Things to Know  Before Buying a House


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Above-Ground vs.  In-Ground Pool Costs

The average above-ground pool price is about $8,300, while the average cost to install an in-ground pool is more than $50,000. Buying a home from someone who’s already made a substantial investment in a pool saves you the trouble, but the cost will be reflected in the overall price of the home.

Ongoing Pool Ownership Costs

If the pool comes with the house, the most important numbers to crunch involve the costs of ownership. These vary widely depending on the type of pool, its size, the amount of use it gets, its age, and other factors.

Homeowners who simply don’t have time to do their own pool maintenance can opt to outsource the work to a pool care pro. This monthly maintenance expense can run between $80 and $150.

How Much Maintenance Does a Pool Need? 

Maintenance chores include: - Skimming the pool and emptying the strainer baskets - Brushing the walls of the pool - Using a pool vacuum - Checking the water level, and refilling the pool, if necessary - Testing the pool water chemistry, and adding chemicals as needed

Pool Life Expectancy

Another crucial consideration before you make an offer on a home with a pool is the pool’s lifespan. Pools are usually made of vinyl, concrete, or fiberglass. Depending on which building material is used, they can last anywhere from 5 to 25 years before requiring serious work such as resurfacing or replacement.

Opening and  Closing Costs

At the beginning of each swimming season, set aside some time and money to open up the pool. Closing the pool, also known as winterizing it, happens once the temperatures start to drop again. Hiring a service to open and close the pool will cost $450 on average in most locations.

Don’t Forget to Factor  In Insurance

An in-ground pool may be considered part of the home, or could be classified as an external structure. Policyholders may need to list an above-ground pool as personal property. Knowing the specifics of your pool coverage is important, as it will affect replacement value.