How to

Declutter Your Home

Once and for All

1. Establish the essentials. 2. Relocate misplaced items. 3. Ensure everything has a place.


1. Toss expired food. 2. Purge unused items. 3. Store infrequently used items elsewhere. 4. Organize based on frequency of use.

1. Create a restful oasis. 2. Tackle the closets. 3. Make laundry simple.

1. Get rid of unnecessary items. 2. Remove duplicates. 3. Create an organizational system.

Home Office

1. Declutter your desktop. 2. Clear out desk drawers. 3. Create a filing system.

1. Remove stuff that doesn’t belong. 2. Add storage. 3. Use compartmentalized hampers. 4. Add a single sock basket.

1. Purge broken and unused items. 2. Clean up. 3. Get organized.

Basement and Attic

1. Divide and conquer. 2. Make the most of the space. 3. Use compartmentalized hampers. 4. Save sentimental items for last.

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