I Designed My Own Modular Sofa From Allform, Here’s What Happened

I can finally say I have the sofa of my dreams.

By Alexa Erickson | Published Nov 18, 2020 10:04 AM

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Allform modular sofa with three dogs

Photo: allform.com

I’ve had sofa problems. Like Goldilocks, nothing is ever quite right—until it is. My last couch was a beautiful mid-century modern sectional in a cool gray-blue hue, but the fabric pilled within a year, easily stained, and my 6-foot 6-inch boyfriend constantly complained that it didn’t fit him. Before that, I had a dark brown microfiber sectional that soaked up every ounce of wine without notice, but it looked too chunky for my taste, and my cat used one side as her personal scratching post. When I came across Allform, I hoped this would be the sofa. I needed something that combined luxury with edge, function with style, and above all else, allowed me to have a hand in the design process.

From design to shipment, assembly to placement, my Allform modular sofa has been everything I’d hoped for.

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Why I Chose Allform

I knew I needed something bigger, but I didn’t want to steer away from the low-profile look I love so much with mid-century modern furniture. Allform sofas combine what I want with what I need: a sleek modern aesthetic, high-quality materials, incredible comfort, and ideal durability. Plus, I was allowed to make design tweaks to achieve exactly what I was looking for.

Allform modular sofa multiple options

Photo: allform.com

Choosing the Design

I have a large living room that can handle a sizable sofa, so I started with Allform’s seven-seat sectional design. I had never really seen an option for a double-chaise before, so I was pleased it popped up when I was on the website. I chose to work with the brand directly to see if I could switch things around, however. As opposed to having each chaise bookend the sectional, I wanted the chaises next to each other to create more of a loungey feel. I also took out a seat from the sectional so the corner piece didn’t jut out and interfere with my media console placement. The process was so easy, and I loved being able to speak to a representative to explain exactly what I wanted. For reference, I actually took a screenshot of the original design and then used arrows to explain exactly how I wanted it. The best part is, if I want to move my living room around, I can reposition the chaises.

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Allform 7-seater sectional

Photo: allform

Choosing the Aesthetics

After experiencing pilling and cat scratching with my previous sofas, I was in dire need of switching up the fabric. I’ve never considered leather, but the option seemed like a cure-all: it wouldn’t pill, my cat has had zero interest in my leather poufs in the living room, and it wouldn’t be subject to stains. I went with the whiskey leather option and natural hardwood legs.

Allform sofa shipping packages

Photo: allform.com

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Living Up to its Expectations

The sofa came in several boxes, and upon taking out each piece, I was excited to see just how high-quality the leather was. The pieces were easy to put together, and the design proved to be the combination I had hoped for: modern, functional and low-profile. Every guest I’ve had over has been in awe of how beautiful the sofa is, while my boyfriend and I both agree it’s the most comfortable sofa we’ve been on. And the best part is, I’m never stuck with the layout I originally envisioned, thanks to its modular design.