Adirondack Chairs: Modern Takes at Reduced Prices

The Adirondack chair dates back to 1903, when Thomas Lee couldn’t get comfortable. While vacationing with his family in the Adirondack mountains, Lee decided to construct patio furniture for his family. All 22 members of the Lee clan approved, and since then many other families have done the same. The design is so comfortable that its popularity hasn’t waned in more than 100 years. Be sure to take a look at these modern spins on the classic Adirondack and snatch a few while the prices are low.

Save over 25% on Adirondack chairs at The Beachfront Furniture Collection’s synthetic Adirondack chair (above) comes in every color of the rainbow. Plus, it won’t rot and will never need a fresh coat of paint. It’s marked down from $395 to $299.

Find reduced-price Adirondack chairs at, where a selection of Adirondack rockers, swings, benches, gliders and ottomans is available for sale.

The Big Daddy Adirondack is on sale at and for $199.98 (reg. $499.99)

Visit for up to 60% off Adirondack chairs (and free shipping on all orders) and save an extra 10% when you buy three or more. A twist on tradition, the Big Daddy Reclining Adirondack Chair comes complete with a pull-out ottoman, making an already comfortable chair even more cozy ($199.98; reg. $499.99).

The Poly-Wood Long Island Recycled Plastic Chair is on sale at for $329.99 (reg. $439.99)

Take your pick from a huge assortment of Adirondack chairs at, all at reduced prices. You’ll receive free shipping on all orders over $75. We’re fans of the modern flair that many of these chairs have, like the Poly Wood Long Island Recycled Plastic Chair ($329.99; reg. $439.99). has a great selection of Adirondack chairs in a variety of styles, most of them at reduced prices. They also have a few kid-size classics, like the Cedar Looks Adirondack Junior Patio Chair, $66.49.

The Cedar Looks Adirondack Junior Patio Chair is available at for $66.49 (reg. $69.99)

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