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The Pros and Cons of Today's Most Popular Insulation
Not all homes are created equal, so there is no one-size-fits-all approach to home insulation. There are many factors to consider when selecting insulation, inclu...
So, You Want to... Insulate the Attic
Are you getting the sense that your heating and cooling costs are going through the roof? You might be absolutely rig...
The Right Way to Weatherstrip a Door
Door drafts can be a cause of real discomfort. Besides the immediate unpleasantness of a chilly gust invading the war...
Bob Vila Radio: The Insulation Perimeter
With energy costs ever on the rise, more homeowners are thinking of adding insulation to reduce energy use. Here’s wh...
Bob Vila Radio: Blown-in Insulation
There are several different kinds of insulation—fiberglass batting, rigid boards, and spray-on foam to name a few. Fo...
Weatherstripping 101
Weatherstripping is a time-honored method of minimizing window and door drafts. In the winter, weatherstripping preve...
Bob Vila Radio: Losing Heat to Drafts
In these energy-conscious times, many people are adding insulation, installing solar panels, or taking a number of ex...
Planning Guide: Insulation
Insulation is the strong, silent type. Although it operates behind the scenes for the most part, it plays a vital rol...
Quick Tip: Installing Blown-In Cellulose Insulation
If you need to insulate your attic, blowing in cellulose insulation is an easy job you can do yourself by renting a b...
Bob Vila Radio: Finding the Right Insulation R-Value
Autumn’s falling temperatures get many of us thinking about apple cider, trick-or-treating, and… R-values. If your ho...
The Insulation
Once the mechanical rough-ins are complete, insulation will be installed in the wall cavities. Insulation is relative...
Green Homes—Sealing & Insulation
When your thoughts turn to energy efficiency and comfort, you may start thinking about new windows, a furnace, or an ...
Ceramic Coatings for Increased Insulation
Ceramic coating has been around for almost 20 years and is highly effective in preventing unnecessary heat loss or ga...
Soundproof Your Floors
Paying attention to what’s underneath your floors can have a profound effect on noise reduction and sound control in ...
Blown and Sprayed Insulation
Blown-in insulation, or blow in insulation, products are competing to bring improved performance per square inch and ...
Insulation 101
Insulation is a non-structural material used to reduce heat transfer. The most typical forms of insulation available ...
Cut the Costs of Home Heating
Making homeowners’ heating systems energy-efficient is the answer to lower utility bills, the experts say. Thankfully...
Green and Blue: Denim Is Eco-Friendly Insulation
Next time you pull on a pair of jeans, consider this: You can use denim to keep your house cool in the summer and war...
Let Your Attic Help Improve Home Comfort Year Round
Looking to cut energy costs and improve home comfort? Focus on your heating and cooling systems. While it is imperati...
Embrace Your Crawl Space
I grew up in a split-level, the house style that dominated suburbia in the decades immediately following World War II...
Superior Insulation for Less
You have the desire, the energy, and the skills to beef up the insulation around your house, but the cost of material...
Bob Vila Radio: Weatherstripping
Weatherstripping your home is a fairly simple do-it-yourself project that can save you a significant amount off your ...
Bob Vila Radio: Sealing Air Leaks
A small crack or one leaky window might not seem like a big problem, but taken together, your home’s small drafts can...
Quick Tip: Proper Insulation is Key
Contain the Heat How much insulation does your home need and where? It depends on your climate and the energy costs i...
Quick Tip: 4 Ways to Soundproof Your Home
Even if you live in a quiet neighborhood, laundry and dishwashers, hair dryers and even showers can make your house a...
Bob Vila Radio: Soundproofing
When the whole family's home, it can get pretty loud. What can you do for noise control between rooms? Well, it depen...
Pouring the Upper-Story Walls and Saving Energy with Concrete Construction
As the upper-story walls are poured, Bob talks with the builder and contractor about the significant savings in time, energy, and cost that come with concrete and...
Insulating the Roof and Installing Mold-Resistant Drywall
The roof of the new addition is being insulated – in an environmentally conscious way – to retain the heat from the radiant heating system. Moisture- and mold-res...
Reviewing the Addition's Footprint and Garage Doors and Laying Down the Second-Story Floor
The new addition's footprint is essentially a whole other house, yet it will integrate visually with a matching roofline to the existing house. New technologies h...
New Insulated Garage Doors
New insulated garage doors will replace the home's originals and be installed on the new garage. They have the appearance of wood and the performance of factory-f...
Installing Insulated Windows in the Baby's Nursery
The new windows in the baby’s nursery are highly insulated for cold and sound and have health and safety features for young children. They can be installed by do-...
Remodeling Before Baby and Insulating the House
Bob talks with homeowners Nick and Maggie Beasley, who are remodeling, babyproofing, and insulating their home before the baby is born.
Installing a Fabric Sound-Absorbing Ceiling
Sound attenuating insulation is added to the nursery to reduce the echo effect of noise.
Redesigning the Third Floor
Bob meets with architect Gregory Rochlin to discuss the third-floor structural redesign.
Brooklyn Navy Yard Tour
Eric Deutsch, former president of the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation, gives Bob a tour of the nation's first federal boat-building facility.
Insulation Install
George Saylor from Owens Corning is on location to install, and explain the unique properties of, the insulation being used in this project.
Pre-cast Concrete Foundation Installation
Bob meets with Jim Costello from Superior Walls of America to discuss the difference between a pre-cast and a traditional poured-concrete foundation.
Reviewing Energy Efficient Products in the Home
At the Cobb Hill co-housing community, Bob and general contractor Mark Albee look at some of the energy efficient and eco-friendly products in use.
The Blown-In Blanket Insulation Process
Bob is joined by Mike Hobson of Westchester Insulation as the crew prepares one of the Mashpee houses for insulation installation.
Blowing In Cellulose Insulation
Bob joins Joe Sheridan (from Energy Guard) to learn more about the US Greenfiber Cocoon cellulose insulation being used in the barn.
Blown-In Insulation
Bob joins insulation contractor Joe Sheridan to witness the process of blowing insulation in behind original plaster walls.
Building Walls With Structural Insulated Panels
Bob visits the site to watch the Steve Thompson and his crew from Premier Building Systems raise the SIPs walls. Jim Tracy (from Premier) provides SIPs details.
Manufacturing the Engineered Wood Floor Joists
Bob visits the Willamette I-Joist Mill in Woodburn, OR, before returning to Yonkers where the crew is assembling the second floor walls with structural insulated ...
Setting the Glulam Ridge Beam and Structural Insulated Roof Panels
Workers set the glulam for the roof ridge and, assisted by a crane, put down the roof panel system.
Digging the Water Trench and Installing Insulation
An excavation specialist, working under the oversight of a city inspector, digs the trench for new water service to the accessible home. Inside, contractors are a...
Installing Insulation and Plastering
Carpenter Bob Ryley and Tim Grether (from Owens Corning) install insulation and vapor barrier in the bathroom. And Jim Larson (from Georgia Pacific) installs a sp...
Installing the Skylight, Acrylic Block Panels, and Cooling System
Remodeling of the attic floor continues with the installation of Hy-Lite acrylic walls, an HVAC system, and insulation.
Fixing Old Double-Hung Windows
Bob meets with carpenter Cortney Lofton, who is rehabilitating some old double-hung windows with new nylon-braided sash cords and kerf-in thermoplastic weather st...
Attic Insulation
Australian-born architect and homeowner, Gavin Langley, shows Bob how attics are insulated in his home country.
Greenhouse Glass Installation
Bob and contractor Bob Ryley install sloped glazing on a greenhouse with the help of Mark Santos.
Installing the Precast Foundation
The basement walls are lifted into place and secured. This system is ideal for cold weather installation as the concrete is already cured before delivery. The pre...
Rigid Roof Insulation
Bob helps contractor Bob Ryley install the roof insulation and the false rafter tails, or "jet blocks". Bob discusses the advantages of this type of insulation, e...
Cellulose Insulation Installation
Contractor Rick Davenport demonstrates the installation of wet-spray cellulose insulation. Jets of water moisten the insulation as it leaves the blower hose nozzl...
Installing Insulspan Structural Insulated Panels
Bob and contractor Bob Ryley review the Insulspan structural insulated panels (SIPs). These Styrofoam panels save steps in construction, since they include struct...
Building a Victorian-Style Breezeway
Contractor Bob Ryley is creating a Victorian-style breezeway using modern materials, which will bridge the old and new wings of the home.
Insulating the Victorian
Bob and the insulation contractor review how different types of insulation are used in different applications. Blown-in insulation is put into the existing house,...
Vent Pipe Installation
A vent pipe is installed in the ranch's roof. A hole is cut and a shield is added to create a weather-tight seal around the pipe and roof shingles. Down in the ba...
Insulating the Home
Insulation contractors Jim and John Case show Bob how to insulate the cathedral ceiling. To ensure airflow and prevent condensation buildup, channels are install ...
Progress Update Tour
Bob tours the ongoing remodeling project, remarking on some of a large project's difficulties. Next, Bob tours the upstairs where he talks about out the new windo...
Insulation Ratings
Hank Cassidy explains insulation ratings to Bob.
Finishing the Steel Building Container
Once stripped down, an ISBU's exterior is finished with heavy-gauge steel, then faced in sheet-metal wrap and covered with SuperTherm insulating ceramic coating. ...
Restoring Old Windows
Ryan Pirro (from discusses refurbishing old windows with solid-bronze sash chains, new parting beads, and spring-bronze weather stripping ...
Spray-On Closed-Cell Insulation
Bob meets with Don Schumacher (from NCFI), who explains polyurethane spray-on insulation. Applied directly to the back of sheathing, it swells to 25 times its liq...
Spraying In Closed-Cell Insulation
Bob is joined by Jim Remick, of Nickerson-Remick insulation contractors, who tells Bob that closed-cell insulation is more and more in demand. Once rigid, the ins...
Even though Halloween is past, pumpkins and gourds make great table decorations. That includes white pumpkins, too!  Here,... Filling an underutilized area beneath the stairs is a smart way to save space. Doing so with a stash of wood, however, is ... The Audubon Society inspired wallpaper in this Adirondack-styled entryway will get you in the outdoor mood. Grab your coat... Chalkboard paint opens up endless possibilities for customizing your dresser time and time again. Use chalk to label the c... A fireplace in the bathroom creates the ultimate setting for relaxation. Homeowners often choose electric or gas over wood... Yes, a freestanding garage can become its own tiny house. Artist Michelle de la Vega has all the comforts of a modern resi... There’s nothing like a new set of cabinet hardware to refresh a room. The possibilities are endless: Go modern, rustic, or... FLOR carpet tiles are a simple and affordable way to customize a floor covering for any space. You can make anything from ... Chalkboard paint features prominently in this elegant yet unpretentious headboard design. Add a new message daily to reflec... Salvaged boards in varying widths and colors make up the dramatic accent wall in this attic space. The high-gloss white of... The indecisive homeowner need not fret over choosing one (or even two) cabinet colors. The kitchen cabinets in this artist... Incorporate nature into your lighting scheme by securing a dead tree in a concrete mold and draping your pendant lamp from... Simple and striking, a couple of pieces of "lovingly used" furniture creates a special kind of charm. A weathered chair fo... First dress up your metal shelves with a coat of paint in an accent color that complements your kitchen decor. Then arrang... The vibrant green of Granny Smith apples make a beautifully natural alternative to the traditional evergreen wreath. Brigh...
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