Bob Vila Radio: Barrier-Free Showers

If you’re thinking about a bathroom remodel, there’s no better time or place to think ahead. Something as simple as the right shower design could be what allows you or a loved one to stay in your home as you get older.

Barrier Free Shower



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A barrier-free shower is one that has no threshold, so it’s easy to step, shuffle, or wheel yourself in and out. With some of the new vertical-drain products coming out now, these installations are both easy and stylish. Water drains through a perforated metal strip into a hidden trough, which channels water back toward the drain so it doesn’t get all over the bathroom floor.

For between one and two thousand dollars, you can get a shower base with the integrated drain all in one piece, saving a lot of prep. A universally-designed bathroom doesn’t have to scream “nursing home” or “hospital”. You can include wider doorways, lever-handled, rather than twist-handled faucets, and grab bars that are disguised as shower shelves or toilet paper holders without calling attention to their purpose.

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