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DIY Kitchen Countertop Makeover: Resurface Your Laminate Countertops with Rust-Oleum Transformations

A new Rust-Oleum product could solve the time and budget issue for at least one of your kitchen remodeling desires: countertop re-surfacing.
DIY Kitchen Counter Makeover with Rustoleum Transformations
Photo: TDahl

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At one time or another most of us have considered remodeling the kitchen. It’s the one room in the house that sees the most use and abuse, the one that demands both efficiency and good looks. Because kitchens are used on a daily basis, however, finding the opportunity to remodel them can be hard. And unlike bathrooms, most homes don’t have a second kitchen to enlist, so when the countertops are ripped up or the cabinets pulled down—you’re stuck.

A new product from Rust-Oleum could solve the time and budget issue for at least one of your kitchen remodeling desires: countertop re-surfacing. The company’s new Countertop Transformations system is a do-it-yourself solution formulated to turn worn and old laminate kitchen countertops into durable, like-new surfaces.

Rust-Oleum invited me to their launch event to “test drive” the new product and—over the course of a couple hours—I was able to transform a sample countertop in just five easy steps:

  1. Prepare the surface with the Diamond Embedded Sanding Tool (included).
  2. Apply the Countertop Transformations Adhesive Base Coat.
  3. Spread the Decorative Color Chips.
  4. Sand and smooth.
  5. Apply the Countertop Transformations Protective Top Coat.
DIY Kitchen Counter Makeover Process
Photo: TDahl

Once the top coat dries, you have the look of a designer finish without the expense, mess or downtime associated with replacement.

There are a variety of finishes including Pebbled Ivory, Desert Sand, Java Stone, Onyx and Charcoal–some of the most popular “neutrals” in kitchen design today. The finish stands up to daily wear and tear and features HomeShield Antimicrobial Protection, which serves to inhibit the growth of mold, mildew, and other odor- or stain-causing microbes.

DIY Kitchen Counter Makeover with Rustoleum Transformations - Product
Photo: Rust-Oleum

Rust-Oleum’s Countertop Transformations is backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. A dedicated product support line is also available for assistance with projects, should you need it.

If you’re seeking an inexpensive alternative to a countertop upgrade, you may want to give this product a try. A single kit covers 50 square feet and sells for $250, a fraction of what you would pay for new countertops. Look for Rust-Oleum’s Countertop Transformations at a home store near you, or buy the kit online via Amazon or The Home Depot.