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7 Instagrammers Whose Houseplants Have a Cult Following

If your idea of a soothing social media experience is scrolling photos of fauna, you’re going to need to follow these accounts ASAP.
Houseplants on Instagram


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It’s weird to think of plants as a trend. They’ve been here all along, offering clean air and lending a hand in nature’s stunning aesthetics. It’s a good thing we finally caught on, however, since houseplants are your own personal air purifier; your best artifact on the bookshelf; and the ultimate still life. Take a peek on Instagram, and you’ll see just how big the trend has become, with accounts drawing a cult following for their unique approaches to highlighting the beauty and benefits of plants.

From decor inspo to pure positive energy, these Instagrammers show you how to love thy plants from repotting, to propagating, to photographing as part of your style and personality.

Boys with Plants

I bet you weren’t expecting this Instagram account to kick off the list, but you’ll be glad you took a look! It’s obvious why Boys with Plants has a cult following. Often showing the juxtaposition of the human body and plant anatomy, life looks simple, and simply happy, in every image posted to this page.

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Earth Wind and Cactus

Cactus lovers, listen up! “In Cacti We Trust,” is the slogan of Jonna and Julien’s account dedicated to all the desert dwellers. Swoon over the massive terra cotta potted plants dressed in macrame and stuffed with towering euphorbia, and the brilliant colors of blooming echinocereus rigidissimus var. Rubrispinus.

The Potted Jungle

Anything that combines decor aesthetics with animals makes my heart full, so naturally The Potted Jungle is on this list. Jillian is a self-proclaimed “San Diego plantaholic with a love for all things green.” She has an online shop for pots, planters, and apparel, with 10 percent of profits from all sales donated to a current and impactful relief organization. Jillian’s Instagram offers a dreamy dose of laid-back decor combined with towering plants, cats nestled in nooks, and pups playfully posed in bathtubs with plants.


Janneke Luursema’s Instagram will make you feel like you’re walking around a museum with its collection of plant paintings and photographs. The entirety of her feed will soothe your soul as you scroll, like fat raindrops propped perfectly upright on a waxy plant leaf while the sun illuminates every curve.

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Hello Plant Lover

From a cornered climbing monstera shot in the golden hour to countless living walls, this Instagram account will give you major design inspo. The account is the collaboration of two plant-loving, travel-obsessed home decor enthusiasts, who both have a healthy following on their own flora- and fauna-heavy accounts, junglesuitcase and hellomissmay.

Plant Kween

Christopher is all smiles in their vibrant feed featuring a surplus of botanicals. This green thumb guru has over 100 plants in their Brooklyn, New York apartment. If you’re in need of a dose of positivity, Christopher’s Instagram reels burst with happiness as they perform adorable skits featuring flourishing plant life.

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My Peaceful Moment

For the ultimate clean aesthetic, this Instagram account has you covered. Yushan, a San Francisco mom, wife, and digital creator shares her personal plant life with the community, often accompanied with positive thoughts and anecdotes on her houseplant journey. Everything is photographed with a crisp, white background, which makes every plant pop with vibrancy.