Modern Wood Slice Shelves

Learn how one blogger transformed a few inexpensive materials into wall shelves that boast the look of an upscale home store find.

Wood Slice Shelf Opener

After searching with no avail for modern accent shelves, Girl Loves Glam blogger, McKenzie, decided to take matters into her own hands. From there she crafted these rustic shelves that come together with only a handful of materials and a little DIY know-how. Continue to see how she built these natural beauties. 

wood slice shelf materials

-14 inch wood slice from the craft store
-4 inch L brackets
-Saw, drill, and screws


wood slice shelf step 1

Measure where the center of the wood slice is, and cut the slice in half with a saw.


wood slice shelf step 2

Place your L brackets on the wood slice, line them up with the back of your shelf, and screw them to the wood.


wood slice shelf step 3

Screw the shelves into the wall and you’re done!

wood slice shelf final

Thanks, McKenzie! Check out Girl Loves Glam for more inspiring DIY projects.