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This Millennial Trend Could Hurt a House Sale

Blue may be the new pink—at least when it comes to your front door.
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millennial pink


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We all know the importance of curb appeal when it’s time to sell a home, but did you know that the color of your front door makes a major impact on your home’s sale price? The front door is one of the first things potential buyers see when they visit a home—or scope it out online—so choosing the perfect shade is essential. Not only does the right front door color tie into a home’s aesthetic, but it also lets people know what they might find inside.

Zillow recently revealed the results of a survey outlining which front door colors help homes sell for more, as well as which ones are most likely to hurt sale price.

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Move Over Millennial Pink

millennial pink

In the last several years, one color has been everywhere, from graphic design to home decor to personal fashion: millennial pink. This pale pink hue may have once seemed like the height of style and modern sophistication, but (at least for front doors) the shade’s popularity has faded. Published in June 2022, a Zillow survey found potential buyers were willing to pay $6,516 less than expected for a home with a pale pink front door, with survey participants deeming the color “kind of shabby looking.”

Feeling Blue

millennial pink

Since millennial pink is out, what color should sellers paint their doors to attract potential buyers in 2022? The Zillow survey found that homes with front doors painted slate blue were strongly favored by study participants. This light blue-gray color made potential buyers more likely to purchase a home, and they were willing to pay more—an extra $1,537 on average. Interestingly, doors painted cement gray, which at first glance looks similar to slate blue, actually received the lowest score overall.

Paint It Black

millennial pink

Sellers hoping to gain the largest financial return, however, should consider choosing black paint for their front door. Zillow found that buyers were willing to pay as much as $6,449 more for homes with a black front door. While they can potentially result in the best payout, black front doors also proved to be controversial among survey participants. Some said that dark front doors looked “imposing” and others explained that they didn’t give off positive vibes, so paint at your own risk!

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Our Favorite Front Door Paint Colors

Now that you know which colors will help attract prospective buyers, here are some of our favorite shades for replicating these hot color trends.

  • For a perfect slate blue door, check out Providence Blue (also known as Charlotte Slate) by Benjamin Moore. It’s part of the brand’s “America’s Colors” collection, which features soft neutrals found in the country’s geography.
  • Those looking for a slightly darker blue shade should consider Adirondack Blue by Behr, a mid-tone slate gray that evokes stormy skies.
  • Choosing the perfect shade of black for a front door seems like it would be easy enough, but there are endless options available. Tricorn Black by Sherwin-Williams is a neutral black that doesn’t skew too warm or too cool.