13 Signs

That a Home has

Good Bones

1. A Solid Foundation

If you have a great house and a faulty foundation, it’s going to be a lot harder and more expensive to fix.

2. Functionality  and Structure

Try not to get hung up on cosmetic issues, because those are often easy to fix.

3. Good Drainage

Look for possible drainage issues, especially if the home is on a sloped lot.

4. Skeletal Structure

Look for signs like wide horizontal cracks, which can be a sign of hydrostatic pressure

5. Problem-Free Roofing

Any visible sagging is an indication that there are possible issues with the framing.

6. A Sensible Floor Plan

Look for a well-designed floor plan to cut down on renovation costs.

7. Like-New Plumbing

If everything is in great condition and the pipes look new or good, you have a home with good bones.

8. Good Use of Space

Pay close attention to the locations of bathrooms and kitchens because relocating plumbing can be a challenge.

9. Corner Clues

Large, diagonal cracks indicate that something is stretching unusually and may need significant labor (and money) to fix the fault.

10. Original Elements

Original features include woodwork and built-in cabinets that are original to the home.

11. A Sense of Solidness

Make sure to keep an eye out for  level floors.

12. Good Wiring

A house fire caused by faulty electric in a balloon-framed older home can overtake the home in a matter of minutes.

13. Captivating Character

Having good bones can also mean that a house is filled with character and charm.