Keep a Bottle of

Here's Why You Should

Hydrogen Peroxide

on Your Potting Bench

Allow the solution to sit for up to 2 hours, then rinse the items with clean water and allow them to air-dry.

1. Disinfect garden pots  and tools.

For mattress stains caused by food, drinks, bodily fluids, and even crayons, create a mild solution of one part water to one part hydrogen peroxide.

2. Freshen up your mattress.

Hydrogen peroxide can also kill  harmful bacteria or fungi that may be present on the seed’s surface,  reducing the risk of rot or disease.

5. Soak seeds to help  them sprout.

For best results, mix one part water and one part hydrogen peroxide, and allow the sponge to sit in the mixture for at least 10 minutes.

6. Disinfect stinky sponges.

Fill a spray bottle with undiluted 3-percent hydrogen peroxide and spray it onto your mirrors.

8. Polish your mirrors.

To freshen the brush, pour a little extra hydrogen peroxide onto the bristles and allow it to air dry before placing it back in the holder.

9. Banish toilet bowl germs.

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