The Best Ceiling TV Mounts of 2023

When mounting a flat-screen TV to a wall isn’t an option, attach it to the ceiling with a space-saving ceiling TV mount.

By Tony Carrick | Updated Oct 8, 2021 6:50 PM

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The Best Ceiling TV Mount Options


Living in small spaces or rooms with knee walls can make it a challenge to find a place to mount a flat-screen TV. Fortunately, there are mounting kits that allow a TV to hang from the ceiling.

Some ceiling mount kits include poles that extend from the ceiling more than 3 feet, while others offer full-motion brackets for hanging TVs from angled ceilings. Higher-end motorized kits allow a TV to move from an out-of-the-way position flush against the ceiling to a viewing position via remote control. These mounts allow the user to level, rotate, and adjust a TV’s viewing angle for the optimal viewing position.

This guide showcases the different types of TV ceiling mounts along with important factors to consider when shopping. To help make the search easier, here is a list of some of the best ceiling TV mounts on the market.

  1. BEST OVERALL: mvpmounts Adjustable Ceiling TV Mount Bracket
  3. BEST FLIP DOWN: VIVO Electric Ceiling TV Mount
  4. BEST DROP DOWN: VideoSecu Adjustable Ceiling TV Mount
  5. BEST FOR HIGH CEILINGS: Barkan TV Ceiling Mount
The Best Ceiling TV Mount Options


What to Consider When Choosing the Best Ceiling TV Mount

Like TV wall mount kits, ceiling TV mounts come in different designs to suit different needs. Read on to learn more about the different mount types as well as some of the most important factors to consider when shopping for a ceiling TV mount.

Motorized vs. Manual

There are three main types of ceiling mounts: flip-down, drop-down, and full-motion.

  • Flip-Down. Flip-down ceiling TV mounts offer excellent space savings. Flip-down mounts include a remote control-operated motor that allows it to move between an open and closed position. When not in use, the flip-down mounts hold the TV in an out-of-the-way horizontal position against the ceiling. When you’re ready to watch TV, a button on the remote moves the TV into an operating position. A flip-down mount is a great option for small homes and apartments.
  • Drop-Down. This type of TV mount consists of a metal pole attached to a bracket on the ceiling. The TV mounts to a bracket at the end of the pole. This type of mount is adjustable, allowing the TV to hang from the ceiling by as little as a few inches to as much as 3 feet. These TV mounts allow the user to adjust the tilt of the TV from zero to as much as 25 degrees and can rotate 360 degrees. This type of mount also has leveling adjusters that allow the TV to rotate to the left or right 3 to 5 degrees. Drop-down mounts are a good option for rooms with high ceilings or limited wall space.
  • Full-Motion. A full-motion TV mount is similar to a drop-down mount. This type of mount also consists of a metal pole that extends from the ceiling. Like a drop-down mount, the bracket that attaches to the back of the TV includes adjustments for tilt and leveling. But, unlike a standard drop-down mount, a full-motion mount also allows the angle of the pole to be adjusted at the bracket that holds it to the ceiling. This makes a full-motion TV mount ideal for mounting TVs to angled ceilings, such as in a second-story room with a low knee wall.

Ceiling Type and Placement

It’s crucial to select the mount that best suits the type of ceiling in a room. For high ceilings, a drop-down mount with a length range that will allow the TV to descend to the optimal height for viewing may work best. For angled ceilings, a full-motion mount will compensate for the pitch of the ceiling. To maximize the space in a room, consider a motorized mount that moves the TV to an out-of-the-way position when not in use.

Finding the proper placement for a TV is crucial to ensure the best viewing experience. First, identify the main viewing position. Then determine where the mount should go so the TV can best be viewed from that position. Also, take into account how accessories such as a home stereo system will connect to the TV.

TV Size

TV size is important to consider as it determines the best height and position for the mount. A good rule of thumb is that the TV display should fill about 30 degrees of the viewer’s field of vision. The distance between the TV and the seating area will affect this relationship. With this in mind, a 43-inch TV is ideal for viewing distances between 5 feet and 6.5 feet. When that distance increases to 6.5 feet to 8 feet, a 50- to 55-inch TV would be best. While it’s doubtful that a small home will comfortably fit a TV larger than 55 inches, a 60- to 65-inch TV is best viewed from a distance of 8 to 9.5 feet.

Weight Limit

TV mounts have maximum amounts of weight they can safely support. Adhering to the weight limit of a mount is the difference between safely supporting your TV and ending up with a shattered TV on the floor, or worse, a shattered TV and an injured viewer.

Most ceiling mounts have weight limits that far exceed the weight of even the largest flat-screen TVs. Weight capacities generally range from 66 to 100 pounds.


When installing a ceiling mount, it’s important to follow a few safety guidelines to prevent injury as well as protect your investment. Make sure you have the proper tools, including a ladder, stud finder, pencil, screwdriver, drill, and wrench or ratchet.

Before purchasing a ceiling mount, measure the mounting pattern on the back of the TV and check the specifications of the mount to ensure they are compatible.

If possible, install the mount into a ceiling joist, which provides the most sturdy support for the weight of a TV. If installing into drywall, be sure to use the proper anchors or mounting plate, as drywall alone is not enough to support the weight of a TV.

TVs are heavy, so it’s essential to have an extra set of hands during installation to either hold the ladder or help hoist the TV to the mount.

When making wire connections for a streaming media player or surround sound stereo speakers, make sure the TV is not plugged in to prevent the risk of electric shock or damage to the TV.

Our Top Picks

The TV mounts below take into account the features and shopping tips above to narrow the field to some of the best products in their class. Any of these the following ceiling TV mounts may suit your needs.

Best Overall

The Best Ceiling TV Mount Option: mvpmounts Adjustable Ceiling TV Mount Bracket

With its strong steel construction and wide range of adjustment, this ceiling mount is a suitable option for smaller homes. This stout pole supports 14- to 43-inch LCD, LED, and plasma TVs weighing up to 66 pounds. A 360-degree swivel and a tilt feature that allows for a 5- to 20-degree adjustment allow the user to position the TV for viewing from virtually anywhere in the room.

The pole also hides the unsightly cables in the pipeline, creating a streamlined look. This kit’s versatile mounting bracket is compatible with the most common TV mounting hole patterns. This mount has a height range that extends from 21 inches to a maximum height of 35 inches. With a joint at the base of the mount that allows the pole’s angle to be adjusted, the mount is suitable for use with both horizontal and inclined ceilings.


  • Wide range of sizes and mounting hole patterns
  • Supports up to 66 pounds
  • Omnidirectional swivel and tilt allows ideal viewing angles
  • Concealed cable track for clean appearance


  • Requires purchase of mounting plates for non-load-bearing walls
  • Bolts to mount to TV not included

Best Bang for the Buck

The Best Ceiling TV Mount Option: WALI TV Ceiling Mount Adjustable Bracket

With a weight capacity of 110 pounds, this TV mount provides a sturdy means of mounting a TV from the ceiling at an affordable price. This mount fits 23- to 43-inch TVs and offers full-motion adjustment, making it suitable for rooms with pitched ceilings. With its ability to tilt up to 25 degrees and rotate a full 360 degrees, this TV can be positioned for easy viewing from virtually anywhere in a room.

The bracket that mounts to the ceiling is adjustable from left to right to allow for leveling the TV. An incremental height adjustment of 19.4 inches to 34.7 inches allows for use in rooms with high ceilings. This model will fit the mounting pattern of most TVs that range from 23 to 43 inches.


  • Holds up to 110 pounds
  • Mountable on flat or tilted ceiling or 90-degree angle
  • Compatible component shelves available separately
  • Large, concealed cable management system


  • Only two height adjustments
  • Mounting screws for TV may not fit all units

Best Flip Down

The Best Ceiling TV Mount Option: VIVO Electric Ceiling Flip Down Pitched Roof TV Mount

This motorized TV mount has the ability to drop down from the ceiling at the push of a button, making it one of the top space-saving TV mounts, not to mention one of the best for impressing guests. When not in use, the TV rests flat against the ceiling. When it’s time to watch TV, the mount lowers the TV into a viewing position via remote.

The mount includes programmable tilt settings from 0 to 75 degrees and leveling settings up to 2 degrees in either direction. This stout mount, which is compatible with the most common mounting patterns, is capable of handling TVs up to 77 pounds in sizes ranging from 32 to 70 inches. With a broad range of height adjustment from 4 to 26 inches, this mount is suitable for rooms with both low and high ceilings.


  • Folds flat against ceiling when TV not in use
  • Supports screens 32 to 70 inches and 77 pounds
  • Screen angles and tilts adjusted with remote control
  • Great for indoor or outdoor mounting


  • Mount needs to be plugged in
  • Cannot manually lower TV if remote control is lost

Best Drop Down

The Best Ceiling TV Mount Option: VideoSecu Adjustable Ceiling TV Mount

With its broad range of height options, high weight capacity, and tilt ability, this model is a worthy choice for mounting a TV from a high ceiling. Adjustable height for this TV ranges from 19.4 to 34.7 inches in 2-inch increments, allowing the viewer to set it at just the right viewing height.

The screen tilts forward up to 15 degrees and swivels 360 degrees, making it viewable from virtually anywhere in a room. The angle of the ceiling plate is adjustable, allowing the TV to mount to a flat or sloped ceiling. This TV also offers a wide range of rotation, allowing the user to set it in landscape or portrait position. With its sturdy steel pole, this TV mount has a capacity of 66 pounds and will fit most 26- to 49-inch TVs.


  • Drops in 2-inch increments for precise adjustment
  • Longer extension pole available if needed
  • Works on sloped ceilings and mounts up from knee walls


  • Cords must be very long to use cord concealment
  • Mounting plates may block plugs on back of TV

Best for High Ceilings

The Best Ceiling TV Mount Option: Barkan TV Ceiling Mount, Telescopic Height Adjustment

With a maximum distance of 38 inches from the ceiling, this TV mount hangs low enough to suit rooms with high ceilings. The telescopic height adjuster can extend from 16.1 inches to 38 inches in increments of 2 inches. Its steel construction allows it to support up to 88 pounds and TVs ranging in size from 29 to 65 inches.

The mount rotates 160 degrees and tilts from 0 to 25 degrees, allowing a wide range of adjustment for many viewing positions. A leveling adjustment allows the TV to rotate 5 degrees in either direction. This mount also includes a special design that makes it compatible with curved-screen as well as flat-screen TVs, making it one of the more versatile mounts available.


  • Telescopic pole ranges from 17- to 63-inch drop
  • Mounts to flat and curved TVs
  • Ball joint adapters reduce need for spacers
  • Easy tilt and swivel with gentle pressure


  • Cannot attach to angled ceilings
  • Swivel limited to 160 degrees

Our Verdict

The mvpmounts Adjustable Ceiling TV Mount Bracket earns our top overall recommendation largely because it can mount to almost any VESA pattern on the back of modern television sets. The easy height adjustment and wide range of tilt and swivel adjustment allow users to fine-tune their viewing positions. If mounting to a ceiling where reaching the set for adjustment is difficult, the VIVO Electric Ceiling TV Mount is a great option, as the tilt, angle, and height are adjusted using a remote control.

How We Chose the Best Ceiling TV Mounts

When choosing the best ceiling TV mounts, we considered safety, ease of mounting, and ease of adjustment. First we looked at the weight each mount could hold, along with the strength and flexibility of the mounting plates both on the back of the TV and the ceiling. Then we looked at the variety of ceiling angles the mount can accommodate and the hardware necessary and considered special mounting situations such as flip-down mounting and drop-down poles with adjustable lengths. To ensure comfortable viewing, we considered the range of swivel, angle, and tilt, along with the ease of making those adjustments.


It’s crucial to closely follow installation guidelines when mounting a TV to the ceiling. Ahead, find answers to commonly asked questions about this installation process.

Q. Can you mount a TV on the ceiling?

A quality ceiling TV mount will allow you to safely attach a TV to the ceiling. Following the installation instructions carefully and using the proper hardware will prevent the TV and mount from falling down and causing damage or injury.

Q. Can you mount a TV without anchors?

You can install a TV without anchors if you mount it to ceiling joists or wall studs. Mounting a TV that is not supported by studs or joists without anchors can cause the TV to fall, resulting in damage or injury.

Q. Can you mount a TV without drilling?

You can mount a TV without drilling by using a threaded drywall anchor, a hammer, and a power screwdriver. A threaded drywall anchor has a pointy tip and threading like a screw that allows you to drive it into the wall with a power screwdriver.

After locating the position for the mounting hardware, use the hammer to tap the tip of the drywall anchor into the wall. Then use the power driver with a Phillips head screwdriver tip to drive the anchor into the wall. The anchor is now ready to receive the kit’s mounting hardware.

Q. How do you mount a TV on the ceiling?

Mount the TV to the ceiling using a quality ceiling TV mounting kit. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully to ensure a safe installation. Once you’ve decided where to install the ceiling mounting kit, use the bracket to mark the spots where you will mount the bracket to the ceiling. If you are not installing the mounting kit to a ceiling joist, make sure to use anchors or a mounting plate to provide adequate support for the mounting kit and TV.