DIY Copper Pipe iPad Holder

Bring a touch of elegance to your tech life with this stunning—and simple—copper pipe iPad stand.

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DIY Copper Pipe iPad Holder

A trip to the hardware store found Laurel from A Bubbly Life face-to-face with some very promising copper pipe fittings. After a brief DIY project, she had her own copper iPad stand to make cooking from recipes a snap. Read on for a simply brilliant tutorial suitable for makers of any skill level.


1/2″ copper tubing
Tubing cutter
(2) 90degree elbows
(2) Street elbows
(2) Tees
(4) Pipe caps


DIY Copper Pipe iPad Holder - materials

Make your cuts (measurements: (1) 8-inch; (2) 4-inch; (2) 6-inch; (2) 1-inch). My measurements are based on the 3rd generation iPad but I checked the specs on the iPads and it would work with any iPad.


DIY Copper iPad Holder - glue

Glue the 8-inch and 6-inch pieces to the street elbows. Glue the tees to the bottom of the 6-inch pieces.


DIY Copper iPad Holder - gluing

Glue the 4-inch and 1-inch pieces to the tee. Glue the street elbows to the end of the 4 inch pieces.


DIY Copper Pipe iPad - end caps

Glue pipe caps to each exposed pipe.

DIY Copper Pipe iPad Holder - finished

Thanks, Laurel! For more great looking DIY projects, be sure to stop by A Bubbly Life.