5 Things to Do with… Used Books

If you need a card catalogue to manage your vast personal library, why not repurpose books into high-brown home accents?

Repurpose Books - Store Sign

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Does your apartment look more like the stock room at Barnes and Noble? Well, you’re not alone: At one point or another, many an avid reader has found himself drowning in a sea of unwanted hardcovers and paperbacks. While you’d most likely have a difficult time selling them to a secondhand shop, you can easily repurpose books as a way of reflecting your bookworm personality in your home design. Check out these creative ideas for inspiration!



Repurpose Books - DIY Tub

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If you’re like me, then you’ve aborted plans in the past to store books in the bathtub temporarily—but it’s not such a crazy idea! In fact, it would only take a few steps to line the outside of your tub with literature. For bibliomaniacal bubble baths, simply cut the covers, laminate them, and then glue them to the tub with a strong adhesive. Rub a dub dub!



Repurpose Books - Table Lamp

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Reading by candlelight is sooo 1879. You need a practical, modern lighting option. Something interesting. So how about making your own table lamp from a stack of old books? It’s easier than it looks: Drill a hole through each tome, string some lamp wire through, then glue a socket to the top book. Flip the switch and, somewhat literally, illuminate your world with the written word.



Book DIY

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Having crafted a lamp out of books, you will now be a master of stringing electrical wires. Take the same approach that is outlined above, but this time, use a smartphone charger cable. The result is a neato dock station, one to make your smartphone even smarter.



Repurpose Books - DIY Table

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Anyone who loves reading in bed knows the importance of a night stand. Create one in a jiffy, for little or no money, using some of your extra reading material. First, stack books into a circular structure or a Jenga-esque tower. Next, secure the books with either string, strapping, or glue. Then finally add a tabletop made of wood or even cardboard, and that’s it! You’ll never again fall alseep on top of your eyeglasses. Your optometrist might even thank me—well, probably not.



Repurpose Books - DIY Clock

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Instead of placing a clock next to the classic you’re reading, try making a classic into your next clock. Go further and fashion a whole shelf-full of clocks, each displaying the time in a different city. Use The Hound of the Baskervilles for London, The Great Gatsby for New York, Crime and Punishment for Moscow. Your hobby shop probably stocks basic clock mechanisms, and they’re super easy to fix into a book. Now hurry up and get cracking—I’m timing you with my own!