DIY Cabin Bed

This blogger built the bed of any kid's dreams with only a few supplies and some master plans.

Cabin Bed - 1


Jen from the House of Wood was inspired to build a bed of epically adorable proportions for her small son, which led her to team up with fellow blogger pal, Ana White, to create the plans to bring her inspiration into action. Keep reading to see how she put together this cabin bed that is truly what kids’ dreams are made of.

Cabin Bed 2


First, Jen built the two side panels by attaching 2x4s to two pieces of plywood. Then, she attached the legs and added the cross bar and gables. She closed off the gables using cut-to-size pieces of scrap plywood, and attached them to the frame using pocket hole screws. Next, Jen built the back panel by drilling pocket holes into the plywood and attaching the legs and back cross bar. Jen then moved on to building the front panel by cutting two plywood pieces to size, and then cutting windows out using a jigsaw. She then attached the plywood pieces to the 2×4 stiles. After building the frame from 2x4s and attaching it to the panels, she added window trim using brad nails and wood glue. Once she built the cabin roof, it was time to put everything together using metal threaded inserts to make assembly and tear down easy. Jen added board and batten details with brad nails and wood glue for a charming finishing touch.

Cabin Bed - 3


For the full details on this dreamy DIY, or for more amazing woodworking projects, visit The House of Wood.