Bob Vila Radio: Curb Appeal

By Sarah Monzon & Bob Vila | Updated Sep 16, 2020 7:18 PM

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Curb Appeal

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I got a question from Julie in Tacoma: “I want to sell my house this spring, but my realtor says it needs more curb appeal. What is that, exactly?”

Well Julie, the best way to measure curb appeal is to pretend you’re a stranger arriving at your house for the first time: What’s the first thing you notice from the street? Peeling paint, a crooked shutter, weeds or a cracked window pane will catch your eye immediately, so the first rule of curb appeal is to fix anything that’s broken or worn out!

Next, think about how you’re greeted when you walk up to the house. Are the walkway and steps in good shape?  Is the front door well lit, easy to get to and freshly painted? Is the grass cut? colorful flowers and planters will draw the eye toward the entrance and invite visitors to come closer. The better someone feels as they approach your home, the more forgiving they’ll be of any other flaws, and the more they’ll want to buy it!

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