company’s customers get wood that boasts, not only rare beauty, but a fascinating history as well.

For more information, visit Maine Heritage Timber.

Quick Tip: Scrub Your Tub with… Grapefruit?

If you love grapefruit, here's one more reason to keep the sweet citrus amply stocked in your kitchen.

Clean Your Bathtub with Grapefruit

Photo: shutterstock.com

The Natural Alternative

Is a grapefruit going to leave your tub any cleaner than a commercial cleaner would? Probably not. So if you've already got a solution that works for you—and which you don't mind using—stop reading now. Just keep this in mind: Cleaning doesn't have to be a noxious affair. Few people truly enjoy scrubbing, but such chores can be slightly more palatable if you insist on using cleaners that do not irritate your skin or make it hard to breathe normally. Yes, in some particularly sticky situations, your best bet is likely going to be a potent, lab-formulated commercial cleaner. But for everyday cleaning, why not go a little easier on yourself?

There are plenty of housekeeping jobs that people put off. And as opposed to a task like clearing the gutters, there are few risks tied to not cleaning the bathtub. But it’s only a matter of time before you finally tackle the tub, with all its nasty soap scum and mineral buildup. When that day comes, you have no shortage of options, from potent store-bought cleaning agents to milder, all-natural alternatives. Surprising though it may seem, one method gives you the best of both worlds: It’s not only an effective cleaner, but it’s also pleasant to work with. Yes, it’s grapefruit. We’re used to hearing about all the many wonderful things you can do with lemons, but this time it’s a different citrus fruit that not only fights stains and germs, but also imparts a genuinely fresh, invigorating scent in the process.

Clean Your Bathtub with Grapefruit - Tub Closeup

Photo: shutterstock.com

Depending on the size of your tub and the condition it’s in, you may need more than one grapefruit. But in any case, start by cutting one decently sized grapefruit in half. Next, coat the flesh of each half with a generous helping of salt. The salt works as abrasive that allows the fruit’s acidity to penetrate more deeply.

Now run the shower or bath for about thirty seconds, or for as long as necessary to dampen the full length of the tub. Once it’s wet, sprinkle additional salt over the area. You’re now ready to begin scrubbing. Apply the grapefruit directly to the tub, and as you go, be sure to squeeze the fruit gently to release its juice.

The most satisfying results come when the grapefruit juice and salt work in tandem, so add salt or switch to a new grapefruit half whenever you need to. For any particularly stubborn areas of residue, try scrubbing, not with the flesh of the fruit, but with its rind. Oh, and don’t forget to give some attention to the fixtures!

Once finished, simply run the water to rinse away the leftover juice, pulp, and salt. To wipe down the shower head, valve, tub spout and drain, use a clean cotton or microfiber cloth. That’s it—all clean, right?

Of course, it would be silly to keep grapefruit in your house all year round simply in order to clean the bathroom. Rather than base your bathroom cleaning schedule around trips to the grocery store, you can prepare a grapefruit cleaning paste that’s easy to keep on hand in all seasons. Here’s how to make a small batch (double or quadruple the recipe, if it’s grapefruit season and you can purchase the fruit at low cost).

1. Halve the grapefruit and squeeze the from each half until you have a half-cup of liquid. Remove seeds.

2. Add one and a half cup of salt to the liquid, then stir until the ingredients are combined.

3. Transfer the paste to an airtight container.

The next time you wish to clean the tub, apply the paste to a clean cloth and then scrub the entire tub, including the fixtures, washing or wiping away the grapefruit-and-salt remnants once you’re finished.

Bob Vila Radio: Is MDF Better Than Plywood?

For many carpentry projects, medium-density fiberboard is the most affordable and user-friendly among affordable yet high-performing wood products.

Medium-density fiberboard, MDF for short, can be a cheaper, more stable alternative to plywood, if used in the right way.

Medium Density Fiberboard

Photo: shutterstock.com

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Listen to BOB VILA ON MEDIUM-DENSITY FIBERBOARD or read the text below:

MDF is made from wood scraps that are broken down into fine fibers, mixed with a binder such as glue, then formed into sheets. Most home centers carry four-by-eight-foot sheets, usually one-half or three-quarters of an inch thick.

MDF offers many benefits. First, it’s a bit less expensive than plywood. Second, it holds its shape, so you can use it for shelving, cabinets, trim and moulding. But since it doesn’t like moisture, it’s best used in indoor projects.

One important caveat: MDF contains formaldehyde, a suspected carcinogen. Wear a respirator when cutting it. And be aware that until it’s properly sealed with paint or urethane, the material continues to off-gas.

That being said, if you take proper precautions when working with it, MDF can save you money and reward you with good results.

Bob Vila Radio is a 60-second home improvement radio tip of the day carried on more than 186 stations in 75 markets around the country. Click here to subscribe, so you can automatically receive each new episode as it arrives—absolutely free.

Bob Vila’s $3,000 Entertainment Furniture Give-Away—Week 2 Starts Now!

Enter to win a home theater cabinet or bar, courtesy of BDI!

$3,000 Entertainment Furniture Give-Away

You have one more chance this month to make your home the ultimate gathering spot! Look to your own living room the next time you want to catch a movie or have a beer with family and friends. With the right amenities, you’ll have everything you need to keep your favorite crowd entertained. Who needs a night out when your house has the best in home entertainment luxuries? With that in mind, we teamed up with BDI to help you transform your home into a relaxing winter retreat. Our sweepstakes winner will receive $3,000 worth of furniture! The best part? You can pick your own prize—choose between a home theater cabinet or a spacious minibar.


BDI, an industry leader in modern furniture, works to make beautiful, functional pieces accessible to everyone. Their love for interior design is reflected in each piece of furniture they create—right down to the packaging that protects their products.

Tailored to fit today’s technology, the Corridor® 8179 home theater cabinet has four roomy compartments to accommodate a range of speaker sizes, players, and accessories. You shouldn’t have to choose between beauty and function—and with BDI’s home entertainment furniture, you won’t have to.

Behind solid walnut or oak doors, speaker audio and remote signal access are able to pass through the unit without any quality loss. Have a wiring issue or need to swap out your cable box? The hidden wheels let you roll the unit away from the wall for easy access to cables and connections.

Bob Vila's $3,000 Entertainment Furniture Give-Away - Corridor Home Theater
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The spacious Corridor® Bar features a 12-bottle wine rack, in-door liquor storage, a wooden stemware rack for glasses and shelves to keep tumblers, mixers, and bar extras organized. Everything is concealed behind two louvered doors—the signature design feature of the Corridor® collection—while the the bar’s black glass top is the perfect space to whip up your favorite cocktails.

Bob Vila's $3,000 Entertainment Furniture Give-Away - Corridor Bar
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The Designers Who Move In, Remodel, and Leave Houses Transformed

Jersey Ice Cream Co. designs homes instead of serving up frosty treats, but there's something satisfyingly sweet about the way they renovate their lived-in homes.

Jersey Ice Cream Co - Tara and Percy

Photo: jerseyicecreamco.com

Meet Tara Mangini and Percy Bright, the brains, braun, and creative force behind a truly unique home remodeling company, Jersey Ice Cream Co. This duo’s impressive renovations are a sight to behold, but equally impressive is their design process. Consider them the method actors of home remodelers: They actually move into their remodels, and by living there, they ultimately discover what each house needs and how they should look. It means living in an active constructive site, but the results speak for themselves. They spoke to us about their company and being able to work at their dream jobs.

The reason we started doing what we do is…

When this whole thing got started, we were both in that murky mid-twenties stage where we thought “What am I going to do with my life?” We met while Percy was in the midst of renovating his house in Philadelphia. Almost simultaneously, we completely fell for each other, and started working together to design, furnish, and decorate his house. While looking for furniture, we talked about starting an Etsy shop, selling at flea markets, and hopefully one day expanding into design. At the time, Tara was waiting tables and the thought of any of that coming to fruition was beyond belief. The fact that 5 years later all of those dreams have come true, is just an utterly mind-blowing blessing.

Jersey Ice Cream Co - Breakfast Nook

Photo: jerseyicecreamco.com

Our renovation process could be described as…

An organic evolution. We get asked so often how we decided on a paint color or a wall finish or a piece of furniture. And the honest (and usually unhelpful) answer is that we let the project evolve and listened to our guts along the way. Sometimes an unexpected vintage find will totally change our initial thoughts for a space. Sometimes randomly moving a couch will give us a new perspective for a room layout. Living in the space gives us a real understanding for what is needed, and we let our inclinations guide us. I love that our final design feels like a discovery, a surprise, a solution—even to us.

The thing we love most about renovating houses is…

Truly, there are so many things we love about our job, but there are these little moments. Maybe it’s stepping back to really admire something we just finished, maybe it’s that feeling when something suddenly clicks and you realize everything will make sense if you move a doorway, or go with dark plaster instead of light. It could really be anything, but when it happens I feel completely overwhelmed with a feeling of “This is why we do this.” It doesn’t happen everyday, sometimes it doesn’t happen for months. But when we get that feeling we know we’re doing something right.

Jersey Ice Cream Co - Vintage Kitchen

Photo: jerseyicecreamco.com

Our first jobs were…

Renovating and designing Percy’s house in Philadelphia was our first job. It was the best kind of job because we were our own client and we had the freedom to do whatever we wanted. It really allowed us to develop confidence in our work and our style. From there we did a few small jobs, but our first real official “can you believe this is happening to us?!” job was the house at Shipley Corner. We had a little section on our website at the time about what our dream job would be. All we wanted was for someone to give us a budget, some keys to a house and the freedom to do whatever we wanted with it. When someone emailed to say that wanted to hire us to do just that, we totally lost our minds. It’s been non-stop since then.

Our main sources of inspiration are…

Though we look at blogs and Instagram and things like that for inspiration, I think more of our inspiration comes from the world around us. Details on old barns, the paint color of a restaurant, a scene from a movie. It can get really overwhelming scouring through Pinterest and ideas that seem fresh start to look repetitive and stale. I find the farther away I stay from a computer while we’re working, the better.

Jersey Ice Cream Co - Wood Paneled Room

Photo: jerseyicecreamco.com

The most challenging thing about our work is…

One main challenge is that we don’t really have a home base. We live where we work, so we have no actual apartment or house of our own. At times, it’s very freeing, but naturally there are moments when I wish we could go home to a place where we live, with our things, in a house that isn’t currently undergoing major construction. But it’s a choice. I’m sure one of these days we will get an apartment and pull our things out of storage and put dishes on shelves and clothes in dressers. And still, there is a part of me that thinks we’ll do that and discover we like being nomads more than we realized! So it’s a challenge, but also one of the things that keeps us from getting bored, so a mega bonus at the same time.

Jersey Ice Cream Co - Open Shelves

Photo: jerseyicecreamco.com

Our favorite part of the process is…

There is a lot of joy in the design process along the way, but nothing really beats the big client reveal. Usually we are running around frantically trying to make everything look perfect, and their knock on the door is like Christmas and getting an exam grade back combined. Our adrenaline is so high while they are walking through the house seeing everything for the first time. It’s a really exciting and really exhausting day.

Jersey Ice Cream Co - Exterior House

Photo: jerseyicecreamco.com

The story behind our name is…

We went up to the Brimfield Flea Market a few weeks into dating and stumbled across a booth with a bunch of old embossing stamps. I had never seen one before, but Percy explained how they worked, and I slipped a piece of paper in, stamped down, and there it was! Jersey Ice Cream Co! We joked that we would use that as the name of our business, and then, as all too often happens, that joke became real. We worried a bit about the confusion factor a few years ago, but stuck with it. I’m so glad we did.

Jersey Ice Cream Co - Bathroom

Photo: jerseyicecreamco.com

Our all-time favorite tools are…

Tara: My favorite has to be a paintbrush. There have been so many days, when I’m painting a porch, or a kitchen with the windows open, listening to music, maybe sipping on a late-afternoon cocktail when I think “I can’t believe I get paid to do this.”

Percy: I’d have to say my hammer. Not many days go by when I don’t use it for one reason or another, and you can’t go wrong with a classic, right?

Jersey Ice Cream Co - Rustic Dining Table

Photo: jerseyicecreamco.com

If you loved these pictures, find more—or set up a consultation—at Jersey Ice Cream Co.

Cabin of the Week: The Shack at Hinkle Farm

Built by an architect as a family retreat, a West Virginia cabin harkens back to a time when houses offered little more than shelter from the storm.

Shack at Hinkle Farm

Photo: broadhurstarchitects.com

Perched on South Fork Mountain in West Virginia, deep within a 27-acre site you can only reach on foot or with an off-road vehicle, there’s an uncomplicated cabin. Architect Jeffery Broadhurst built the place for his family and by his own description, it’s only a modest step up from tent camping. Here, there’s no electricity, and besides oil lamps and a wood stove, there are few creature comforts. There’s shelter from the elements, and a platform from which to admire the spectacular view.

Shack at Hinkle Farm - View

Photo: broadhurstarchitects.com

As noteworthy as the design may be, in all its refreshing simplicity, the cabin also impresses with its clever execution. Most obvious is the overheard garage door that completely opens up one side of the cabin to the outdoors. But there are smaller triumphs as well. For instance, a metal mesh rodent barrier—the kind used to protect local corn cribs—lines the underside of the floor. So even though a person can see the ground through gaps between floorboards, furry pests can’t get in.

Similarly ingenious is the makeshift plumbing system. Beneath the cabin and accessible by a trap door, there’s a large storage tank that feeds (by means of a marine bilge pump) a smaller distribution tank mounted to the ceiling. From there, gravity delivers water to the sink faucet in a tiny, tucked-away kitchen area.

Shack at Hinkle Farm - Wood Stove

Photo: broadhurstarchitects.com

Broadhurst built the cabin himself, with help from family, friends, and neighbors. The materials used are no different from what the average person would find on the shelves at his nearby home improvement retail store. Sitting atop a quartet of pressure-treated lumber posts, just as a backyard deck would, the cabin features board-and-batten wood siding and terne-coated metal roofing. Though plainly utilitarian, both elements lend a timeless look of elegant, enviable simplicity.

Shack at Hinkle Farm - Site

Photo: broadhurstarchitects.com

Is Your Tape Measure Obsolete? Maybe.

Thanks to compact, versatile, and accurate devices like this one, your once adequate measuring tape may soon be gathering cobwebs.

Bosch Laser Distance Measurer

Photo: boschtools.com

The measuring tape: It’s a tool of unobjectionable simplicity, no more or less complicated than it needs to be—for some measuring jobs. There are times, however, when the old standby reveals its limitations. For instance, if you’re measuring over a long distance, it can be a real pain to get an accurate reading, if it’s possible at all, without a second pair of hands. Similarly, if you’re taking multiple measurements, one after another, over and over, fiddling with the tape becomes tiresome.

Bosch Laser Distance Measurer - At Work

Photo: boschtools.com

For years, laser measuring tools have been used by those in the trades, but only somewhat recently has the technology come down enough in price to be attractive for handy homeowners. Now, for less than $100, you can use the same timesaving tool that many pros swear by. It’s no toy. Simply put, for all but the shortest distances, working with a so-called “laser tape” is faster and easier than the traditional alternative. And the digital tool is just as trustworthy as its analog forebear. One popular model, the Bosch DLR130K Digital Distance Measurer, exhibits accuracy down to 1/16 of an inch, even for distances as long as 130 feet.

Bosch Laser Distance Measurer - Floor

in aPhoto: boschtools.com

Weighing in at just about five ounces, the Bosch DLR130K fits conveniently in a pouch or pocket, making it easy to carry as you move around the job site. As portable as it may be, it’s also fully featured. Not only does it report distances, but the tool also conveniently calculates area and volume—in four systems (inches, feet and inches, decimal feet, and metric). Batteries are included with purchase, and that single set of AAAs can power approximately 30,000 measurements.


Purchase the Bosch DLR130K Digital Distance Measurer Kit, $89