Weekend Projects: 5 DIY Ways to Make a Picture-Perfect Frame

Bored with standard-issue picture frames? With a little time and a few items that you may already have on hand, you can make your own frames that will be as personal and meaningful as the memories they hold.

It’s a fact of life: We all have more photographs, paper keepsakes, and artwork than frames in which to display them. If you’re eager to put up more wall hangings but don’t love the look (or expense) of store-bought frames, the simple solution is to make your own. Scroll down to see five favorite approaches to a DIY picture frame.



DIY Picture Frame - Twig

Photo: angelaosborn.com.au

For those who favor rustic style, here’s a low-fuss strategy: Combine four straight (or straightish) sticks and a bit of twine, coaxing them into a rectangular shape with the help of a straight saw and small nails. The result? A twiggy DIY picture frame perfectly suited for a well-chosen print. Angela Osborn shows how it’s done.



DIY Picture Frame - Paper Reeds

Photo: totallygreencrafts.com

Transform a stack of old magazines into a colorful DIY picture frame that tells a whole new story! Suzy’s Sitcom explains the process: Basically, it’s a matter of rolling magazine or newspaper pages into reeds, which are then affixed, decoupage-style, to the front of basic frames you can pick up for cheap at craft stores.



DIY Picture Frame - Window

Photo: wendysheafferphotos.com

Found a charming old window at your local flea market or salvage yard? Take a cue from photographer Wendy Sheaffer, who turned a six-pane sash into a DIY picture frame with each pane devoted to one of her six nieces and nephews. Either leave the window as you found it or sand and repaint it—the choice is yours!



DIY Picture Frame - Yarn

Photo: centsationalgirl.com

In this DIY picture frame project, you can use yarn to make something beautiful—no knitting required! Start with a wood frame or foam wreath, then simply wrap your chosen base with a single color of yarn or a mix of hues. It’s a relaxing yet productive way to spend an hour. Visit Centsational Girl for a step-by-step guide.



DIY Picture Frame - Books

Photo: papernstitchblog.com

Well-read books are hard to part with. But thanks to Paper & Stitch, you don’t have to bid adieu to any of your beloved old volumes. Instead, make them into a permanent part of your decor: In only about 15 minutes, your favorite hardcover can become an out-of-the-ordinary DIY picture frame to show off a favorite photo.