Bob Vila Radio: Gardening Online

Nothing’s more heartening in the depths of winter than leafing through a bulb catalog or shopping for next season’s garden online.

Flowers in Snow



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Before you order, it helps to sketch a garden plan: how much area do you have to work with?  How much of it is sunny and how much is shady?  If you’re not sure what grows best in your area, your local state university’s extension service is a great resource.

Retailers develop their stock at least a season in advance, so order early to get the best selection and keep a record of your order so you can prepare.

Most companies will time deliveries to your climate, and you need to be sure you’ll have the bed ready for the plants when they arrive.

Never hesitate to call the company you bought from if you have care and feeding questions. And if a plant fails, be sure to call them before the guarantee cutoff date to protect your investment.

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