05:40PM | 08/24/01
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I've got two problems that I need help on. First, I have a new home. When an upstairs shower, tub, or washer is in use or filling, I can hear a high-pitched "whistle" while in the foyer and other parts of the house on the main floor. It's like a teak kettle and very noticeable. What is happening? How can it be stopped?

Second, I have a problematic low-flush toilet. Recently it seemed clogged. I plunged it but it still didnt work. The plumber came and snaked it. He said the American Standard model I had has small pipes and is very difficult to snake. Well, he pulls out a tampon (sorry to be graphic)and says that's the problem . Well, guess what? Again, teh toilet is backed up. Nobody has used it since he was here. My wife says she never put anything in that toilet too. I'm very puzzled. Can anyone offer some guidance? The plumbing is still under warranty for the first year.



06:09PM | 08/24/01
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I'll take a guess that your whistling sound is due to either a valve which is not fully opened or your water pressure may be a tad high.You'll need to reproduce the sound by checking each fixture while they draw water.If you don't locate the problem there,make sure the valve off your heater(for hot water)is fully open.Last,try readjusting your water main valve.If fully open,try backing down a half turn or so.If it's partially closed,open it fully.As for the experience has been that if plunging is only a temporary fix and it reclogs on the next flush then you have something in the toilet catching the waste.An auger is better at this than a plunger but I once had a baby food jar cap stuck in a toilet and the auger went right past it on several trys.I found the cap only after removing the toilet from the floor and inspecting it's outlet.Of course,nobody knows where it came from either.As a last resort,have the toilet yanked.

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Jay J

04:52PM | 08/25/01
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Hi PatrickH,

Sometimes, it's best to have the toilet removed and to pour 5 gallons of water down the Drain Waste Vent/Pipe (DWV) to see how the water goes down. Yes, it's possible that the toilet itself is the cause. When it's been removed, it can be manually inspected. By pouring 5 gallons of water down the pipe at once, you'll get a 'feel' as to 1) if there's an obstruction in it, and 2) about how far down it goes (based on the amount of water that goes down there.) Also, be SURE your EXTERIOR Drain Vents aren't clogged up w/a birds nest or dirt or something. (You know, the ones you see on people's front lawns that stick up out of the ground, and have a 'cap' of sorts on it?)

As for the whistling, try Matche's suggestions. My best to ya and hope this helps.

PS: I've re-read your original post. For now, DOCUMENT every problem AND the solutions that were taken. Date them and free-hand write your 'thoughts'. This way, if the problem goes BEYOND the 1 year warranty, you have some record that the problem started BEFORE the year was over. ANd, should you end up in court, you'll give the Judge more than he-said, he-said. Document for EVERY problem; not just the plumbing one. Keeping a journal of 'things to be fixed' as well as 'things ALREADY fixed' will go a LONG way ...


08:57PM | 03/12/13
I have a low flow toilet and sometimes when i flush it, a loud noise is created and sometimes when i push on the dual flush valves,the noise will stop and the tank fills very slowly. Can you please suggest a fix for this. Thanks for your help


01:47PM | 04/01/13
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1-The noise you hear is normally excessive velocity (FPS) and under each fixture there should be a globe pattern type of valve. The globe valve was specifically designed to "throttle" the water supply.

2- You may have undersized piping with excessive pressure which over time will cause erosion of copper tubing especially on the hot water supply

3- A lot of plumbers will auger a toilet and say they removed foreign obstructions such as sanitary products, Q tips a comb etc. If this fixture was never used YOU HAVE A PROBLEM

There is one brand of toilet I will not install or service is the "bold look"

I would suggest you do the test that I use to test a toilet which is use 30 sheets of toilet paper let it sit in the toilet for about 30 seconds then flush . If the 30 sheets do not empty in one flush you either need the water level or the flapper adjusted or in the worse case replace the toilet completely with a Gerber avalanche Cost a lot less then the American Standard but does one amazing job



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