Bob Vila Radio: Natural Pesticides

Encouraging birds and bats to visit your yard is a great way to keep BUGS down without spraying.

Natural Pesticides



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You can get specially made bat houses from natural gardening websites and install them in the yard, to discourage bats from finding ways into your attic. Bats actually avoid people, and they eat their weight in mosquitoes every night, so they’re great to have hanging around!

Birds go where the food is, and they eat lots of insects as well, so keeping the birdfeeder and birdbath full can help protect your plants, and you, from insects.

If you still need more help, start with non-toxic solutions like dish soap and water to kill larvae, baking soda and water to kill fungus, and garlic granules to repel mosquitoes.

Avoid killing the good guys by using toxic chemicals only where they’re needed and following the directions as you would for prescription drugs. Too much or too little can make your pest problem worse.

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