The Best Pool Installation Companies of 2023

Investing in a new pool is a great way to beat the heat and enjoy the warm weather with friends and family. Homeowners can consider one of the best pool installation companies to tackle the job.

Best Overall

The Best Pool Installation Companies Option: Premier Pools Spas

Premier Pools u0026amp; Spas

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The Best Pool Installation Companies Option: Anthony & Sylvan Pools

Anthony u0026amp; Sylvan Pools

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Best Above-Ground Pools

The Best Pool Installation Companies Option: Royal Swimming Pools

Royal Swimming Pools

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When the hot summer sun beats down, it’s tempting to rush into an air-conditioned area just to get a breath of cool, refreshing air. However, it’s possible to have fun in the summer heat without hiding indoors if there is a pool for swimming, splashing, or just lounging with a drink in hand. Whether homeowners are searching online for “best pool builders near me,” “best pool installers near me,” or “best pool contractors near me,” they can find a range of different options. But not every company that claims to have the best pool service will live up to customers’ expectations.

For this reason, it’s important to learn more about what to expect from the best pool installation companies to make an informed decision about who a homeowner chooses to install a pool. Homeowners can consider this list of the best pool companies selected for having a multi-state presence, offering a range of services, and providing outstanding customer service. They’ll discover what they want to know before coming to a conclusion about the best swimming pool installation companies in the area.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Premier Pools & Spas
  2. RUNNER-UP: Anthony & Sylvan Pools
  3. BEST ABOVE-GROUND POOLS: Royal Swimming Pools
  4. BEST CUSTOM SERVICES: California Pools
  5. ALSO CONSIDER: Blue Haven Pools & Spas
The Best Pool Installation Companies Options

What to Consider When Choosing One of the Best Pool Installation Companies

A pool is a significant investment, so it’s important to be selective about the company instead of just opting for the first search result after typing in “best pool company near me” or “best pool contractor near me.” Here are some of the top factors to consider when vetting a pool installation company.

Inground vs. Above-Ground Pools

Choosing between one of the best above-ground pool or inground pools is one of the first decisions prospective pool buyers must make. Inground pools cost more than above-ground pools, but they also last longer and are typically larger than above-ground pools.

Additionally, many major pool installation companies don’t offer above-ground pool installation (as many above-ground pools are expected to be DIY assembly projects), so customers may have a more difficult time finding a reliable above-ground pool installation company. However, spending the extra time to find experienced above-ground pool installers can save customers money in the long run. Professional swimming pool installers tend to work faster than the average DIYer, and they have a level of expertise only achieved through regular work in this industry.

Pool Material Types

During deliberation about whether to opt for an inground or above-ground pool, customers will want to also consider the pool material. The most common types are fiberglass, concrete, and vinyl. Many pool installation companies tend to choose one type of pool material to specialize in, so if customers are looking for fiberglass pool installation, it wouldn’t be a good idea to hire a company specializing in concrete pools.

Although the company may be able to get the material a customer wants, the customer will usually get better results by hiring professionals that regularly work with the material of choice.
Fiberglass is a long-lasting, durable option that can last for over 30 years. It comes in a large shell that needs to be delivered on a truck and positioned in the ground with a crane. Concrete pools typically need to be resurfaced about once every 10 years to increase the life of the pool. They’re made with poured concrete and rebar rods that help the concrete hold its shape. Vinyl inground pools last about 20 years, while above-ground vinyl pools only last about 12 to 15 years. These pools consist of metal or plastic frames, supporting walls, and a heavy vinyl liner that traps the water in the pool structure.

Service Area

The service area of a pool installation company can vary depending on the size of the location, services offered, and the availability of installers. Larger companies have enough experienced employees to extend the service area a significant distance from the primary location. If the demand is great enough, then these companies may be able to set up additional locations across the state or even across the country.

While customers are researching pool installation companies, it’s recommended to check the service area to determine that the company works where the homeowner lives. If a customer really likes the services offered by one specific company, but their address is just outside the service area, they can consider calling to speak with a customer service representative. The company may be able to make an exception. However, it’s important to verify whether there will be an additional fee for traveling outside of the service area or if the customer needs to commit to working with the company before a technician drives out to the address.

Quote Process and Scheduling

Pools come in various types, materials, sizes, shapes, and volumes. To provide the most accurate pricing, most pool installation companies will need to schedule a visit to come and inspect the property and take measurements. During this visit, customers can ask any questions and clarify their expectations for the project. The more information a customer can provide about how they want the pool to look and function, the easier it will be for the installer to give an accurate quote for the work.

If a customer likes the company and how it works, but the quote they receive seems unreasonable, they can ask for a breakdown to better understand the costs. Pool installation costs can range widely from as little as $700 for a basic, above-ground pool to over $100,000 for custom inground pools with luxury add-ons. It may be the case that there are a few details or a luxury add-on that is driving up the price. But customers will want to keep in mind that this doesn’t open the floor for haggling. If the price is too high, they can opt for a different pool installation company or change the plan to reduce the cost.

Technician Certifications and Insurance

A key aspect of researching pool installation companies is determining whether the company and the employees are actually licensed and insured to complete this type of work. This should include a business license for the area and company insurance that covers any damages that may occur as a result of a poor or faulty pool installation. Fiberglass pools typically come in one piece that needs to be lifted into the excavated hole with a crane, which means the truck driver and crane operator should also be licensed and insured.

While there isn’t a specific pool installer license required to install a pool, there are certifications available, like the Certified Builder Professional (CBP) certificate from PHTA (the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance), that can help ensure the installers are knowledgeable and reliable.

Pricing and Financing Options

The process of hiring a pool installation company often begins with an inspection so that the pool installation expert can provide homeowners with a quote for the work. This quote should have a breakdown of the costs, but customers can ask the pool installer for this information if it doesn’t.

Customers can expect an above-ground pool installation to range from about $800 for a basic design to a few thousand dollars for larger pools. If a customer wants inground pool installation, the price is much higher. They can expect to pay about $38,000 for a basic inground pool to over $100,000 for a custom inground pool with luxury add-ons. Most people don’t have that kind of money just ready to hand over, so a customer may want to find one of the best home equity loans, best home improvement loans, or best pool loans to help pay for the project. Additionally, pool installation companies may offer in-house financing or financing plans through partnered banks.


It’s good for customers to ask about warranties up front before deciding to hire a pool installation company. The company should be able to provide customers with all the necessary information on the equipment that will be installed, including any warranties for the pump, filtration system, or even the structure of the pool. Customers will want to also ask the customer service representative if the company guarantees the work performed by the pool installation professionals.

While it may seem like information the customer can worry about after the pool is installed, it’s always better to know the coverage in the case of an emergency. Asking for warranty information ahead of time also gives customers more time to process the information and ask any additional questions for clarification.

Additional Services

Pool installation companies are rarely limited to just installing pools. Most will at least stock pool equipment, like pumps and filters, to sell to customers, and many more companies will also offer pool cleaning or pool maintenance services. Pool installation companies commonly offer additional services like hot tub or spa installations and outdoor building projects like building a pool deck or fence.

Some pool installation companies may also have professional landscapers on staff that can put in new gardens, install paving stones, or even set up a full outdoor kitchen. To find out what services a pool installation company offers, customers can take a look at the website or ask a customer service representative through email or over the phone.
Customer Support
Homeowners can’t expect a pool to be installed in a single day. Pool installation companies will work with a customer to find a good time that works with the customer’s schedule so that the company can come and inspect the property before providing a quote.
Suppose the customer agrees to go ahead with the work. In that case, they will need to work with the installer and the customer service department to schedule the installation, provide access to the property, and handle any additional details. Top-tier pool installation companies will employ experienced customer support staff that can explain the process in basic steps, answer any questions prospective and current customers have, and take the initiative to follow up on any pending requests to get the job done properly and without delay.

Best Overall

Premier Pools u0026 Spas

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  • Pool material types: Concrete, fiberglass, vinyl
  • Service area: 38 states
  • Financing options: Yes
  • Additional services: Spa installation, pool remodeling, pool maintenance
  • Customer support: Email, phone


  • Inground pools can be made out of any type of material
  • Over 100 locations nationwide
  • Premier Pools AR app lets customers realistically view 3D plans
  • All-in-one installation service with additional outdoor living space upgrades offered


  • Pool cleaning and remodeling services not available at all locations

Why It Made the Cut: Premier Pools & Spas offers all-in-one installation services so customers can upgrade their entire backyard. Founded in 1988 and with over 100 locations, Premier Pools & Spas boasts more locations than any other pool company. Its services are available in 38 states, and the company has expertise in building concrete, fiberglass, and vinyl pools. And depending on the location, customers may also be able to hire Premier Pools & Spas for ongoing pool cleaning and maintenance services. Customers can reach the company through email or over the phone, ensuring that they can find answers to pressing questions about the installation process and pricing. Premier Pools & Spas even offers financing options for customers who need help purchasing their dream pool. Customers can take advantage of the Premier Pools AR app to see what their pool will look like in the backyard with a realistic 3D plan. This makes it easier to identify problems or spot any issues with the design before construction and installation begin. This pool installation company also offers all-in-one installation services for outdoor living spaces like patios, outdoor kitchens, and decks.


Anthony u0026 Sylvan Pools

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  • Pool material types: Concrete, fiberglass
  • Service area: 14 states and Washington, D.C.
  • Financing options: Yes
  • Additional services: Spa installation, pool renovations, pool maintenance
  • Customer support: Email, phone


  • Selection of environmentally friendly pool equipment
  • Pool cleaning and maintenance services offered at all locations
  • Accessibility and safety feature installations offered
  • Extensive and innovative online pool gallery


  • Relatively limited finishing options

Why It Made the Cut: Anthony & Sylvan lets customers keep the same company for pool installation and ongoing pool maintenance services. A long history of pool installation, amounting to over 75 years of experience, has helped Anthony & Sylvan Pools stand out in this industry. The company builds fiberglass and concrete pools and specializes in accessibility features like lifts, ramps, and beach access. These features are notable and allow individuals with mobility issues to enjoy the pool. While finishing options may be relatively limited, customers can get inspired for their backyard transformation with the extensive online photo gallery that allows users to filter by price, size, design, and location. Anthony & Sylvan also opts for environmentally friendly pool equipment, including high-efficiency pumps, eco-friendly LED lighting, and saltwater filtration systems to help reduce the number of chemicals customers need to maintain the pool. Once the pool is installed, customers can hire the same Anthony & Sylvan branch for ongoing pool cleaning and maintenance services.

Best Above-Ground Pools

Royal Swimming Pools

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  • Pool material type: Fiberglass
  • Service area: Nationwide
  • Financing options: Yes
  • Additional services: Spa installation
  • Customer support: Phone, live chat


  • Wide selection of above-ground, inground, and semi-inground pool kits
  • Connections with pool builders and installers nationwide
  • Transparent pricing


  • Relatively limited customization options

Why It Made the Cut: Royal Swimming Pools can help save time and money by providing quality above-ground pool installation. Starting as a family business back in 1987, Royal Swimming Pools has expanded its service area to the entire United States by partnering with independent contractors for local installations. The customer can choose the right inground, above-ground, or semi-inground pool kit for their yard, and Royal Swimming Pools will ship the kit to a local contractor to complete the installation. Due to this process, Royal Swimming Pools cannot offer custom installations, but the company offers a wide selection of pool kits, so most customers can find something that meets their needs. Each pool kit is clearly priced on the website, so customers can more easily budget for the pool installation. Financing options are available, and customers can contact customer support personnel through the live chat function or over the phone.

Best Custom Services

California Pools

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  • Pool material type: Concrete
  • Service area: 6 states
  • Financing options: Yes
  • Additional services: Pool remodeling, outdoor living construction, pool landscaping, custom decking
  • Customer support: Email


  • All-in-one installation service with additional outdoor living and pool landscaping upgrades offered
  • 98 percent of projects finished on time and within budget
  • Extensive online pool gallery


  • Pool landscaping not available at all locations

Why It Made the Cut: Stunning custom pool designs by California Pools give customers a place to play, swim, and relax while enhancing the entire yard. In business for over six decades, California Pools has carved out a niche in the pool installation industry where it can focus on customized concrete pool designs, outdoor living construction projects, custom decks, and pool landscaping. These features come together to create dream backyards for countless customers. Homeowners may want to be aware that not every location offers landscaping services, so they will want to check with a local branch before starting the installation process. The company’s website features an extensive online photo gallery so customers can get inspiration for their own backyard makeovers. California Pools also boasts that it finishes 98 percent of projects on time and within budget, so customers can sit back and relax as they wait for the pool build to be complete.

Also Consider

Blue Haven Pools u0026 Spas

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  • Pool material types: Concrete, fiberglass, vinyl
  • Service area: 24 states
  • Financing options: Yes
  • Additional services: Pool remodeling
  • Customer support: Phone


  • Nine-time Pool and Spa News Top 50 Builder
  • Wide range of smart control, sanitization, and cleaning features and equipment


  • Fiberglass and vinyl inground pools only offered in select markets

Why It Made the Cut: Blue Haven Pools & Spas allows customers to customize their pools with a wide variety of exclusive SmartFeatures. Named nine-time Pool and Spa News Top 50 Builder, Blue Haven Pools & Spas is a well-known pool installation and customization company. The service area extends to 24 states, and the company does offer helpful financing options so ambitious customers can get the pool they desire instead of settling for what they can currently afford. Select locations install fiberglass and vinyl, but every Blue Haven branch can install concrete pools. One of Blue Haven’s notable features is its exclusive line of pool equipment and add-ons known as SmartFeatures that make it easy and intuitive to manage pool controls and cleaning. The SmartFeatures include pool control panels, jet systems, filtration systems, pool vacuums, pool heaters, pumps, and eco-friendly LED lights. Prospective customers can contact Blue Haven over the phone to discuss plans for a new pool or pool remodeling.

Honorable Mention

River Pools

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  • Pool material type: Fiberglass
  • Service area: 18 states
  • Financing options: No
  • Additional services: Spa installation
  • Customer support: Email


  • Easily customizable interior finish and add-on options
  • Convenient pool pricing calculator tool


  • No financing options offered
  • Prices may be relatively high

Why It Made the Cut: River Pools offers durable, long-lasting fiberglass pools with easily customizable interiors for a variety of needs and wants. Founded in 2001 by two guys and a pickup truck, River Pools has come a long way and now has a service area that covers 18 states. The company specializes in fiberglass pools, offering eight different interior finish options and a range of spa and tanning ledge choices to help customers create a unique pool for their yard. However, these custom creations come at a relatively high price that some people may not be able to manage, and River Pools does not offer its own financing. Still, River Pools has a pool pricing calculator that can help prospective customers estimate the cost, including the preferred shape, size, finish, and add-ons.

Our Verdict

With over 100 nationwide locations and the ability to provide realistically constructed 3D plans, Premier Pools & Spas is an excellent option. For customers who are looking for additional accessibility and safety features, Anthony & Sylvan Pools is the right choice.

How We Chose the Best Pool Installation Companies

Narrowing down the list of the top pool installation companies required extensive research into each company, the services offered, and the service area, among additional factors. More consumers are turning to the internet as the sole research method before deciding on a company to hire. Still, suppose the first 10 companies they find only operate across the country in a single state or even a single city. In that case, this can cause growing frustration that may lead to an emotionally charged decision to select the first pool installation company in the area.

With this in mind, a solid multi-state presence was a primary factor because a large service area is an integral part of providing excellent service to prospective customers. Additionally, it was necessary to research and consider the various services these top pool installation companies offer to find reliable installers and contractors that could offer something beyond standard installation.

Before You Hire One of the Best Pool Installation Companies

Installing a pool is not a simple process. You need to approach this project carefully and with a significant degree of forethought, similar to a kitchen or bathroom renovation. Decide on why you would like a pool and if there are any add-ons or amenities that are must-have features. If you want to increase your fitness level at home, then a long, rectangular pool is great for laps. A slide or diving board can be a fun idea for homes with kids. If the goal is to host parties with your close friends and family, then a swim-up bar may be an attractive addition.

You will also need to factor in the cost of the installation and the cost to maintain the pool. It’s essential always to have a budget for your pool installation project to ensure that you don’t end up with a too-expensive pool to manage. Once you decide on a budget, it’s time to start researching. Look for a pool installation company that can work within your budget to get the job done in a reasonable amount of time.

Cost of Hiring One of the Best Pool Installation Companies

Hiring a pool installation company to add a pool to a backyard seems straightforward. Still, homeowners will want to plan for the cost to build a pool before deciding that this is an upgrade they can afford.

Additionally, there is ongoing maintenance to consider, as well as the addition of features to make the pool safer and more comfortable.

The Advantages of Hiring One of the Best Pool Installation Companies

Some DIYers may think they know how to level ground for a pool or how to build a pool. However, there are major advantages to hiring one of the best pool installation companies, including the look, feel, and the long-lasting durability of the finished product. Pool installation experts take on this work every day, so they know how to create attractive custom designs and install stunning add-ons, like a stone waterfall, to help improve the yard’s appearance.

Professional pool installers will be able to install the pool so that it looks great, but they will also take less time to complete the job than if attempting a DIY installation, and there’s less risk of something going wrong. Hiring a pool installation company also gives homeowners the chance to see how the company works, experience the professionalism of the employees, and get a better understanding of the scheduling process. If the homeowner likes how the company works, they can consider hiring them for an ongoing maintenance contract.

  • Skilled workers can create a pool with a stunning aesthetic appearance and design.
  • Trained individuals take less time to complete the project.
  • Using a professional installation company can lead to a reliable maintenance contract.


Make sure to consider the answers to these popular questions to learn all you can about the pool installation process, costs, and pool installation services.

Q. How much does it cost to install a pool?

Pools can range in price depending on whether the pool is above-ground or inground. Additionally, the size and shape of the pool and any add-ons that are not typically included with pool installation can cause the price to fluctuate. Above-ground pools cost between $820 and $5,356 with an average of $2,966, while an inground pool costs between $38,719 and $69,599 with an average of $51,833. Homeowners will want to remember that custom pools with luxury add-ons can quickly exceed $100,000, so it’s important to know what you want and get an up-front quote to ensure that you don’t go over budget.

Q. What services do pool installation companies offer?

While you can just search online for “best inground pool installers near me,” “best pool installation companies near me,” or “best above ground pool installers near me” to find a small selection of companies in the surrounding area, this basic search won’t be able to tell you if these companies offer any additional services. You will need to take the time to determine if these companies offer any other services, like the best pool cleaning services, chemical balancing, or pool equipment maintenance. Ideally, you will be able to find a pool installation company that can also handle all of the maintenance because it’s much easier to rely on one company than it is to try to schedule and organize visits with multiple companies.

Q. How long do pools last?

The life of a pool depends heavily on the frequency of use and level of maintenance. An above-ground pool that is regularly used and maintained can last from about 6 to 15 years. However, the liner will likely only last up to 12 years before it needs to be replaced. If you have a well-maintained inground pool, it can last over 20 years on average. Remember that while fiberglass pools will last over 30 years and inground pool liners last over 20 years, a concrete pool will need to be resurfaced about once every 10 years.

Q. Can I get a loan to build a pool?

A pool is an expensive investment, especially if you want to build a custom inground pool with several luxury add-ons. With this in mind, several options are available to help you afford this upgrade, including some of the best home equity loans, best home improvement loans, or best pool loans. Additionally, pool installation companies may offer in-house financing or financing plans through partnered banks.

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