Video: The Trick to Cooling Your Home with Low-Cost Window Fans

No air? Don't despair. There's a hack for that.


Whoever said “Summer time and the living’s easy” must have never lived in a sweltering region with no air conditioning. It’s hot. And if you don’t have AC (or don’t want to switch it on so you can save on costs), that can make life pretty uncomfortable.

The good news is this: You don’t need a fancy air conditioner to stay cool. But if you’re forgoing this modern convenience, you better get smart. Strategic use of box fans could be the ticket to a deliciously cool interior temperature. You can’t just switch on a fan and call it a day, however. No, you have to pay attention to the placement of those fans. Once you learn the science of air flow, you can exploit that knowledge for the purposes of your own comfort.

So go ahead, watch the video to see how you can improve the air flow and temperature in your digs using only your wits and a couple ordinary box fans.

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