The Best Online Wreath-Making Classes

Anyone can learn a fun and rewarding skill that can make the home festive any time of year by taking one of the best online wreath-making classes.

Best Overall

The Best Online Wreath-Making Class Option Seasonal Wreath Making From Flower School Online

Seasonal Wreath Making From Flower School Online

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Best Wreath Kit

The Best Online Wreath-Making Class Option Shipped Kits From Lace and Lilies

Shipped Kits From Lace and Lilies

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Sustainable Pick

The Best Online Wreath-Making Class Option Pom-Pom Design and Creation With Christine Leech

Pom-Pom Design and Creation With Christine Leech

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A wreath can make a home’s exterior look joyful. While it’s possible to purchase an evergreen or artificial Christmas wreath online or from a local store, it can be gratifying to learn to make a unique one from scratch. Online wreath-making classes, often taught by expert florists or experienced crafters, teach students how to make wreaths from a variety of materials that can be found in their own backyards or at a local craft shop. These classes range from basic 15-minute tutorials to advanced 3-hour-long seminars to suit DIYers of any skill set. Ahead, prospective students can find out what to look for in the best online wreath-making classes.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Seasonal Wreath Making From Flower School Online
  2. BEST WREATH KIT: Shipped Kits From Lace and Lilies
  3. SUSTAINABLE PICK: Pom-Pom Design and Creation With Christine Leech
  4. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Creating a Festive Wreath With Natural Materials
  5. ALSO CONSIDER: Wreath Masterclass With Chelsea Fuss
The Best Online Wreath-Making Classes Options

What to Consider When Choosing One of the Best Online Wreath-Making Classes

While price is an important consideration when selecting any online class, it’s also important to pay attention to the class’s length and what skills are taught. Ahead, learn more about these and other features of online wreath classes.

Platform and Pricing

Wreath-making classes are available on a variety of platforms and can be found for free on YouTube or for a fee at online learning marketplaces such as Udemy or Domestika. Students may pay for these classes individually, or these classes can be available as part of one of the best online course platform’s subscription plans.

Subscription-based platforms may be advantageous for students who are interested in taking multiple classes across a variety of different topics. For example, someone interested in making a one-of-a-kind holiday wreath may also want to take a class that instructs them on how to make handmade greeting cards.

Student Skill Level

When reviewing a virtual wreath-making class, prospective students will want to consider the skill level before participating. Some wreath-making classes are designed for beginner wreath-makers and will therefore provide instruction on basic techniques. Other classes are geared toward those with experience in wreath-making and assume the student already has some knowledge with this skill. While choosing the wrong skill level isn’t an issue when opting for free classes, it’s a more significant consideration when a student is paying for a class. Before signing up, students can review the class description to ensure the material meets their skill level. Students may also want to research a platform’s refund policy in case they purchase a class that ends up being out of their depth.

Class Length and Curriculum

Wreath-making classes vary in length and content. While some classes may offer only basic wreath-making skills or one style of wreath-making, others may cover many different skills and various styles of wreaths. Some classes may also teach other crafting skills, such as how to forage for supplies or how to make wreaths out of nontraditional materials. Students will also want to consider whether they are looking for a specific holiday wreath-making class or one that teaches how to make wreaths that can be displayed other times of the year.

In addition to the curriculum, class lengths can range dramatically, from as little as 15 minutes up to 3 hours. Students will want to consider what they want to learn and how much time they’re willing to devote to learning how to make a wreath online when choosing a class length that suits them.

Supplies Required

Most online wreath-making classes come with the expectation that students will gather their own supplies for the class. With that in mind, students will want to consider what supplies the class requires and be prepared with all the necessary tools and materials. Many of these supplies are available at a local craft store or online.

Some online wreath-making classes provide students with premade wreath-making kits for a fee. However, students may still need to acquire floral snips or wire cutters for these classes.

Content Access

Before taking a wreath-making class, students may want to consider how long they have access to the content. While some sites may allow the student to access classes they’ve paid for indefinitely, others only grant access to content for a limited amount of time. If the class requires a subscription, students will only have access to that content while they are subscribed to the site. If the class only offers limited content access, students can ensure they are prepared with all the necessary tools and supplies before starting the course.

Our Top Picks

Our list of the top wreath-making classes includes basic tutorials for thrifty wreath-makers as well as more advanced classes for those who want to use their skills to make bona fide works of art.

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  • Platform: Udemy
  • Pricing: $14.99
  • Class length: 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Supplies required: Not specified


  • Comprehensive class focused on teaching a wide spectrum of wreath- and garland-making skills and techniques
  • Short and easily digestible video chapters
  • High video-production quality


  • Required supplies not specified before class purchase

Why It Made the Cut: Excellent production quality, an easy-to-follow course format, and comprehensive content make this course the best option for aspiring wreath-makers. Udemy is an established and well-regarded online learning marketplace that offers classes covering a broad range of subjects, so it should come as little surprise that its wreath-making classes are among the best. The class, taught by expert florist Sofia from Flower School Online, sets itself apart with its top-notch production values. The use of background music, lighting, high-definition video, and multiple camera angles makes the instruction engaging and easy to follow. While Flower School Online offers previews of the video, it doesn’t specify what supplies the course requires, making it difficult for prospective students to gauge the total cost to make a wreath before committing to it. Flower School breaks up the class into 15- to 20-minute chunks, allowing students to review different techniques without having to hunt for them. The course is also comprehensive, covering not only wreath-making but also garland-making, so students will be able to deck the halls in festive greenery year after year.

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  • Platform: Lace and Lilies website
  • Pricing: $85
  • Class length: Not specified
  • Supplies required: Scissors, wire cutters


  • All supplies provided and shipped directly to students
  • Live virtual instructor-led class option
  • Choice of neutral, moody, or traditional wreath-style kits


  • Class length not specified

Why It Made the Cut: Lace and Lilies offers three complete wreath kits ready to ship straight to students’ doors and provides students with the option to purchase a live wreath-making class. While most online wreath-making classes require students to hunt for their own supplies, Lace and Lilies includes supplies with its course. The Colorado-based wedding florist also ships its wreath-making kits anywhere in the country. The florist sells three kit styles, including neutral, moody, and traditional. Each kit includes all the supplies needed to make a wreath, and the student only needs to supply a pair of scissors and wire cutters. Once the kit arrives, students can assemble the wreath using a prerecorded video, or they can hire Lace and Lilies for an additional fee to teach a private virtual class with participants from multiple locations via Zoom or Google Meet. This can be a great activity for team building or connecting with friends. Students can inquire about the cost of a virtual class by reaching out to Lace and Lilies’ customer support.

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  • Platform: Domestika
  • Pricing: $9.99, free with Domestika subscription
  • Class length: 2 hours 43 minutes
  • Supplies required: Selection of different-colored yarn, pom-pom makers, scissors, dressmaking scissors, glue gun


  • Reusable wreath crafted from sustainably sourced materials
  • Focus on transferrable creative skills


  • Potential need for a high volume of supplies

Why It Made the Cut: Christine Leech teaches Pom-Pom Design and Creation for a unique wreath design that will last for many Christmases. Making a wreath with live greenery can bring a natural look to a home, but it’s also a lot of work for something that may only live long enough for one holiday season. Pom-Pom Design and Creation, taught by arts and crafts expert Christine Leech via Domestika, teaches students to use brightly colored pom-poms to create an attractive wreath that will last for many seasons. Sustainably minded crafters will appreciate the minimal waste that this project creates. Students might want to be aware that learning to make this type of wreath requires a greater time commitment than making a traditional wreath—the class is nearly 3 hours long. This class from Domestika also requires a fairly long list of supplies, including various colors of yarn and specialized tools, including pom-pom makers, dressmaking scissors, and a glue gun. But while the course focuses specifically on wreaths, the skills it teaches can also be used in various other arts and crafts projects. And experienced crafters are likely to already have a lot of these items on hand, so a pom-pom wreath is a great way to use up extra materials that might be gathering dust.

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  • Platform: YouTube
  • Pricing: Free
  • Class length: 15 minutes
  • Supplies required: Wire wreath form, paddle wire, pruners, evergreen branches, ribbon, additional natural materials


  • Free
  • Short and easily digestible video chapters


  • Demonstration limited to 1 wreath style

Why It Made the Cut: Not only is Creating a Festive Wreath With Natural Materials free on YouTube, but the host also offers useful tips for gathering greenery and other natural supplies without spending a dime. Creating a Festive Wreath With Natural Materials from Garden Answer is a class available for free on YouTube, and it provides tips for foraging supplies, making it ideal for those looking to make their wreath without having to spend a lot of money. While there are many free wreath-making videos online, this Christmas wreath-making class differentiates itself with high production value that makes it easy to follow the teacher’s instructions. The use of high-definition video, multiple angles, and close-ups allows students to observe the instructor’s wreath-making techniques. While this short class is free, its content is limited. The video is just 15 minutes long and only teaches students how to make one style of wreath. However, this class provides value that isn’t found in many paid classes, like how to forage for greenery and other natural materials for wreath-making. S

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  • Platform: Chelsea Fuss website
  • Pricing: $45
  • Class length: Not specified
  • Supplies required: Fresh greens, twigs, berries, floral wire, flower clippers, ribbon, camera


  • Emphasis on sustainability with use of local or foraged materials
  • Demonstrations for 3 wreath styles: classic, fruited, and foraged


  • Relatively high cost
  • Class length not specified

Why It Made the Cut: The Wreath Masterclass With Chelsea Fuss teaches serious students how to make sophisticated, natural-looking wreaths. Those looking for a more advanced and sophisticated wreath-making workshop can consider this option from Lisbon, Portugal-based floral designer Chelsea Fuss. Students learn to make three different types of natural wreaths: a classic holiday wreath, a fruited wreath, and a wreath foraged from natural material. While Fuss’s classes are pricier than others on the market, students can save on materials—Fuss emphasizes sustainability by instructing her students on how to use foraged materials. After purchasing the class, students receive an email within 24 hours with a link to the Chelsea Fuss online classroom. There are no details regarding how long the classes are, making it difficult for prospective students to gauge what they’re getting for their money. Students get ongoing access to the course once they sign up, allowing them to access it later to brush up on their wreath-making skills.

Our Verdict

Udemy’s sterling reputation for well-produced classes that are comprehensive yet affordable make the Seasonal Wreath Making From Flower School Online wreath-making class the best all-around option for aspiring wreath-makers. For those who want an experience that includes supplies and instruction, Lace and Lilies is a great option. The Colorado-based florist provides its students with all the necessary wreath-making supplies in three kit options and either recorded or private virtual classes to go with them.

How We Chose the Best Online Wreath-Making Classes

In selecting the top wreath-making classes, we kept a few criteria in mind. Any online class should make it easy for students to learn a new skill. We chose classes that provide thorough instruction and use production and editing, allowing the student to clearly observe the teacher’s demonstrations. The classes we chose are taught by experienced instructors with backgrounds in floral design and crafting. We also appreciated classes that offer students variety by teaching them how to make more than just one wreath style.

Before You Take One of the Best Online Wreath-Making Classes

DIY-ing a Christmas wreath can be more affordable (and more rewarding) than simply purchasing a wreath someone else has made. That said, prospective students will want to understand that learning to make a wreath requires commitment and isn’t entirely free. Courses range in length from 15 minutes up to 3 hours, but they may take longer depending on how often the student needs to review the instruction to master the required techniques.

Many classes cost money, and they require particular tools and supplies. While some of this material can be foraged, students can expect to pay at least some money for tools and supplies. Prospective students may also want to understand that one generally gets what they pay for when purchasing an online class. Although a free class on YouTube may provide basic wreath-making instructions, more sophisticated classes that teach students how to make various wreath types usually aren’t free.

Cost of Taking One of the Best Online Wreath-Making Classes

Online wreath-making classes can range dramatically in price. Some classes are available online via YouTube and other sites for free. Classes made available on online learning marketplaces such as Udemy typically have a price of around $15. More advanced classes from other sites can cost as much as $45. When pricing a wreath-making class, students shouldn’t only factor in the cost of the class itself but also expenses for supplies and tools. Expect to pay around $85 for a class that provides the required materials.

The Advantages of Taking One of the Best Online Wreath-Making Classes

There are several benefits to signing up for a wreath-making class. Whether purchasing a live wreath for the Christmas holiday or a wreath that can be displayed year-round, this type of decor can be expensive. Learning the art of wreath-making lets students save money by making a wreath themselves. Wreath-making classes also allow students to personalize their wreaths to suit their taste and style. The best online wreath-making classes also teach skills students can use in various crafts, such as creating pom-poms or using a hot glue gun.

  • Saves money on Christmas decorations
  • Suits different tastes and styles
  • Teaches universal crafting skills


Read on to learn how long it takes to learn to make a wreath and whether this skill is a difficult or easy one to pick up.

Q. How long do online wreath-making classes last?

Online wreath-making classes vary from as little as 15 minutes to 3 hours. While shorter courses will focus on a single type of wreath, others will cover multiple types of wreaths and more advanced wreath-making techniques.

Q. Do I pay up front for the online wreath-making classes?

While some wreath-making classes will allow you to watch the class previews, all paid wreath-making classes require you to pay for the class ahead of time.

Q. Can I go back and watch older online wreath-making classes?

Most online wreath-making classes allow you to go back and review the content any time after you’ve paid for the class. The exception is subscription-based classes that only grant you access to content for as long as you have a subscription.

Q. Is wreath-making hard?

Learning how to make a wreath isn’t difficult; wreath-making uses simple tools and techniques most people can learn very quickly. However, it does require time and patience. The quality of the wreath you produce results from how much time you spend making it.

Q. Do I get a certificate after I complete online wreath-making classes?

Whether or not you receive a certificate after completing an online wreath-making class depends on the class. While some may allow you to earn a certificate, others may only reward you with the knowledge of making a wreath.

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