02:01PM | 03/16/09
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Thanks for the tip, but the blades you speak of don't look anything like the blades on model 149.236222, which are big honkin' things with a built-in curve to them, not flat blades like most modern jointers.

In any case, this jointer is going in my next yard sale. Maybe I can get back the $5 I paid for it (in a yard sale a couple of years ago).


08:29PM | 03/30/09
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I'd sure appreciate if someone could send me manual for that planer.

[email protected]


If you look closer you might find that the blades are between those curved parts. - I just got one at yard sale and thought that was the blades at first but thought they looked too odd. I turned the thing a bit and saw where the blades are screwed on.


03:07PM | 07/10/09
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I have 149.236221 sitting in my garage. The knives are dinged up badly (it was salvaged). I don't know if the Grizzly blades fit, but I just went to Harbor Freight and they have a 4 1/8" jointer there with item# 65673. I borrowed one of the stores allen wrench sets and took of the jointer's knives off... a perfect match (I had one of my 149.236221 knives with me). Same length, same hole pattern for the blade. There are actually two extra slot holes in these HF knives that are used for alignment purposes (see part# 61 in the manual linked below(. The knife 'sits' on the head of that allen screw as you put on the blade clamp. I like that setup actually better than the Craftsman. However, that's about all that looks better... flimsy fence. Infeed and outfeed tables look ok, but overall the machine is much lighter weight than the craftsman.

Anyway, the knives are part #58 (bottom two pages) in the HF manual located here:

You can't order it online, I asked the HF parts people at 800-444-3353. They come as a pair (IIRC) and they are $13.63. Oh, and these blades are edged on both sides... when one side gets dull or dinged, you can flip it around and use the other one.

BTW, you CAN get order the manual from Sears for around $3 and change.

Hope that helps!



09:46AM | 07/13/09
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I just called the Harbor Freight phone # and the blades are special order: 6 to 8 weeks delivery time. IF they have them in the warehouse they will ship them sooner but there's no guarantee.

I'm wondering if these might work?



07:29PM | 07/14/09
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The blades seem to be about 4 1/8" long, 1/16" thick, 11/16 wide (as-is), single bladed (again, as-is, I don't know the original condition), with three elongated slots approx 1 11/16" on center and 17/64" wide. I haven't mic'd the knife, these are just rough measurements. I have attached a pic.


08:29PM | 10/14/09
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HF is discontinuing this and the blades are no longer available. Have to wait for the next cheap skinny blade jointer.


09:55AM | 10/22/09
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Would appreciate your emailing me a copy of the above referenced manual.

Email address: [email protected]

Thank you



06:16AM | 10/31/09
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Hi Charlie. Can I get a pdf copy of the instruction manual for the Craftsman 4-1/8" jointer, Model 149. Thanks very much.



06:12AM | 11/04/09
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For all who are still looking for blades for this unit......go to Sears. I just purchased 3 sets from my local store. They are marketed under p/n 922993 4 1/8 jointer blades. These are a perfect match to the ones in my machine...same length, thickness, width and hole pattern. And they work perfectly.Apparently made for Sear latest model.

Strange when calling Sears parts, they don't know that this item will fit the older jointers.

Hope this helps.

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