Bob Vila Radio: Look Again at Recessed Lighting

Space-saving design used to be its biggest selling point, but while recessed lighting remains a compelling choice for that reason alone, a host of new features make it well worth renewed attention.

Recessed lighting has always been a discreet choice that occupies next to no space in the room where it appears. Making it even more appealing are the variety of new features that have made it to market, improving an already popular product category.

Recessed Lighting Options


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If it’s been years since you last considered recessed lighting, it’s well worth a fresh look. For proof that things are substantially different now, look no further than the designs that break old boundaries by extending the fixture below the surface of the ceiling. Certainly, such fixtures stretch the definition of “recessed” lighting, but semantics are secondary to the result—a host of teardrop, metal, and crystal fixtures that are as eye-catching as they are high-performing.

Recessed lights are even moving out of the ceiling and into the walls, where they offer their signature space-saving design even while providing much-needed illumination in once-shadowy areas, such as hallways and stairs. Another welcome advance: There are now so-called “eyebrow” kits that enable you to focus the light in a specific, targeted direction. To be sure, these are not the “high hats” you remember from the old days. Indeed, for recessed lighting, there’s a bright future.

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