The Best Fly Swatters for DIY Pest Control

Keeping your indoor and outdoor living spaces bug-free doesn’t require expensive equipment or potent pesticides.

By Alisa Martin | Updated Jun 18, 2021 1:03 PM

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Best Fly Swatter Options


A version of the fly swatter may be as ancient as the fly itself. Since the beginning of time, humans have been instinctively swatting—and killing–flying insects. And while fly swatting technology has come a long way since the fly swatter was patented more than a century ago, a traditional fly swatter can give instant relief from those buzzing pests that insist on getting too close for our comfort.

A major benefit of using a bug swatter, stationary bug catchers, and zappers, is the ability to avoid the use of pesticides. Rather than spraying the area with harmful chemicals, fly swatters provide a natural, nontoxic solution to eliminating unwelcome flying and crawling critters.

Read on to discover some of the important features to consider when searching for the best fly swatter for your needs.

Our Top Picks

Fly swatters can be manual or electric. Manual swatters are a safe option if you have kids or prefer to rinse the swatter after use. Electric swatters may require a little less effort and feel a little more exciting to use, but they do pose a few safety risks. Other fly swatter considerations include the swatter’s material and its durability.

Manual fly swatters have either plastic or leather heads and plastic, wood, or metal handles. Electric swatters usually have a shorter reach, unless you opt for an extendable model. They also aren’t soap-and-water friendly when it comes to cleanup, and they need a power source, such as disposable or rechargeable batteries.

Using fly swatters also eliminates the risk of nontargeted insects or animals from accidentally getting caught, like in a fly trap.

Best Overall

Best Fly Swatter Options: Smart Swatter Fly Swatters

This fly swatter has a patented, no-mess design with 940 spikes to eliminate bugs of any size. No need to try to find where the bug landed after contact, as the spikes also capture the bug when it’s swatted, making for easy cleanup. The plastic swatter comes in a pack of two with a variety of color options. The extra-durable, long handle measures 17.9 inches long for maximum reach but is also flexible enough to deliver just the right blow. The swatter also has an opening for easy hanging.

Best Bang For the Buck

Best Fly Swatter Options: Enoz Sergeant Swat Flyswatter

This fly swatter offers a heavy-duty combination of a flexible wire handle and vented, plastic swatter for executing lethal swats on hard surfaces and in midair. It’s a great indoor-outdoor solution for eliminating flies, but the wide head also can handle larger bugs like wasps and roaches. And all you need is a little soap and water for easy cleanup.

Best Leather

Best Fly Swatter Options: Outset 76616 Acacia Wood and Leather Amish-Style Fly Swatter

The Outset fly swatter is made from durable acacia wood and genuine leather. The swatter is secured to the handle with a brass rivet. This swatter isn’t only for swatting flies; with a single swat, it can kill wasps, horse flies, and mosquitoes. The stylish, easy-to-clean swatter also has a leather loop attached to the end of the handle for easy storage.

Best Set

Best Fly Swatter Options: Bug & Fly Swatter

This pack of six long-handled fly swatters is a great choice when you need access to a fly swatter in several locations, like the pool, the garage, the deck, and the kitchen. The swatters have a long, wire handle and a wide, plastic head for those difficult to reach flies, spiders, and wasps. Its lightweight, aerodynamic design lets you strike quickly and effortlessly. The durable swatter head also allows for easy scooping and disposal. The looped handle lets you hang it for easy storage.

Best for Heavy Duty

Best Fly Swatter Options: Black Leather Fly Swatter

This leather fly swatter packs a punch to eliminate flying and crawling bugs, including flies, mosquitos, horseflies, palmetto bugs, cockroaches, wasps, mud daubers, and cicadas. And the leather’s malleability makes swatting insects on uneven surfaces a breeze—no need for multiple swats to ensure contact. The 15.5-inch handle has a leather thong at the end for storage.

Best Electric

Best Fly Swatter Options: ZAP IT! Bug Zapper Rechargeable Mosquito

The ZAP IT! racket’s 4,000-volt grid instantly eliminates flies, mosquitoes, and other flying critters all in a single-swing motion. Equipped with an LED light, the ZAP IT! can be used during the day and at night as well. To avoid accidental zapping, the head of the swatter has a triple-layer mesh covering that’s safe to touch. Additional safety features include a safety switch and a power indicator. And, as a bonus, the swatter has a USB port for on-the-go charging.