What Attracts

Bed Bugs?

This is why the majority of bed bug bites happen on the head and neck, although these bugs can bite on other exposed areas of the body.

Bed bugs prefer warm temperatures, and the crevices of a mattress or box spring provide the perfect home.

They’re attracted to dark-colored sheets and bedding and are inclined to congregate around black or red fabric.

– Edges of carpeting – In cracks of wooden flooring – In between furniture cushions – In drawer joints – Behind wallpaper and wall hangings – In or behind clocks – In window treatments – In woodwork joints – In screwheads

Dirty laundry can attract bed bugs.

If there is no human host near, bed bugs like to live in dirty laundry until they can feed on human blood.

Some people may have a severe reaction to a bed bug bite by developing itchy bumps, lesions, pustules, or rash-like symptoms.

Bed bug outbreaks are more common in cities.

When traveling, examine mattresses, bedding, cushions, curtains, and soft upholstery in hotels for signs of bed bugs.

Once these bloodsuckers are established in your home, they can breed quickly.