Bob Vila Radio: Good Reasons to Get Your Hands Dirty

Endless possibilities await you in the garden. Whether you're a veteran green thumb or a hesitant first-timer, read on now for a sampling of the best reasons to get your hands dirty this spring.

With the arrival of spring, homeowners return to the outdoors, setting sights on new ways to bring beauty, fragrance, edibles and a sense of history to the garden.



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Hardy, heat- and cold-tolerant plants like Vivax bamboo and wild columbine succeed in almost any region. And while the vivid, almost fluorescent blooms of fuschias and neon peonies add color, bi-colored flowers like day lilies and monkshood shade provide no small amount of visual interest.

Fragrant plants—low-maintenances lemon-scented geraniums, for example, or scarlet pineapple sage—make your garden smell as good as it looks. Consider “foodie” favorites as well. Selections like Malabar spinach and purslane reward gardeners with the inspiration for exciting new culinary adventures.

Finally, keep history alive with heirloom plants like black hollyhocks and color-mixture pincushion flowers, and remember to share your garden’s bounty with friends and family by growing and gifting containers of showy snapdragons or flowering kale.

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