Lawn Mowing Mistakes

Everyone Makes

(And How To Fix Them)

2. Running the mower  at half speed

Every tractor has an optimal blade speed, and hitting a higher RPM means you’ll get an even better cut.

3. Mowing too quickly

Take your time to ensure you get a clean, even cut.

5. Cutting the grass  while it’s wet

Not only is it unsafe to operate heavy machinery on a slick surface, but damp clippings are also likely to stick to, and clog, your mower.

6. Not mowing often enough

For the strongest, healthiest grass, you’ll want to cut no more than 1/3 off the top each time you mow.

7. Cutting grass too short

Known as “scalping the lawn,” a super short cut makes the yard more prone to weeds, and forces the grass to focus on regrowing its blades rather than deepening its roots.

9. Mowing in the same pattern every time

When you follow the same path every time you mow the lawn, the grass begins to grow in the direction it’s being cut.

11. Not cleaning the mower

Not only do clippings block proper airflow necessary for mulching or bagging clippings, but moisture and fertilizer traces can corrode the deck of the mower, causing premature rust and wear.

12. Ignoring the  maintenance manual

Consult the product manual to determine how often you need to change the oil and filters.

14. Ignoring safety protocol

Be sure the discharge chute is properly attached to the mower, too, so debris doesn’t fly up and hit you.

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