After Wildfire Smoke Subsides...

Clean These 12 Things Around the House


Wildfire smoke can deposit fine particles and ash on the surface of your pool water.

1. Pools

The residue can accumulate on the glass surface, making it appear hazy and reducing visibility.

3. Exterior Doors and Windows

Soot, ash, and debris can settle on your driveway during a wildfire, resulting in unsightly stains and discoloration.

4. Driveway

Fine particles and chemicals from the smoke can settle on the surfaces, making them dirty and potentially transferring harmful substances to children’s skin upon contact.

6. Kids’ Playsets

Consuming food cooked on a grill with smoke residues may not pose significant health hazards. But it can result in an altered taste and potential ingestion of fine particles present in the residue.

8. Grills

Fine particles, ash, and chemicals from the smoke can accumulate in the water, leading to poor water quality and potential health hazards for birds that rely on it for hydration and bathing.

9. Bird Baths

It might be necessary to increase watering frequency temporarily to compensate for the dry conditions caused by the fire.

11. Outdoor Plants

Following a wildfire event, various filters in your home should be cleaned or replaced to ensure continued optimal air quality indoors.

12. Air Filters

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