Do’s and Don’ts

for Cleaning a Wood Stove

For obvious reasons, fussing with a box full of fire in full blaze is not going to end well.

2. DON’T clean your stove unless it’s unlit.

Hiring a professional chimney sweep to do a thorough job, and keeping on top of maintenance schedules, are the two best steps to make sure your flue is clean and your family is safe.

4. DON’T forget about the  flue and chimney.

When you can’t add enough wood for a good, long, hot burn, or when embers start to tumble out if you open the door, grab your ash bucket or vacuum.

6. DO do away with ashes.

Steel, galvanized steel, and cast iron are top choices for ash-removal accessories and other fireplace tools that you’ll need for poking logs and dealing with stray embers.

9. DO use purpose-built  metal tools.

Your home, your family’s health, and even your lives are riding on your fireplace and/or wood stove safety practices.

10. DON’T use plastic or any other non-metal tools.

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