Ways to Decorate with


For a Pop of Personality

Balance out the framed art and mirrors on the walls with a unique display of living greenery.

Use a Basket

Baskets add warmth to the home with their natural materials and relaxed look.

Statue planters are a surefire way to turn houseplants into statement decor. The plants tuck inside the head of the statue, making for a life-like bountiful head of hair.

Whether reviving that unused bookcase from the garage, or pulling out and donating books from a bookcase displayed in the home, tall, open shelving makes the perfect houseplant home.

Hang Them in the Shower

Tropical houseplants make great additions to any bathroom with a shower. They ooze relaxation, begging you to stay a while and enjoy some self-care.

For a large walk-in shower, add even more spa-like vibes to the space by placing a potted plant in a corner.

Salvage an old ladder and give it new life by placing potted plants on each step.

Create an Indoor  Zen Garden

Air plants are one of the most fun houseplant types to decorate with, as they don’t require soil or a standard pot to thrive.

A stark corner with tall ceilings is the perfect spot for a hanging plant.