The Best Electric Brooms for Tidying Up at Home

Forget the traditional broom and dustpan. The best electric broom makes quick work of dirty floors and keeps your home’s air cleaner, too. and its partners may earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of our links.

The Best Electric Broom Option


Mess accumulates in the home every day. Someone’s shoes carry dirt into the house, children’s snacks fall on the floor, the cat tracks litter out of the box, and the list goes on. A traditional broom requires you to crouch and sweep mess into a dustpan, kicking up dust particles and allergens. A full-size vacuum is too big and bulky for quick cleaning, but a handheld vacuum may be too small and also requires a lot of bending over to suction up the dirt. For everyday messes, an electric broom is a game-changer.

The best electric broom is lightweight and transportable, provides powerful suction, and offers effective filtration to keep dust particles from entering the air. Maneuverable and versatile for quickly suctioning smaller messes, an electric broom can be used daily for a cleaner home.

Read on to find out more about the most important considerations to keep in mind when shopping for the best electric broom and explore some of the top-rated options on the market.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Eureka RapidClean Pro Lightweight Cordless Vacuum
  2. RUNNER UP: Hoover Linx Signature Stick Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
  3. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Bissell Perfect Sweep Turbo Rechargeable Sweeper
  4. UPGRADE PICK: Dyson V11 Torque Drive Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
  5. BEST FOR LARGE AREAS: Hoover ONEPWR Evolve Pet Cordless Upright Vacuum
  6. BEST FOR HARD FLOORS: ORFELD Cordless Vacuum, 17000pa Stick Vacuum
  7. BEST FOR PET HAIR: Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum
  8. BEST BATTERY LIFE: Shark IZ363HT Anti-Allergen Pet Power Cordless Vacuum
Best Canister Vacuum Options


What to Consider When Choosing the Best Electric Broom

The best electric broom combines the ease of a traditional broom and the power of a vacuum for a useful and convenient cleaning tool. Finding the right type of electric broom with a user-friendly weight and a powerful suction for the floors in your home are two of the most important features to consider. Keep reading to discover all of the features to keep in mind as you shop.


Common vacuum types include corded vacuums, upright vacuums, and electric sweepers.

  • Corded vacuums use retractable cords that provide consistent electricity, making them more powerful and reliable than other types of vacuums. A drawback of using the home’s power supply is interrupted cleaning. Users often need to swap between several outlets, and cord length may limit cleaning in the far corners of the home.
  • Upright vacuums are corded, so—as mentioned above—they’re more powerful and are also well suited to thick-pile carpets. Due to their size, these vacuums are heavier, with a large dirt collection capacity and a wider cleaning path to cover more floor area while transitioning over various flooring types. They require room to store and tend to be noisier than other vacuum types.
  • Electric sweepers are lightweight, easy to carry, and convenient to store. With a slim profile, they’re intended for cleaning small, everyday messes; however, some are robust enough to tackle deep cleans. These smaller vacuums offer a lower dirt collection capacity and usually a less powerful motor than larger vacuums. Electric sweepers are available in corded and cordless models for convenient use.

Weight and Maneuverability

An average upright vacuum usually weighs between 14 and 17 pounds, making it somewhat bulky and inconvenient to constantly bring out for small messes. In contrast, an electric broom typically weighs between 6 and 7 pounds, so it’s lightweight and smaller for easy use. The weight of an electric broom should be comfortable for one-handed operation without straining the arm, wrist, and hand.

While the lightweight nature of an electric broom does make it easier to use, the size and head flexibility are the difference makers when cleaning under and around furniture. The smaller size and lower profile of an electric broom allows for effortless maneuvering compared to a traditional vacuum. Head flexibility enables an electric broom to swivel in and out of tight spaces without having to lift it off the floor and readjust the angle. Many electric brooms also convert to a handheld vacuum for more versatility and targeted cleaning.

Floor Type

Modern electric brooms tend to provide varying levels of multi-surface cleaning. Some models can switch from hard floors, like hardwood or tile, to rugs and carpets. In general, electric brooms work best on hard floors since dirt and debris remain on the surface and are easily suctioned up.

The biggest difference in performance between electric brooms and traditional vacuums is how they perform on carpet. Thicker carpets require a vacuum with additional suction power. Many electric brooms aren’t as effective on thick-pile carpets, as they may not be powerful enough for a deep clean that removes dirt, debris, and pet hair. Some upgraded electric brooms boast a more powerful suction and a design to deep clean all floor types, including carpet, but these come at a higher cost.

Suction Power

An electric broom is only as good as its suction power. Multi-surface electric brooms may offer various modes that increase or decrease suction power based on the floor type or the amount of suction required for a specific mess. Keep in mind that moving to maximum suction on these models does deplete the battery faster than leaving it on a lower suction level. To enhance the powerful suction in an electric broom, make sure the filter is clean with a tight seal around it.

Run Time

An electric broom’s run time refers to the battery life, which is a moot feature for corded electric brooms. For cordless brooms, run time varies from model to model, with older models capable of only 15 to 30 minutes of operation. Some newer models may run for up to 60 minutes before requiring a recharge.

The run time is primarily affected by how the electric broom is used. If it is constantly running on maximum power, the battery drains faster. Additionally, the type of floor also affects run time as sweeping a carpet uses more power than cleaning a hard floor. For the longest-lasting run time, use the setting that’s appropriate for the size of the mess and the floor type.

When the battery runs low, cordless electric brooms either charge on a docking station or a removable battery charges externally from the broom. It can take several hours to recharge an electric broom, so being aware of the battery limit helps make the most of the run time.


When a vacuum pulls in dirty air as it sweeps dust and debris from a floor, that air then needs to be expelled. A quality filtration system traps these tiny particles so they don’t leave the vacuum with this expelled clean air. A vacuum’s filtration specs explain the size of the dust particles (in microns) that it removes from the air. As 1 micron is one-thousandth of a millimeter, effective filtration can remove not only dust but also allergen and bacteria particles from the air.

Many electric brooms use cyclone filtration, which draws dirt out of the air using vortex separation and releases clean air back into the home. Cyclone filtration helps filters remain relatively dust-free over time, minimizing the need to frequently replace them. HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) vacuum filters are a type of cyclone filtration that removes up to 99.995 percent of all air particles as small as 0.3 microns.

Brush Roll

A brush roll is a plastic or a metal cylinder with rows of bristles that rotate at a high speed for cleaning carpets. Brush rolls are driven by a belt attached to a motor and rotate at a fast rpm (revolutions per minute), which loosens dirt from the carpet fibers. The spinning motion drives dirt upward toward the electric broom’s suction so it can be pulled inside the device.

When the brush roll is activated via an electric broom’s carpet setting, it lowers to reach deeper into the carpet. Some brush rolls may scratch hardwood and other hard flooring, illustrating the importance of using an electric broom on the appropriate setting for each floor type.

Brush rolls tend to trap hair that accumulates over time and needs to be removed from the electric broom by hand. Some manufacturers use silicone fins instead of bristles to agitate the carpet and minimize the collection of hair.

Additional Features

Electric brooms may offer more than meets the eye. Here are some additional features:

  • A dustbin or a dust cup typically holds 0.2 to 0.7 liters of dirt and debris. The bagless system is easy to empty; many electric brooms feature a hygienic release button that directly deposits the contents into a trash receptacle.
  • Batteries may be built-in or removable. Built-in batteries require you to place the electric broom on a charging dock or connect it to a charging cable. When these batteries run out of power, users must wait for the broom to recharge before using it again. Removable batteries charge externally from the electric broom. A perk of a removable battery is that a second battery can be charged while using the vacuum and then swapped out as needed.
  • Additional attachments may come with electric brooms that convert it to a handheld vacuum. Common cleaning attachments include an upholstery tool for items like couch cushions and a crevice tool that suctions debris out of tight spaces.

Our Top Picks

Guided by the abovementioned considerations, the top picks for some of the best electric brooms on the market are shown below. Depending on which features matter most for a living space, from battery life to suction power to affordability, these top-rated products cover a wide variety of categories to ensure messes and spills don’t last long.

Best Overall

The Best Electric Broom Option: Eureka RapidClean Pro Lightweight Cordless Vacuum

Here’s a cordless electric broom meant for everyday living. Eureka’s lightweight electric broom weighs about 5 pounds. It runs without fading for up to 40 minutes, cleaning all flooring types from hardwood to low-pile rugs. For increased suction on carpets, use the button on the handle to switch to MAX power. The user-friendly swivel motion makes gliding into nooks and crannies hassle-free, while the low profile head enables this electric broom to access hard-to-reach places.

The broom features LED headlights so users can target debris, even in dark areas under tables and furniture. Its cyclone filtration system traps dirt and dust, leaving room air cleaner after use. When life momentarily interrupts cleaning, use the built-in rest nook to securely position the electric broom against a counter or a couch.

For areas that benefit from a hand vacuum, Eureka’s electric broom converts to a handheld model and provides a crevice tool and a brush attachment for cleaning other areas of the home. When the mess is gone, simply plug the electric broom into the wall to charge.

Runner Up

The Best Electric Broom Option: Hoover Linx Signature Stick Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Tidy up hard floors and carpets in mere minutes with Hoover’s multi-floor cordless electric broom. The WindTunnel technology uses channels of suction to lift both surface debris and deeply embedded dirt into the device with minimal effort. The slim, low-profile design provides maximum maneuverability and goes completely flat to reach under beds, couches, and tables.

Use the fingertip control to increase the suction power or activate the brush roll for carpets. Although a little heavier at 10 pounds than other electric brooms, this electric broom can stand on its own without a docking station.

Rather than run out of power at an inopportune time, this electric broom features a battery gauge, allowing users to easily see how much run time is left before the device powers down. Each charge lasts about 40 minutes. For those with more square footage, the broom uses interchangeable batteries—purchasing an extra battery or two means there’s backup if one battery isn’t enough to get the job done.

Best Bang for the Buck

The Best Electric Broom Option: Bissell Perfect Sweep Turbo Rechargeable Sweeper

Cordless electric brooms don’t have to be expensive to get the job done. Bissell’s electric broom is a fraction of the cost of other brands while still vacuuming dry messes from hard floors and low-pile carpets. Its affordability comes from an efficient design that focuses on effectively cleaning everyday dirt, dust, and dry messes. A 4-pound weight and a consistent suction power saves the battery that provides a run time of 60 minutes without requiring a recharge.

A powered brush on the head loosens the dirt so it can be quickly suctioned into the dirt cup without having to go back and forth over the same area. The swivel function at the base of the shaft paired with the easy-glide rubber wheels helps to gently slide the electric broom into hard-to-reach places without much effort. The quiet operation of this electric broom is less likely to disturb or distract other people when it’s time to clean.

Upgrade Pick

The Best Electric Broom Option: Dyson V11 Torque Drive Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson’s high-tech electric broom makes both spot cleaning and deep cleaning floors a breeze. Remove it from the docking station and experience the high-efficiency cleaning of this cordless electric broom for up to 60 minutes—and at less than 7 pounds, hands and arms won’t wear out after that much time.

Move seamlessly from hard floor to deep carpet, and the Dyson intelligently senses and automatically adapts to the Eco, Auto, or Boost setting without missing a beat. On carpet, stiff nylon bristles go deep to remove dirt and debris below the surface.

The high-powered clean comes from a combination of suction power and advanced filtration that traps 99.99 percent of particles, dust, and allergens as small as 0.3 microns. A slim profile fits into small spaces other cleaning tools can’t conveniently reach, and the LCD screen shows performance, battery life, maintenance reminders, and blockage alerts.

When the floors are finished, convert the Dyson to a handheld vacuum to clean pet hair and dust, suction crevices, and more. When the housecleaning is all over, simply pop the electric broom back into the docking station to charge.

Best for Large Areas

The Best Electric Broom Option: Hoover ONEPWR Evolve Pet Cordless Upright Vacuum

Hoover’s electric broom saves users time and energy from repeatedly emptying the dustbin when sweeping large areas. Featuring a dirt cup that boasts three times the capacity of normal electric brooms, this cordless model sucks up debris without interruption.

Use it on low-pile carpet or hard floors, and the super-strong suction will efficiently remove both embedded and surface dirt and debris, minimizing the need to repeatedly go over the same area. For different types of flooring, optimize the cleaning performance by adjusting the settings for the most effective suction power.

This electric broom weighs less than 9 pounds for lightweight cleaning. Quickly glide through several rooms with advanced swivel steering, high-speed airflow, and a multi-cyclonic filtration system. The removable antimicrobial brush roll helps prevent odors and picks up surface debris in 50 percent fewer passes for a faster clean. Though the removable battery offers just 35 minutes of run time, the efficient cleaning power of this electric broom means it requires less time to cover more space.

Best for Hardwood Floors

The Best Electric Broom Option: ORFELD Cordless Vacuum, 17000pa Stick Vacuum

Keeping hardwood floors clean is a cinch with ORFELD’s cordless electric broom. When a mess happens, take the broom from the wall-mounted charging dock and get to work. This model weighs just over 3 pounds, making it effortless to push around. Plus, unlike some other hardwood vacuums, this electric broom is whisper quiet.

The lightweight nature of this broom, combined with easy maneuverability and powerful suction, means dirt and dust don’t stand a chance—and they can’t hide either, thanks to the LED headlight. The four-stage HEPA filtration system captures 99.97 percent of fine dust and particles as small as 0.1 microns, leaving air purified and clean. Keeping the filter clean ensures the suction performs at its best.

This versatile electric broom isn’t only for hardwood. It can be used on other flooring types or converted to a handheld vacuum with an extended wand for cleaning crevices, curtains, ceilings, and other hard-to-reach areas. The battery offers up to 30 minutes of fade-free strong suction, which should be sufficient for many homes.

Best for Pet Hair

The Best Electric Broom Option: Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum

Animals shed, and their hair ends up everywhere. Dyson’s electric broom eliminates the struggle of removing pet hair from the home no matter what type of flooring. Brush roll bristles drive deep into carpets to eliminate hair that other vacuum systems may miss. Using this cordless electric broom for a powerful and all-over deep clean can restore a home to a pristine and hair-free state.

Weighing less than 6 pounds, the broom features a 14-cyclone filtration system that traps fine hair, dander, and 99.99 percent of particles as small as 0.3 microns. With the technological design, this low-profile broom reaches underneath furniture and accurately swivels without resistance using a choice of three cleaning modes. The run time of up to 60 minutes ensures enough time to remove hair left behind by a furry friend.

For a targeted clean, convert to the handheld option, and use the mini motorized tool to lift pet hair from furniture or in the car to vacuum up pet hair there as well. At the end of the job, easily empty the dust cup with the point-and-shoot hygienic bin emptying function, and place the electric broom back in the wall-mounted charging station for next time.

Best Battery Life

The Best Electric Broom Option: Shark IZ363HT Anti-Allergen Pet Power Cordless Vacuum

Clean without rushing using Shark’s electric broom that holds a charge for 50 minutes of concentrated suction. The accelerated suction power offers enough time to clean hard floors or carpet and then to convert the broom to a handheld vacuum to tackle other areas of the home before the battery runs out.

An LED user interface makes it simple to change cleaning modes, ensuring the best suction for the circumstance. The slender design and low profile help the broom to effortlessly slip under and around furniture and into smaller areas. Effective filtration traps 99.9 percent of dust and allergens, and the broom’s complete seal traps particles and keeps them from entering the air.

This electric broom addresses an issue with many brush rolls: Its brush roll is made of flexible silicone fins instead of bristles to dig deep into carpets while preventing hair from becoming trapped. At 7.17 pounds, Shark’s model is lightweight, simple to use, and easy to maintain. It includes a crevice tool, a dusting brush, a pet multi-tool, and an anti-allergen brush for a thorough home cleaning.

FAQs About Electric Brooms

The best electric broom makes it easier to keep a home tidy and clean up little messes without the hassle of using a traditional vacuum. Electric brooms may seem straightforward to use; however, you might want to ask a few questions before investing in one. Check out some of the most frequently asked questions and answers about electric brooms before your purchase.

Q. Do electric brooms have filters?

Most electric brooms have filters that help prevent dirt and dust particles from being expelled into the air.

Q. Are electric brooms powerful enough for use in homes with pets?

Some electric brooms feature a design and suction capability that is powerful enough to lift pet hair from carpets and other areas of the home, such as upholstery. If this is an important feature, look for electric brooms that are specifically intended for pet hair.

Q. Which is the most powerful cordless vacuum cleaner?

Power comes from quality design and craftsmanship. One of the most powerful cordless vacuum cleaners is the Dyson V11 Torque Drive Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. It uses technology for a powerful suction that works on all floor types.