The Best Quilts for Classic, Lightweight Bedding

The right quilt makes your home feel warm and comforting. Whether patchwork or whole-cloth construction, the best quilt adds a piece of functional art to a bedroom.

By Kat Hodgins | Updated Jan 13, 2021 4:48 PM

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Best Quilts Options


A quilt might remind you of a loved one or resemble a blanket from a cozy cabin. No matter how you think of them, the best quilts evoke feelings of comfort and home. These appealing blankets have a handmade appearance that is pleasing to the eye, thanks to their intricate details.

A quilt is thinner than a comforter and typically made with three layers. It has a plain bottom layer, filling or batting for warmth, and a decorative top layer that might incorporate various fabrics. Quilts are a wonderful aesthetic addition to a bed or a lightweight blanket for hot sleepers and warmer months.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Great Bay Home 3-Piece Reversible Quilt Set
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Joyreap 3 Pieces Reversible Quilt Set
  3. BEST UPGRADE: Calla Angel Sage Garden Luxury Pure Cotton Quilt
  4. BEST TRADITIONAL: HoneiLife Quilt Set Queen Size – 3 Piece Microfiber
  5. BEST LIGHTWEIGHT: EXQ Home Quilt Set Full/Queen Size
  6. BEST MICROFIBER: VEEYOO Bedspread Quilt Set
  7. BEST COTTON: Woolrich 100% Cotton Quilt Reversible Plaid
  8. BEST PATCHWORK: Cozy Line Home Fashions Brody Quilt Bedding Set
Best Quilts Options


Features to Look for in the Best Quilts 

The best quilts are beautifully designed, offer a bit of insulation, and are made of materials that are easy to wash and maintain. Whether you gravitate toward the visual appeal of a specific style of quilt or a certain type of fabric, here are some key considerations when selecting the best quilt for your home.


Typically, quilts are constructed from two layers of fabric with an insulating layer of fill. The most common types of quilt fabric include cotton, bamboo, wool, and synthetic polyester.

  • Cotton is a natural fiber that’s soft, thin, and comfortable due to its inherent wicking properties. High-quality cotton is generally considered the best choice for quilts; however, it might be prone to some shrinkage.
  • Bamboo is another soft natural material that wicks away moisture and is naturally antibacterial and odor resistant. Its thinness makes it a wonderful quilt for summer.
  • Wool fiber is an environmentally friendly material that has an even distribution of heat for natural insulation. The fibers absorb body moisture and eliminate humidity for use in all seasons, including summer. Wool might come with more complex care instructions than other materials.
  • Synthetic polyester, often microfiber, is a common material for quilting fabrics. This fabric is durable, easy to clean, hypoallergenic, and often antibacterial.


Some quilts include a grams-per-square-meter (GSM) number in their specifications. This number tells shoppers the weight of the quilt’s filling. Users require a different GSM in hot and cold seasons; a higher GSM has more insulation, keeping you warmer through the winter months. Through the summer, a quilt with a GSM between 150 and 350 is sufficient. In the winter, a quilt with a GSM between 500 and 700 keeps sleepers warmer.

When a quilt doesn’t specify a GSM, consider the materials used and the overall thickness of the quilt. Thinner quilts typically lack the insulative properties of thicker quilts since there is less room to trap warm air. An example of a thinner quilt is cotton, which is typically lighter than most synthetic materials. Heavier fills, such as down or wool, offer more warmth. Sleepers who run hot might prefer a cooling blanket so they don’t overheat at night.


The best quilt has an eye-catching design on the top layer. Traditional quilts are made from blocks of fabrics sewn together using multiple rows of stitching. As traditional quilt design progressed, these blocks of fabric became diverse shapes and patterns. The quilting design of the top layer is sewn in small, even stitches to create a geometric or figural design, which helps the insulating layer stay in place. There are two primary styles of quilts:

  • Patchwork quilts are classically designed quilts that use a mix of colors, images, and fabrics. The top layer of this quilt uses different fabrics sewn together in a pattern. These are the most common types of quilts, with a mix of patterns and plain fabric.
  • Whole cloth quilts use one type/color of fabric for the top layer instead of several fabrics sewn together. The top layer has intricate stitching or a simple pattern sewn into the fabric to create the design.

The bottom layer of a quilt usually consists of a block of one type of fabric. Some modern quilts add a quilted design to the bottom layer to make a reversible-style quilt.

Our Top Picks

The best quilts fulfill these considerations. Choosing the features that make up the best quilt for you might emphasize style more than warmth, which you can get from layering extra blankets under your quilt when it’s cold. Based on factors such as material, weight, and design, here are some top picks to help you choose the best quilt for your home.

Best Overall

Best Quilts Options: Great Bay Home 3-Piece Reversible Quilt Set with Shams

Great Bay Home’s 3-Piece Reversible cozy stitched quilt displays a geometric patterned fabric reminiscent of older-style quilts but with a modern twist to match many decor styles. Instead of using several types of fabric, this whole-cloth design uses the same fabric for the top and bottom layer for a clean, elegant appearance that doesn’t pill as it ages. Made of 100 percent breathable microfiber top and bottom layers and a fluffy down-alternative fill, this tight-weave quilt is warm but lightweight. To change the look of a bedroom, simply flip the quilt over to reveal another design.

This lightweight quilt rates the cotton/polyester fill layer at 120 GSM and the microfiber cover at 90 GSM. Sometimes elegant quilts require special care, but this one is easy to clean. Simply toss it into the washing machine and tumble dry. This quilt comes with two matching shams and a choice of six color and pattern combinations.

Best Bang For the Buck

Best Quilts Joyreap

This botanical three-piece reversible quilt from Joyreap evokes the feeling of springtime with a white background, yellow flowers, and green leaves. Sewn with tight stitching for long-lasting durability and the option to reverse the quilt throughout the year, this one affordable quilt offers two dainty looks. Joyreap creates the fresh and simple floral design of the quilt and included shams with 100 percent supersoft microfiber material. The top, bottom, and fill layers are all breathable microfiber skin for long-lasting comfort on the skin. Neither too light nor too thick, this quilt can adorn beds and warm sleepers throughout the year with added layering of blankets underneath during cold months. The quilt set comes prewashed and preshrunk, so there should be minimal change after it runs through the washing machine and dryer.

Best Upgrade

Best Quilts Options: Calla Angel Sage Garden Luxury Pure Cotton Quilt

A modern take on quilting, Calla Angel’s Angel Sage Garden Luxury quilt is made up of 100 percent premium cotton percale fabric that offers both luxury and elegance. The design is whole-cloth construction in a solid color with a front and back layer woven of cotton for all-season use. The 280-gram weight pure cotton batting gives warmth and coziness to the design. Ultimately, the features that elevate this quilt are its natural fabric, the scalloped edges trimmed with piping, and the complex quilted pattern decorating the quilt’s top layer. There are 400,000 to 500,000 stitches per quilt, giving it a beautiful design and holding the batting firmly in place. Though the quilt appears dainty, it’s robust enough for the washing machine. To complete the look, users can purchase matching pillow shams (not included).

Best Traditional

Best Quilts

Traditional quilts use several fabrics sewn together, and the HoneiLife Quilt Set mimics the inviting appearance of this style. This design evokes feelings of home and hearth, coziness, and reading before turning the lights out for the night. The design includes simple but effective closed-box double stitching to keep the batting in place so it doesn’t shift in the washing machine or through the night.

The coziness of this quilt and the two matching pillowcases comes from 100 percent breathable microfiber that offers softness and stain resistance. This lightweight quilt lets users sleep comfortably through summer nights and is a beautiful top layer for cold autumn and winter seasons.

Best Lightweight

Best Quilts Options: EXQ Home Quilt Set Full

Some quilts can feel thick and heavy to trap heat, but the extra weight can make the quilt too heavy for sleep. This quilt from EXQ Home stitches together layers of hypoallergenic polyester and microfiber fill for a lightweight and durable quilt at up to half the weight of other quilt styles and fabrics. The material is soft and comfortable without heft and maintains its color throughout the years.

This quilt comes in a variety of solid colors with small geometric patterns stitched into the quilt and matching shams, keeping it lump-free after machine washing and drying. It’s easy to match available single colors to different decors and add to or alter the look to be more elegant or casual with different sheets and pillows.

Best Microbfiber

Best Quilts Options: VEEYOO Bedspread Quilt Set King

VEEYOO’s microfiber bedspread quilt is a lightweight option for sleepers who don’t want to be trapped by a heavy quilt or comforter. Made of 100 percent polyester-brushed microfiber, this quilt has whole-cloth construction in a solid color to match many decors and add a touch of elegance to a bedroom. Using ultrasonic stitching, the simple coin pattern design keeps the batting in place while creating visual interest on the quilt. With its combination of fashion and function, this breathable microfiber quilt lasts for years and doesn’t go out of style.

Microfiber is easier to clean than cotton, and this synthetic material generally lasts longer, too.

On laundry day, throw it into the washer and dryer, and then it’s ready to use without fuss. Available in several colors to meet various palettes and preferences, this microfiber quilt is a versatile and easy-care choice for a bedroom.

Best Cotton

Best Quilts Options: Woolrich 100% Cotton Quilt Reversible Plaid Cabin

With the look of rustic cabin decor and the luxury feel of cotton, the 100 percent cotton reversible quilt from Woolrich is a cozy option for the bedroom. Made of 100 percent cotton percale, this patchwork design uses green, navy, and taupe, creating an inviting bed that imitates cabin life inside the home. Cotton is a naturally lightweight fabric that’s breathable and healthy, giving sleepers who prefer a lighter blanket an attractive option. Cotton fabric is easy to care for and keep clean since it’s machine washable. This thin quilt suits summer sleeping and can warm as a top layer of blankets for the colder months of the year. The set comes in a few color schemes and comes complete with matching pillow shams to create a picturesque bed.

Best Patchwork

Best Quilts Options: Cozy Line Home Fashions Brody Quilt Bedding Set

A patchwork quilt is a staple in a warm and welcoming home, and this quilt from Cozy Line Home Fashions brings back the appeal of the traditional patchwork quilt. It looks and feels cozy with its polyester suede top and 100 percent cotton bottom and fill layers, and the set includes two standard shams.

The fabric retains its vibrant colors through years of use and comes prewashed and preshrunk, ensuring minimal changes after washing at home for the first time. It can go in a washing machine and be tumbled dry on low to stay looking its best. Available in a variety of fabric patterns and colors with a simple stitching pattern, this patchwork quilt appeals to those looking to bring traditional comfort into their home.

FAQs About Quilts

When searching for the best quilt, you might have some lingering questions about what makes one better than another or which fabrics suit your purposes best. The frequently asked questions and answers below about the best quilts can help.

Q. Are quilts or comforters better?

It depends on the purpose of the blanket. A comforter is generally full of extra insulation, feeling fluffier and warmer, while quilts have intricate stitching and lie flatter on the bed. When it comes to washing, many quilts and comforters can go right into the washing machine, but always wash your comforter or quilt following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Q. Which is better: wool or feather quilts?

Both types of quilts provide decent insulation, so it depends on your preference. Feather fill might migrate more than wool fill, so choose a quilt with proper construction and stitching that keeps the fill in place. Feather fill also can be lighter than wool quilts, but feather blankets need to be aired often to keep their shape and longevity.

Q. Are bamboo quilts good for winter?

No. Bamboo quilts wick away moisture and help keep sleepers cooler in the summer. They work well as a decorative top layer on other blankets through the winter.