Weekend Projects: 5 Creative Ways to Build Shelves

By Kristina Grosspietsch | Updated Dec 5, 2014 1:46 PM

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From old textbooks to the latest printing of Harry Potter, and from VHS to DVD and now Blu-Ray, we can’t stop collecting and hoarding rectangular objects! So instead of letting them sit in a messy pile for another eight months, why not display them proudly on a simple set of DIY shelves?

With the help of these outstanding tutorials on DIY shelves from around the web, you can finally find a spot for that Windows ’95 software package that, for some strange reason, you can’t bear to part with.


1. DIY Pipe Fitting Shelves

DIY Shelves - Pipe Fittings

Photo: thehousehippos.com

Would you call your style Industrial Chic? Then these pipe-fitting DIY shelves from The House Hippos would be the perfect storage solution for your space. All you need to supply are pipes, pipe fittings, and a few slats of wood—ingeniously assembled, of course.


2. DIY Ladder Shelf

DIY Shelves - Ladder

Photo: dandelionexpress.wordpress.com

Ladder shelves can be vertical or horizontal, wood or aluminum, made from classic ladders or step ladders—but this hanging, wall-mounted version from Dandelion Express stands out from the crowd.


3. DIY Pallet Shelf

DIY Shelves - Shipping Pallets

Photo: sethandkait.blogspot.com

If you can get your hands on a shipping pallet (or several), the possibilities for DIY shelves are endless. Try rearranging the slats to make these charming shelves, following in the creative footsteps of bloggers Seth and Kait.


4. DIY Shoebox Shelves

DIY Shelves - Shoe Boxes

Photo: cremedelacraft.com

I’ve heard of making rubber-band guitars out of shoeboxes, but shelves?! This DIY project from Creme de la Craft is a one-of-a-kind DIY success. Just paint and hang!


5. DIY Wine Bottle Shelves

DIY Shelves - Wine Bottles

Photo: zero-waste.co.uk

More advanced DIYers will love this wine bottle shelf from Zero Waste Design. Who can say no to a little upcycling?


Sunday Morning Project (if you’re looking for something a little less labor intensive):

6. DIY Floating Book Shelf

DIY Shelves - Floating Books

Photo: crunchyfarmbaby.com

Want to tackle a smaller project so that you’re free to spend the whole weekend watching Homeland? Then these “floating” DIY shelves from Crunchy Farm Baby are just what you’re looking for. All you need are a few L-brackets!


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