Jennifer Noonan


A confessed DIY junkie, Jennifer Noonan writes about home improvement, gardening, and all things do-it-yourself. The recipient of degrees in International Relations and Library & Information Science from Syracuse University, Ms. Noonan has worked in media and related fields for over 15 years, including her time at MTV Networks, where she served as Manager of Digital Programming at Nickelodeon. Today, Ms. Noonan lives in Delaware with her husband and daughters, where she is ardently teaching the next generation how to use power tools.  

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MAY 24, 2013 | FRIDAY
Attract Owls for Rodent Control

Every creature has its place in nature—I firmly believe that. But if that creature is a rodent, I want its place to be nowhere near my home. We live in an area surrounded by farmland, so ...

MAY 21, 2013 | TUESDAY
5 Things to Do with... Tin Cans

Tin cans are like air—they're all around us. Most families go through several cans each week, and some even use that many day in, day out. Instead of recycling every single one of those c...

MAY 20, 2013 | MONDAY
10 Great Tools to Give Your Recent Grad

Equip the recent graduate in your life with the tools necessary for life in the real world—and we don't mean that metaphorically!

MAY 17, 2013 | FRIDAY
Heirloom Apples: Growing a Slice of History

Shopping at the grocery store, one can usually find only eight or ten varieties of apples. That selection represents an infinitesimal fraction of the estimated 15,000 varieties that have ...

MAY 17, 2013 | FRIDAY
Protect Yourself and Your Family with a CO Detector

Carbon monoxide (CO) is the number one cause of poisoning deaths in the U. S.  A colorless and odorless gas, CO is a byproduct of combustion.  That's why you should never use a charcoal g...

MAY 14, 2013 | TUESDAY
Make Your Bed: 16 Easy DIY Headboards

Do you really need a headboard for your bed? If you live in modern construction, probably not. The genesis of the headboard is in fact practical, not aesthetic. Historically, headboards s...

MAY 13, 2013 | MONDAY
Top Tips for Transplanting Sod

It’s been about 18 months since we moved into our house, but only recently have we begun to landscape beyond the basic builder’s package. A designer helped us formulate a plan that we int...

MAY 9, 2013 | THURSDAY
Save the Bees, Save Yourself: The Anti-Allergy Virtues of Local Honey

Do you suffer from seasonal allergies? A natural remedy waits in your backyard: locally produced honey. To date, science has not yet proved a link between eating local honey and allergy s...

MAY 5, 2013 | SUNDAY
14 Bright Ideas for Lighting Your Backyard

Make the most of long summer nights with the right kind of lighting for your outdoor space.

MAY 3, 2013 | FRIDAY
Be Dark Sky-Compliant When Lighting Up the Night

Warmer weather encourages us to spend more time on the deck, porch, or patio. Of course, lighting can extend outdoor living well into the evening, but before you light up the night, consi...