Here’s Why You Should

Keep a Jar of

Vaseline in Your Coat Closet

Applying petroleum jelly and buffing it with a cloth or cotton pad will shine your shoes in no time.

1. Unscuff Your Shoes

When you’ve finished painting, wipe away the gel with a wet rag: No scraping required!

2. Protect Surfaces  While Painting

Rub both the top and underside of the zipper’s track with a thin layer of Vaseline, and give the zipper a tug.

4. Loosen a Stuck Zipper

Cotton balls are highly flammable, especially when soaked in petroleum jelly, aka Vaseline.

6. Create a DIY Fire Starter

Rub Vaseline onto the dry blades and edges between uses. The protective coating of gel wards off rust and decay.

8. Fight Rust on Tools

This trick works on shower curtains, too!

10. Help Curtains Glide  on Their Rods

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