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How Remove Wrinkles from Clothing—Without Using an Iron

Use this unexpectedly cool appliance hack on your wardrobe for wrinkle-free garments, all without having to haul out an ironing board.
How to Remove Wrinkles Without an Iron - Wrinkle-Free Clothes
How to Remove Wrinkles Without an Iron - Wrinkle-Free Clothes Photo:

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This crisp fall forecast calls for bundling up—that means rummaging through your closet to unearth garments that have been hibernating for weeks, if not months. You could heat up the clothes iron, but if you’re short on time or don’t have to access one, you can try an easier method this season. Let off a little steam from your usual domestic duties and undo stubborn wrinkles using only your dryer and some ice cubes from the freezer. It takes just minutes to pull off this clever appliance hack.

How to Remove Wrinkles Without an Iron - Clothes Dryer Hack
  1. Start off by loading your dryer with your wrinkled clothing items.
  2. Gather a handful of ice cubes (2 to 3 cubes per garment) and toss them into the dryer atop the clothes.
  3. Run the dryer on its highest setting for approximately five minutes.
  4. When the timer goes off, empty the dryer to reveal freshly pressed apparel right on time for that interview or night out.

Just as traditional irons combat wrinkles through the application of heat, steam, and pressure, so too do the ice cubes join forces with the hot temperature inside of the dryer to create steam as they melt. This heated environment weakens the molecular bonds of the fabric and helps smooth out any creases.