DIY Dresser Bathroom Vanity

A furniture redo should be more than functional, it should express your style—like this dining room buffet turned bathroom vanity.

By Postcards from the Ridge | Updated Jun 4, 2015 10:59 AM

DIY Dresser Bathroom Vanity

When Angie from Postcards from the Ridge decided to redo the bathroom, she didn’t want an ordinary vanity that could be found in any home store. No, she was looking for something entirely one of a kind…. something that looked a whole lot like a dining room buffet she’d had on hand for 15 years. So with a little paint, patience, and a kindly contractor, she managed to redo the piece, plumbing and all. Here’s how she did it.

DIY Dresser Bathroom Vanity - before


– Old dining room buffet
– Paint
– Sandpaper
– Tack cloth
– Gel stain
– Varnish
– Saw
– Scrap wood
– Faucet and vessel sink


DIY Dresser Vanity - step 1

The first thing I did was paint it with a coat of Benjamin Moore Regal Eggshell finish in Quarry Rock, #1568. I didn’t prime it, but did clean it well first. After the paint dried completely, I sanded it lightly to expose some of the wood color and give it a nice distressed look. I used a tack cloth to remove all of the dust that was created from the sanding.


DIY Dresser Vanity - stain

Then I coated sections of it with Minwax Chestnut gel stain and wiped it off immediately. This gave it a nice aged look. After the stain dried, I could have left it as it was, but since it was going into a bathroom I coated it with Modern Masters Dead Flat varnish. I used four coats on the top and three coats on the rest of the piece.


DIY Dresser Vanity - cut

Since the Mr. and I have zero carpentry skills, our contractor did the carpentry work which included cutting a hole in the top of the buffet to fit the sink, and then reconfiguring the drawers so they would fit around the plumbing. He also had to cut out some of the back. He was able to cut out a channel to fit around the plumbing so we still had usable drawer space in all 3 drawers.


DIY Dresser Vanity - finished

The plumber installed the sink and faucet and we then had a new vanity. A one-of-a-kind, not ordinary, haven’t-seen-that-before kind of vanity. And we love it. Not only is it unique, it is solid wood. And did I already say that we love it?

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