The Best Drawer Dishwashers for Small Kitchens and Flexible Washloads

Single-drawer models are ideal for smaller kitchens, while double-drawer versions can offer new levels of versatility.

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Drawer dishwashers are an interesting option that can appeal to a variety of shoppers. A single-drawer dishwasher is compact and often ideal when space is limited. A double-drawer dishwasher can be a particularly versatile and energy-efficient appliance because you have the option to run a half load in a single drawer: Dirty dishes don’t have to wait for a full dishwasher, and the cycle typically uses less power and water. Many models also have an Eco mode for further savings.

Both types of drawer-style dishwasher feature attractive designs and may also include hidden controls or panel-ready options that can match existing kitchen decor. The slide-out compartments of these models make them especially easy to load and unload.

In the guide, we share the results of our research into these interesting appliances and offer our picks for the best drawer dishwashers on the market right now.

How We Chose the Best Drawer Dishwashers

Despite some obvious benefits, drawer dishwashers aren’t particularly common, and many of the best dishwasher brands don’t offer them. However, there are still plenty of options to consider.

We took an in-depth look at 16 drawer dishwashers, including single-drawer models that you could use as an under-sink dishwasher and double-drawer models that require similar space and the same type of dishwasher installation as traditional models. The key factors we considered in choosing the best drawer dishwashers were settings capacity, number of wash programs, water usage, and price. Additionally, we checked retail sources and surveyed customer comments, which gave us real-world feedback on performance and allowed us to learn about any recurring problems.

We also reached out to New York City interior designers Arsight for some professional input. Founder Artem Kropovinsky underlines a couple of key issues: “Consider the size and capacity when choosing a drawer dishwasher for your kitchen and lifestyle.” He adds, “A drawer dishwasher that is well designed should present adaptability in containing different dishes and providing cleaning necessities. Evaluate loading convenience and the range of wash cycles.”

BEST OVERALL: Fisher & Paykel 24″ Front Control Built-In Dishwasher

The Fisher & Paykel 24" Front Control Built-In Drawer Dishwasher on a white background.

Product Specs 

  • Place settings: 14
  • Wash programs: 6
  • Water usage: 3.44 gallons (using both drawers)


  • Drawers can perform independently or together for maximum efficiency and energy savings
  • Easy loading and unloading at a convenient height that is Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant
  • 6 wash programs range from “rinse” to “heavy,” plus a 12-hour timer reduces electricity costs


  • Problems are rare, but some customers note considerable delay receiving parts if repairs are necessary

Fisher & Paykel is the leading brand for high-quality drawer dishwashers. This manufacturer offers a wide range of options that suit the needs of just about any consumer. The 24-inch front-control model comes in a sleek, stainless steel finish with a discreet, easy-to-use control panel on the top right corner. It can accommodate 14 place settings, and both drawers will hold plates up to 11 inches in diameter.

A major benefit of this Fisher & Paykel model is that you can run the dishwasher drawers independently—as if each was its own small dishwasher. This capability provides maximum energy savings and reduces water consumption. Alternatively, a user can also run both drawers together in the same way as a traditional dishwasher. Additional features include fan-assisted drying and a flood protection sensor, while the accessible drawer height means this model is also ADA compliant.

Get the Fisher & Paykel drawer dishwasher at Best Buy.

More Drawer Dishwashers Worth Your Money

If this Fisher & Paykel model doesn’t suit your needs or budget, Café and Fisher & Paykel offer several other top-quality drawer dishwashers.These options include a range of sizes, prices, and features.

  • Café 24” Double-Drawer Dishwasher, available at The Home Depot or Best Buy.
  • Fisher & Paykel Single-Drawer Dishwasher, available at Best Buy.
  • Fisher & Paykel Smart Double-Drawer Dishwasher, available at Abt.
  • Fisher & Paykel Stainless Steel Double-Drawer Dishwasher, available at Best Buy or Abt.


To supplement the information we’ve provided on the best drawer dishwashers available today, we looked into questions people commonly ask about these appliances. Keep reading to learn about the most popular queries and their related answers.

Q. Can I install a drawer dishwasher in my existing kitchen cabinets?

It’s always important to check dimensions carefully, but it should be possible to fit an integrated drawer dishwasher into existing kitchen cabinets. Look for a model described as “panel ready” so you can fit a matching door panel, allowing the dishwasher cabinet to blend in with the rest of the kitchen.

Q. Are drawer dishwashers louder than traditional dishwashers?

Most of these appliances are fairly quiet dishwashers. While noise levels vary, drawer dishwashers are typically not any louder than traditional models. In fact, the Fisher & Paykel model featured in this guide is rated at 43 decibels, whereas the Whirlpool model that is the top pick in our best dishwashers guide is rated at 47 decibels.

Q. Are drawer dishwashers more expensive than traditional dishwashers?

Generally speaking, drawer dishwashers are more expensive than traditional models, but the higher cost usually equates to unique benefits.

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