06:45PM | 12/12/11
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Hi Steve,

You are going to find it hard to find a direct replacement for the SmartShed Deluxe skylights... I have had to replace both of mine a couple of times in the past 10 years, as they yellow, cloud and crack over times... I have replaced them with a plastic skylight dome from the following website:

I used the 15" x 15" Clear version with the 18" x 18" OD flange... I took a cutting tool and neatly cut out the old window lense from the skylight frame... then took the new clean lense and used outdoor clear silicone (RTV) caulk and layed a thick-wide bead on the roof surface, then placed the new clear lense in place, then put another thick-wide layer of outdoor clear silicone (RTV) caulk between the original lense frame...then I drilled small holes around the original lense frame to snuggly fit 1 #10 or #12 machine screw long enough to go thru the original lense frame, new clear lens cover and the roof of the shed, so that you can put large flat washers on both sides of the bolts and then a lock washer and matching nut to fasten the parts together...remember to also put some of the Silicone caulk in each of the drilled holes so there is no leaks...also cover the head of the bolts with a thin layer of silicone caulk, as it will keep it from rusting and moving when the skylight and building flex due to wind or temperature changes... Remember to evaluate what you have and what you think with work for you and your abilities... This is a 2-3 person retrofit... One person above, one person holding the ladder and one person inside fastening the bolts, etc...always think safety first...


07:38PM | 01/25/12
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Any chance two years later you still have those instructions? I love my shed, but just moved and don't have the instructions to put it back together again!


09:19PM | 01/25/12
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sorhoho53... Email me @ and I will send you the manual and parts list for the SmartShed Deluxe... bzacko


04:47PM | 04/06/12
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I have a complete shed that I took down when I moved. There is one hinge cover missing, and I noted one of the skylights is slightly cracked (no leaking when I took it down).

I need to sell this, preferably as a complete shed. I am not able to ship, so you will need to arrange transport from Tampa, Florida to wherever you are.

Email me if you may be interested in purchasing this.


10:31PM | 04/09/12
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The shed listed has been sold. Thank you for all who showed an interest.


05:19PM | 04/17/12
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My Thinking-Outside shed (with window over the workbench) is about 11' x 7' and suffers from wind damage to the screws and sun damage etc to the skylights. I am having good luck with cable ties on the hinges and set some green board to cover a missing skylight hole. Otherwise it is in functional shape after 15+ years of abuse by the kids.

I would like to stock up on a dozen of the 9/16 x 1.5" screws and 3 or more of the 13" x 15" skylights. I also lost a door latch somehow. If any of these items are available please email:

I also wish there was a way to cool it down in the summer with some air vents. If somebody has a venting idea (better than a a 12 guage shot gun, LOL) let me know.

P.S. This thread is long and tough to follow. If you are a supplier or know a supplier of any of the above parts or substitute materials maybe consider posting some contact information every year so newbies can find needed parts. Thank you!



07:17PM | 04/17/12
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Hi Jim...

I will email with some info...



12:34AM | 04/18/12
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bz, if you have information about replacement screws, hinges, latches, can you please email it to me as well?


10:45AM | 04/18/12
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JacqueW... Need your email address...

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