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10 Great Ways to Grow Your Walls Green

Add life—literally!—to an interior space with a visually stunning vertical wall garden.

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Living Green

Spring has sprung, and soon we’ll be spending our free time outdoors, surrounded by floral blooms and foliage. But that’s no reason not to bring the greenery indoors—and we’re not talking about a houseplant on the windowsill! Living walls are visually stunning, but as added benefits, they also absorb heat and improve air quality. Click through to see some of favorite vertical wall gardens and consider ways to incorporate one into your own home.

Bring It Inside

Situated within a minimalist space, this green wall seizes center stage and becomes an artwork-like focal point, impossible to ignore. Somehow the design of this room succeeds in making the green wall appear as if it was always there, when in fact an intricate system of support and irrigation exists out of view.

Curve Ball

A curved wall can be a troublesome design element: Traditionally hung art is out, and when positioned in front of a bend, furniture often looks awkward. Here, a living wall has helped the owner solve this familiar problem of aesthetics. And because the plants on the wall absorb heat, the air conditioning system is given a break.

Going Up?

The illusion of walking in a forest is created by this pairing: a vertical wall garden in conjunction with stairs that rise over an indoor planting bed. Indeed, green walls brighten the home, but there are downsides that must be managed. An abundance of verdure not only attracts bugs, but also creates excess moisture that could lead to mold.

Here for Support

Unwanted structural column in your space? Conceal it with plants! The post may always be obtrusive, but it doesn’t need to stay an eyesore. 360 degrees of fauna provide a beautiful view to be enjoyed from any spot in the room.

Dead Zone

Although the impressive display seen here lives in an Anthropologie retail store, its concept could be easily applied at home. The lesson learned is that a green wall is capable of animating a would-be “dead zone” like this stair landing. 

Shelf Life

If a green wall entails a greater level of commitment than you’re prepared to make, simulate the look with a lower-maintenance setup. Schiavello manufactures a grid system that supports individual potted plants. Set in place with an abundance of overgrown plants, this unique shelving would serve as an unforgettable room divider.


The chef in your house might prefer a green wall grown for a culinary purpose. Good thing the Minigarden makes it possible to grow your own herbs year-round. Complete with a foolproof built-in watering system, this product promises an easy entry to the world of wall gardening.

Pocket Protector

No view? No problem! Woolly Pockets can be hung directly on the wall so that you can introduce plant life to virtually any room. Since there’s a military-grade moisture barrier to protect your walls from seepage, you can experiment with no fear of causing water damage.

Frame It

If you’re up for a weekend project, why not try turning an old picture frame into scaffolding for a living wall? Low-maintenance succulents are ideal, as they require very little water. (They also spread easily, so don’t over-plant.) When hanging, remember to find a stud; the weight of a wall garden can be considerable.

Know Thy Garden

Important to consider are the types of plants used and their placement in relation to available light. Will your living wall receive enough sun in the location you’re eyeing? Are the plants you’re considering actually desirable for the indoors? Be sure to stray from the pungent, pollen-full, and poisonous. And of course, happy gardening!