No Mow May

8 Reasons to Let Your Lawn Grow for a Month

2. Bees will get an early season boost.

These early spring flowers help the local pollinator population at a time of year when nectar sources may be in short supply.

4. You’ll save time  and energy.

If you’re not spending your time mowing or spreading chemicals on your lawn in May, you’ll have more time to do other things. One thing you can do with your newfound spare time is to add some native plants to your yard.

5. Your lawn will be healthier.

By reducing the frequency in which you mow, your lawn can become more resilient to drought. Plus, it won’t require as much watering.

6. You don’t need to go all in.

You can mow just an edge of your lawn so the grass length seems less overwhelming and will look less neglectful and more intentional than just not mowing altogether.

7. Your lawn may teach you some things.

For instance, you may discover you like taller grass, and mow every three weeks instead of every week.

8. In the end, you may decide to go grass-free.

In place of your grass, consider alternatives such as native plants or prairie grasses—both of which help pollinators.

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